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  1. Yes, that would be this one. If you're a Missouri native, you might appreciate the manufacturer of this external drive too. It's nowhere near as nice as the 512K I had years ago (and shouldn't have sold) but this machine has been a fun project. Still needs a keyboard....
  2. I recently bought a pair of Sony 800K floppy drives on eBay, which came with an interesting set of mounting hardware -- I'm curious if anyone recognizes it (the goal is to figure out if it is worth saving). The drives were in the standard 805-5050-A mounting enclosures pictured, and I assumed they came out of a II/IIx/IIfx. When I got them, I noticed there was an "extra" die cast-type piece holding them together as well as a similar piece on the outer side of each drive. The cables were also extremely long (3+ feet). It's been well over a decade since I last had a full-
  3. There turned out to be a silver lining - when installed, the Micah Drive sits right up against the back case. With it being gone, there was enough room to move the fan to the inner side of the case and install a grill I found on Amazon. I don't think I could ever bring myself to hack up a compact Mac's case - but it was nice to be able to turn someone else's ugly mod into a somewhat attractive one that also serves a beneficial purpose. All that's left is replacing the floppy drive (and cleaning the last remaining bit of dirt off the power switch). I
  4. Funny how every time I think I've finally left this hobby behind, it seems to pull me back in... I've watched this forum from the sidelines for many years. Bought my first Mac (and began collecting) in the 1990s. Was in the business from 2005-2010, dealt in hundreds of used Macs while continuing to accumulate a large personal collection -- most of which was eventually sold. Since that time, I've been nothing more than a typical home user, other than the occasional acquisition & overhaul of a vintage PowerBook. When my area's stay-at-home order first began, I got to
  5. That's a MiniScribe stepper motor hard drive - they tend to get a bad rap but make a set of sounds like none other. If you can't get HD SC Setup to recognize it, try Lido instead - I had a couple of those drives that I'd all but given up on. Lido worked when everything else failed.
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