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  1. Thinking of what resources might be called the moment it would play the opening... I agree that these need new thermal grease after so many years. When you startup with extensions and freeze, do you get a dialogue if you try Cmd+Opt+Esc? Installing Macsbug would give more technical details but that can sometimes be useful if it reveals the name of the hung process. Does the machine pass Apple's RAM test in Personal Diagnostics/Mactest Pro? If not that, check to see that it can enter any resolution or color mode it may be trying to select when launching
  2. I have a IIci that behaves identically to this. I haven't recapped the board yet but I did try another PSU and the symptom didn't change, so at least in my case I suspect a capacitor in the power button circuit is to blame (as the behavior could probably be replicated by pressing the rear case power button at closer intervals manually on a healthy system.) Conversely, my IIfx has started popping up the 'Safe to switch off your Macintosh now' screen when I choose Shutdown, though if I leave it on long enough for all the electronics to reach operating temp and then choose shut down,
  3. Interesting; makes sense. I wonder how the sellers offering repair services work around this...
  4. I'd expect it would probably be worthy of keeping with the LC once you receive it too. If you have to move or sell in the future it's a valuable asset. Is there an actual eBay-controlled shipping timer? I know as a buyer I can leave feedback on shipping time, but I can still choose to rate 5 stars even if the seller was slow. I'd probably not give the seller a bad review if I knew they were waiting for my box to arrive If the package were structured to lay the machine face-down in a box with protruding handles and obvious markings to retain that orientation, and additional
  5. This gave me an idea; since the act of shipping is often the cause of this type of plastics failure, would it be economical to instead produce something like a custom form-fit shipping case? A savvy buyer could offer to send it to a seller to use in lieu of their own solutions.
  6. Not the most useful but not useless either. I used mine to drive a display at 640x480/Millions and it does accept slave block transfers from cards with acceleration, even the 8•24 GC.
  7. I've had a couple in the standard platinum color and 'wicker basket' is an excellent description for how they feel. At least they tend to be solid once in position! Btw, if you want to full-screen your AV-in, choose 640x480 as your screen resolution and then tap the maximize button on Apple Video Player.
  8. That's the optional Apple 8-bit video out card, which has the same external connector as the ViewPowr card. Could be the seller assumed from the exterior. The PowerBook 1400 for some reason does not start from CDs using 'C', instead use 'Cmd+Opt+Shift+Del' on this model. Note LEM has this incorrectly as 'Ctrl' instead of 'Cmd.' Hope that helps!
  9. LEM states they're the same spec, but this has not been true in my testing. Using SIMMs I know work in the IIfx in my 8•24 GC, I get either a death chime or no power at all. Works fine with the ones I have pics of above. I've never found official specs for these, as Apple simply sold an upgrade kit and referred to them as an upgrade kit. I got mine by searching for '64-pin simm' on ebay and buying ones that visually matched this layout (pictures of ebay 8•24 GCs with populated SIMMs seemed to have the same 4-horizontal-chip per side layout.) I got lucky on the third try
  10. I went and found my post but I never actually linked the pictures, only an ebay auction which has long since ended. Here are the ones I have working in mine:
  11. I haven't tried using an 8169 PC card, though I have tried a PCI card version in a 9600 using the driver attached (likely identical to the one you have.) It seemed to hang up the first time I tried it, but after some general troubleshooting (reselecting the default extension set, cold boot, PRAM reset) it seemed to work fine, though in that machine there was no performance advantage over the 10/100 card with OEM drivers so I abandoned the idea. I confirm I was able to browse the internet and connect to AppleShare servers through it. mac9x-8169(100).zip
  12. The VRAM used by the 4•8 card is the same as the LC and Quadra/Centris models used. The ones in this listing have “4•8 Display VRAM SIMM” printed on the silkscreen as an added bonus: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-256KB-68-pin-80ns-VRAM-Video-Memory-SIMM-Quadra-LC-475-630-0044-/142042841646 As a sidenote: the 64-pin SIMM slots on the 8•24 GC are not for VRAM and instead are SRAM used for GWORLD memory. If you’re looking to track these down I can find pictures of mine.
  13. "Apple Personal Diagnostics" has a 'System Info' tab which shows detected floppy drives. I'd check to be sure it's detected by the system first. If it's not, I'd start inspecting the cable contacts. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-personal-diagnostics-111
  14. Thanks for reminding me to update this. I received the VSO and everything looks to be in order, though I did need to order some thermal adhesive and heatsinks (found some suitable on amazon; these arrived last week as well.) I need to set aside a bit of time this coming week to install as well as scan the manual to PDF. I did archive the diskette already in case anyone needs that: vso master.img
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