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  1. I see, my head was in the transfer files from mac to pc space.
  2. Swapped RX/TX pins, a null modem cable like I mentioned. :P There is one for sale here: https://www.opentip.com/Electronics/Iec-Apple-Mac-Mini-Din-Male-To-Male-Local-Talk-p-1575403.html
  3. You can do it will a null modem cable and a terminal program like clarisworks communication. A regular serial cable won't work in this way.
  4. Sent you a PM. The battery has no effect on booting, it only holds some basic variables like the time and for some reason the mouse speed setting among others. In fact I run my FDHD with no battery just in case I forget to remove it when storing it away. EDIT: I should clarify the battery itself doesn't remember these things LOL
  5. Just looking at one of these images in detail and it may indeed be beyond hope. The visible damage in this picture alone would take many, many hours to diagnose and repair. Many of these traces appear visibly corroded albeit the lighting makes it hard to tell. One way to know if a trace is internally dissolved is to hold the board up to a high powered light, if you see light coming through a trace line then the copper is gone, though this is far from a 100% accurate method. The red lines I highlighted look damaged to me.
  6. Make sure it has a symbol like this on the dial and you should be good to go. What you want to do is flip the board over, touch one probe to the first leg of the DIMM slot and follow the trace to wherever it buggers off to, maybe a VIA or another chip leg. Touch the other probe to the destination, if it beeps then the trace is good. If it doesn't beep, the trace is rotten and you'll need to solder a wire from the DIMM to the destination, a small wire would do, I've often used wires from old IDE cables for this purpose and they work fine. I had to do this to an SE FDHD board because of damage t
  7. I think its still worth getting out a DMM and doing a continuity test on all the effected pads. It will take a while but I've seen worse damage. I agree however that the ROM slot might make it uneconomical to repair (time wise).
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