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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about those Prusa printers. Prusa printers are used to print new Prusa printers. It all sounds like a great idea until we lose control and there is more of them than us and the printers figure out how to extract filament from human beings. Not so fun then, is it??
  2. Hey!!! Where did you get that adapter?? I found various adapters but they weren’t the right gender. I think I found idc 50m to db25f. Is that what you’re using with a 25m/m gender changer?
  3. I’m still looking at the ESP-Hosted solution but in the interest of simplicity I’m going another route as well that I think will be very easy to get up and running. I ordered a couple of the Vonnet Vm300 modules @ants had used. As far as I can tell it looks like I can pull the WAN Ethernet jack off the module to reduce its size. The LAN jack plugs into the module via a breakout Molex connector and the Ethernet magnetics are on the board. My plan would be to get a similar magnetics IC style component to replace the Ethernet jack on the Scuznet and then just connect the two cards with less bulk
  4. I am hoping it's more straightforward than you might be thinking. I didn't really see any prior comments with specific chipset options (just that there might be) or low level issues but I wouldn't plan on trying to address this at a low level. From what I've read, Ethernet and WiFi are fundamentally different so there are a couple of options unless one is inclined to develop a complete solution including a Macintosh WiFi driver (well outside of my expertise). The two options are: 1) Essentially inserting a Wifi Router in between the Scuznet and Wifi: a) This
  5. From your comments on the cross crossing of the connections between the 25pin and 50 pin connectors, it might make a difference from a PCB layour perspective, but I am indifferent on mounting holes as it would be easy enough to build a 3d printed bracket that would allow for easy mounting. Definitely agree on the flying leads for power to free up some space. I don't know if you had thought much about it, but I'd love your perspective on the feasibility of a wifi version to see if it's something that might be worth pursuing. My background is pretty limited here but I think that ES
  6. Hmm. I then found this. https://github.com/espressif/esp-hosted
  7. hahaha. Any thoughts help! I was thinking about generating the 802.11 frames but I think it gets complicated on receipt. From what I read 802.11 may have frames with a payload larger than 1500 bytes but the Ethernet drivers on the Mac wouldn’t know how to deal with that. For AppleTalk it shouldn’t be an issue as the frame sizes are always less than that but I don’t know enough about TCP (well I don’t know anything about it actually) but my thought was you might have a tcp packet that might need to be spread across two 1500 byte frames so the Mac driver can deal with it. I’m sure I’m using the
  8. While we're on the subject of Scuznet modifications... the other big one I would love to investigate is to make a Powerbook Wifi edition. The foot print seems pretty close for a 2.5" hard disk. For connectivity, I've been googling like mad but coming up empty handed to see if there is an option to replace the ENC28J60 with a WIFI option. Unfortunately it doesn't seem as though just pushing 802.3 frames into 802.11 works. This is obviously possible as routers are doing just that and the device another member here (Ants?) used (a Vonnet?) to bridge his internal Ethernet card in h
  9. This is the modification I would love to see. It looks like it would be possible to move the Ethernet jack over to the right a little bit to allow for space for the 50 pin IDC connector to clear the barrel jack. I'm OK with a barrel jack as I would just build a molex to barrel jack adapter for internal use. I'm OK with the MicroSD card and am OK with programing through PDI but having a dual purpose (internal and external) Scuznet would be awesome. I already bought short panel mount Ethernet jack extension cables for this purpose- my intention is to just 3d print a slot cover for
  10. I don’t see anything wrong with that machine. Looks clean and runs. You’re good.
  11. I made my first MacFlim the other day. Very straightforward with the instructions on GitHub. I thought my daughter would be so excited to see herself in a flim from a family vacation on my SE/30 but I guess only her geek dad cares. Either way super cool and thank you!!!
