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  1. Glad I can help fill this void in documentation! I'd love to see a pair of these connected on a conference call. Would the PBX systems you refer to be able to pass the ISDN traffic through modern broadband, or is additional telecom service still necessary on top of hardware?
  2. Me too. Similarly generic looking as the camera, though at least the sticker on the bottom of the camera looks official. That handset could be from anything. The big one on the left is an MC68302FC16C, which is/contains a 68000 core. Don't know too much about it though it may integrate with A/ROSE. The three on the left are all DSPs, XC56156FE50.
  3. I'd been curious about this thing for a while but could't find photos anywhere, though I finally tracked one down. This should work alongside the KWM-A102A, which has been called "QuickTime Video Conferencing Camera 100" or "VideoPhone Kit." Sold together, they may have been called the "Pro Conferencing Kit." The cameras are still circulating a bit more commonly so there are plenty of photos around. I can take some of mine if you have interest. I'll image the floppies and PDF the booklets down the line.
  4. Interesting... so whatever's in that script has been known to work in all three of these designs, each Hint HB1 (or later PLX) it seems. I'm away from my 5500 and TAM until next week, but they have an OrangeLink 1.0 and Tango 2.0 respectively. I'll try to get their OF .properties dumped.
  5. You're both in deeper on this than I've gotten yet, though I'll mention the OrangeLink patch as a second example of this theory at work. Perhaps having two discreet examples will be helpful? https://www.macintoshrepository.org/6859-orange-micro-orangelink-pci-firewire-usb-combo-card-software Edit: corresponding card looks like this
  6. I found this after it had already ended (hoped you were the one who snagged it.) The pictures are decent, so hopefully that's helpful... https://www.ebay.com/itm/203408320020 Bonus: can you really trademark a PCB color?
  7. I believe this quote resulted from a test on a 68k system, which will not be accelerated. The 320/340 drivers need a PowerPC to run (and yeah, the 340 too is rather miserable on an 840av despite being fastest-in-class on a PowerPC.)
  8. Too bad; it will have been on a white sticker which must have been separated. TattleTech will probably show what it is. The Horizon 24 is said to be a particularly nice card, and the PaintBoard Pro shares its PCB layout and visually looks the same (the Horizon 24 probably shipped with a DSP daughterboard -which may be the only difference between the two.) If you ever consider selling it, I'd be interested!
  9. Collecting dust is a safer alternative than some, but it will have a nice extension to its working life here now thanks again!
  10. I believe this is true, it's a standard PC drive with an Apple housing. I've got the one @cheesestraws sent now plugged into an Orange386, but for the moment it's freezing moments after telling me to run setup (if I'm fast I can enter setup before it freezes.) No fault of the drive though
  11. Ooh, that'll be a RasterOps Paintboard Pro or a Horizon 24 (should say on the back.) One will have had a DSP daughterboard on the front. I've been after one for a while....
  12. Can anyone confirm this eBay link leads to a valid replacement for C148 here? Measured length is 3.6mm and width 2.9mm, so it should be a B case, but most of the ones available use a different numbering convention it seems. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292144472269 Edit Thanks for uploading these here!
  13. Yeh, my primitive trick was to try making it a cdev file with a couple other flags from similar undamaged Control Panel files. This sometimes works for document files but unsurprisingly not with a cdev or application. The system thinks it's a control panel now, but even Extensions Manager doesn't parse it. (and video redraw was once again noticeably unaccelerated, just to confirm.) Hoping Mr. Toshiya Shinbayashi perhaps has the original source used to make the zip, though we now know the file names to search for on other systems, at the very least.
  14. I'm slightly hesitant on this, but if we digitally confirm that ROM+Memory is not the only difference, I'd be happy to start trying to remove the heatsinks on the XA/Lite. If both of these cards behave identically with the ROM/memory (or even better, if they both become Pros with all four memory sticks) then we can probably skip this. I can confirm: Mac OS only displays the resolution I've selected with the DIP switches, though it also shows similar virtual modes (extended 1024x1024 shows when 1024x768 is selected.) Also, as the chart correctly lists: 1024x768 will run at up to
  15. Yeah, I've probably tested all that can be tested on this one. Until further software is discovered we can go ahead and focus on the hardware/ROM theories. How equipped are you for ROM dumping / testing full resolutions? I can tentatively dump ROMs with @pcamen's assistance (assuming the form factor is compatible,) and my Viewsonic will do 2048*1536@85hz, though I move a bit slowly these days; would probably have some answers regarding capabilities and ROM differences in a couple weeks' time. If you want to do this faster I'd be glad to send mine your way instead! It should travel
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