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  1. Wow. Fireworks? I had a board blow caps before, but it was rather un-dramatic. a few pops but no sparks. Anyways...... does it appear as if anything else was damaged upon a visual inspection? Perhaps you can just replace that cap and be lucky. I hope it didnt ruin the board. I wanted to add that the SCSI2SD is a good idea. It should keep C1 from reblowing as too much a load on C1 from the hard drive can cause it to go out
  2. That's quite an ingenuity way of doing things. Someone had to specifically want the computer to turn off when you hit shutdown, that didn't come about by accident. I wish I could meet the engineer who thought of this. During a time when PCs couldn't be powered on or off via the keyboard, I bet this was a deciding feature to buy a mac.
  3. Thanks for that. While I won't be doing any soldering, the mentioning of NewerTech and MicroMac give me a base to search eBay with. Its time to start pimping this rig out.
  4. I really like my centris. I'd like to beefy it up with stuff, like for example, did anybody make any processor cards that kept the machine 68k but made it faster, like 40 MHz? and I'd like to know some good NuBus cards I could stick in this thing. Better video, perhaps, and Im not sure what else. Ideas?
  5. Re: The drive fitting I had a similar issue on my PowerMac G4. Since I had purchased this drive specifically for the g4, I was determined to make it work. what i ended up doing is removing the front door piece at the end of the tray. most of those come right off. They do serve a purpose, to stop dust and dirt from getting in the drive, but the G4 has its own little flap for the front. I know the Beige G3 does not, but, if you have a relatively clean environment, you should be just fine.
  6. I thought that IDE Devices on these beige g3 computers were limited to 8 gigabytes
  7. regardless, I want what I want because it makes me feel a certain way. A highly decked out Beige G3 with a 15K RPM SCSI drive, Wings Card, FireWire Card, USB Card and SG-RAM upgrade to the onboard video, Zip drive, and DVD Burner would make me feel like a godess.
  8. How is the iMac any different than a G3 All in one without the floppy and zip drives? Are you telling me that Putting the same computer more or less, in a colorful plastic case instead of white, and REMOVING floppy and zip (which in my opinion was a bad move) SAVED an entire company? Since when does making a product WORSE save a company? Is the computer buying mass of America THAT turned on by flashy colors that they fail to look at the underlying specs?
  9. You do realize that you just systematically tore apart my feeble attempt at defending SCSI?
  10. SCSI was superior to IDE and SATA in every way. SCSI can support multple devices sata only 1 device per cable. Plus, if you look back, SCSI devices without question were built to a higher quality standard. You didn't see $35 scsi cd burners because people who invested in scsi wanted the quality that comes with it. They wanted gear driven motorized trays, high quality lasers in their burners, multiple front panel lights on a CDRW drive to indicate the current function it was performing, and a heavy metal enclosure to encapsulate it. AAAAAAH Scsi. if ever there were a "rich man's" interfac
  11. The G3 Motherboard was codenamed Gossamer and Apple was pissed that the G3 outperformed the 9600 because the G3 was meant to be their celeron. I want that beige G3. So anyways, Steve jobs killed the newton and all the clones and invented the iphone which saved apple
  12. I like having a lot of drives. A simple computer is a boring computer. I have a vintage PC with both kinds of floppy, scsi CDRW, SCSI DVD ram, SCSI zip 250, jazz 2gb, ditto, iomega rev, all on an overclocked Pentium 2 450 at 600mhz, 768 mb ram, 36gb SCSI hard drive running dos 6.2 and windows 3.11 with all hardware fully supported. I got sound and 32 bit color at 1024x768. Point is, I want the same in a Mac config. A beige get satisfies that. Especially that floppy eject mechanism
  13. aah okay. I have a hard time decoding sarcasm at times. I've been using the same username since middle school.
  14. If you will excuse me for asking, what is the pun here? What toy? The computer is a toy? I'm a toy?
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