  12. It turns out I was wrong about the reason for the lower transfer speeds. There is a marked difference in transfer speeds using the Daynaport firmware (based on GETing a file via FTP with Fetch) depending on whether I write the file to a ScuzNet volume or a separate hard disk. On my SE/30, using a 6MB file, transfer rates stabilize at about 55kB/s to a ScuzNet disk and closer to 90kB/s on my spinning hard disk (on a larger file I topped out closer to 98kB/s with Daynaport over FTP). AppleTalk (AppleShare) performance shows a similar difference in percentage terms.
  13. Well so far I haven't had any corruption problems and having 32 bit addressing automatically turn on is GREAT! Thank you for this! @MrFahrenheit I recall when I was actively using Macs back in the early 1990s weird corruptions of the system software was pretty common. I recall needing to do a fresh install of my system software (esp. 6.07, 7.0 and 7.0.1) on a fairly frequent basis and running Norton was pretty common as well. I don't recall needing to do it very often at all with MacOS 8 and I don't recall ever running Norton on my LC575 (which ran MacOS 8 / 8.1).
  14. Just installed the version in the first message- works awesome! Any concerns about forcing a restart when it does (from a file system or other corruption perspective)? (i.e. it's not a clean shutdown/restart but a restart in the middle of booting?)
  15. ScuzNet Daynaport Emulation now available I'm not sure how many people have built or gotten their Scuznet devices operational (they are not the easiest to solder and require a PDI programmer) but the value in my mind can't be beat. Total cost to build a Scuznet (excluding time) is probably about US$40 and for that you get a device that provides solid state storage like a SCSI2SD and emulates a SCSI Ethernet adapter. The creator @saybur designed (what has been for me) rock solid hardware and did a phenomenal job of making the firmware extremely easy to follow. I am sure this proj
  16. There will be a loop in RaSCSIs GetAtn function but that returns a true/false value so it has some type of handling other than just waiting out the ATN signal.
  17. I didn't pursue my issue any further yet as the Centris I had the issue with isn't a priority machine - Coincidently I was thinking about this problem recently again within the past few weeks taking into account some of the additional experience I have gained in troubleshooting various problems since then. My plan was to go back and test all of the lines that deal with video (video chip / VRAM etc.) to see if I had an issue there before condemning the VRAM.
  18. No issue on my LC575, SE/30 or Classic II. Playing Bolo on a Classic is a bit hellish - I know because that’s what I had when I was playing in the 90s. So other than as an experiment it’s worthwhile playing on something a bit faster. Did you try your 475? It might be that IBB means something more than a 68000
  19. Per an earlier recommendation in this thread, I created a new thread in the Lounge for game scheduling - I am also up for a game this weekend.
  20. Well when you put it that way it seems no harder than Hello World in Basic!!
  21. That’s awesome! I’ll take mine with a built in colour video card and a 68040 accelerator please.
  22. I had missed that comment in the protocol document about 0x0C on start up and shutdown. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the insight that the bus error occurs both on shutdown and when switching from "Alternate Ethernet" will be of much help. I threw in some debugging outputs in logic_command() where it would dump all of the received commands (including the extra command parameters) out to the serial log - I didn't see anything that is being triggered when I switch to LocalTalk, although I do get the crash. It seems that the Mac only crashes when I've been using AppleShare - it happens everyt
  23. Still going to work on this, but I am not getting the bus error on my Classic II (and the ScuzNet is working perfectly fine there as well). I'm using the Scuznet to boot both systems so it's not a system software thing either. I'm going to pull down my other SE/30 without a network card and see if that one has the bus error as well. EDITED: Scratch what I said above... I am getting the same bus error on my Classic II. It kicked into MacsBug - At least that makes me feel a bit better that it's not some weird hardware issue on my SE/30
  24. Well, this seems to be pretty solid with those delays. I have done some large file copies (100+ MB) without any real issues. Fetch did lock up for me a couple of times when starting a copy but that was before any real network activity and it seemed to be related to files that had partially downloaded before - I think it's a Fetch issue. I was also able to play Bolo on my SE/30 with ScuzNet (see the other Hacks and Development thread) and it worked perfectly. I am still curious as to what might be causing the Bus Error problem at shutdown. It seems like the hardware i
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