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  1. Hi guys, I will try to be as clear as I can and mix up two situations without cluttering the forums with two threads as one should be enough. But I can be lengthy... Lets have a bit of background, about 1.5 to 2 years ago I got this MacII ci with RGB monitor and a RasterOps/24. The RasterOps/24 I was only able to see in action once, on the first time I powered it on, as the system hanged and after a reset it prevented the computer to boot properly, but let's let the RasterOps for another day and another post. I didn't used it for about a year and as we are on
  2. I am trying to figure out what might happened to my RasterOps/24 card. When I got this IIci it was working. Then, when using my External SCSI Zip drive the computer froze. Since then I wasn't able to boot the machine with the RasterOps card. It hanged on the grey screen. Today I got a second monitor and decided to hook up the RasterOps again. The computer/system recognizes the two monitors but it I move the mouse to the one with the RasterOps the mouse pointer gets stuck and won't move. I am really amazed with this. Did this happen to a
  3. Hi guys. I have this Mac SE that was running fine. But its HD stopped like many others I had here due to time, if think. I put an replacement and started the system (as I usually do with all my Compact/Classic Macs) using my external SCSI Zip Drive using System 7.5.5 Started the formating of the HDD and at the end the System rebooted. I tried again with different softwares and the same happened. I fired it up today and used an System 6.0.8 disk and instead of resetting the mac, I got an error, Address Error.... Tried to format a floppy and the same
  4. Hi guys. I have a Mac IIsi board that is not working. It boots to the grey screen without the mouse pointer or making the boot chime. It does some rattle noise on the speaker though. It was this way even before removing all the capacitors, washing the board (let it dry for some days) and recapping it. Its PSU, memory and HD boots fine the other Mac IIsi I have here. Any hints? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, This card came with an IIcx and I have no clue how to get it working (mostly about the DB9 pinout), if a control panel is needed or how can I attach a DB9 monitor to it. Here are some pictures: Thanks in advance.
  6. I have tried some extensions but none at all made the AoX work. Still in the pursuit.
  7. Have finished the recap. Removed the caps, washed the board, let it dry for two days, recaped the SMT and Axials. Now I have sound but with the RasterOps I still can't boot, same sad mac error 0000000F 00000033 And it was working...
  8. Yeah, will do this. But I am concerned about the RasterOPs card. Hope the recap fix all this.
  9. Hi Guys, I just got an Mac IIci. And I am running into a problem. Lets see if someone can help me. It was stored for many years as the son of the previous owner told me. I took a quick look inside and noticed one of the RAM sockets has the locks broken so it was loose. I used a small eraser (yes) and kept it in place. I will buy a socket to replace it. Also I noticed the computer has a RasterOps 24si card. So I plugged the monitor in it and started the computer. It loaded the OS from the harddrive but I notice there was no "chime" when the Mac bo
  10. I hope some of friends here on the forum have one and could share. I'm thinking about trying other 68k 16mhz extensions to check if it enables the card but I don't know any other ones.
  11. Hi all! I have a Mac SE with this board inside. It was a surprise to find it. But the original HD is gone. So, in order to get it working I need some sort of 68000 extension to enable it. Anyone have it? Or know where I can get one? Cheers!
  12. Hi all! I just got a beautiful Classic II! (ok I know I need to recap it as soon as possible) Turned it on and worked. But I opened it to do a quick checkup and probably I was the first person to do it. It had no marks inside at all, everything was in its perfect position. Just some dust but not that much. I looked at the mainboard and there is no sign of leakage but as soon as I return from my one week trip to Rio de Janeiro I will recap it. I just washed the board, let it dry for a couple of days and it is still working. But I notice
  13. Hi Guys, now I had time to use this Mac SE and noticed it is too slow. I ran speedometer 3.06 and just got the base score (1.00). With or without the AoX Card. May it need an extension to work? And why is the SE too slow? Cheers.
  14. I will do what you said and then come with news. Thanks.
  15. I have a working SE/30 board and did a test to try to narrow the problem. If I remove the RAMs and try to boot, this working board chimes and give me the same pattern as the defective one on the screen. With the RAMs but without the ROM SIMM the boot is the same as the defective. So I may need to check if there are any broken traces leading to the ROM. Which usually fail in this case (near LS166 - UE8) area?? This board worked for a while before it crashed. It made a sound like a crackle and stopped working and I saw how destroyed was LS166D.
  16. No it doesn't chime at all. The board is recapped and the tracers for UE8 are good. I couldn't just find where is the CLOCKIHB signal (pin 6 of UE8) but I think it is grounded. No I get no chime. There was no battery leak. I replaced the caps near the ROM SIMM and RAM banks. So, I may still have a line broken there, mostly near ROM? Thanks for helping me.
  17. Hi Guys, I am still trying to fix my SE/30. I was able to get a possible replacement for UE8, 74ALS166. I installed it but still no boot. Is it a replacement for LS166D ?? Thanks in advance
  18. Here are the pictures of the board, without the UE8 (LS166D) IC
  19. I am struggling to buy theses ICs here in Brazil. I want to replace all these near the UE8 just in case. But I can't find them. As soon as I arrive home I will take pictures of the board. I can check this track near C2. Also I think something is wrong with the transistors Q1 and Q2. I heard "noises" prior to the motherboard failure near C2 area.
  20. Hi, thanks for the answer. I have tested the ROMs in another SE/30 (and its on this SE/30) and they are fine. Yes, I have another set of working RAM (and one set in a working SE/30). Tried with no luck. Yes, I tried the reset but nothing happened, just a screen blink. Thanks again.
  21. Are the SE/30 ICs LS393D, LS166D and F253, all SOIC14 type?
  22. I just returned from vacation and will post a picture how is the screen now, this is not mine but is the same:
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