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  1. It's a shame, I used to have an SE/30 box, but it got destroyed when the floor of the storage shed it was in flooded. If I still had it, I'd offer it as a subject for modeling. I *might* have saved the foam blocks, though, if that'd help? c
  2. The Type C slot must be exceedingly rare, as I don't think I've ever seen an unmodified SE/30 LB with such a slot installed (granted, my experience is limited to maybe a dozen or two examples, but it seems like if it is a thing that exists, the odds should be such that even with such a limited number, I should've seen at least one board with a Type C slot). This, of course, doesn't mean they don't exist! c
  3. CC_333

    JRL's Conquests

    @olePigeon Wow, I want to see this recycle center! Please let me know when a shipment comes in! @JRL I understand. I have a spare 520 (greyscale) LCD with vinegar syndrome, if you want a project? c
  4. CC_333

    JRL's Conquests

    I think I have an extra 520c LCD somewhere, if you want to upgrade it to color? Also bear in mind that many of these older LCDs need to be recapped too, and doing that might bring it back to life (unless there's lines and stuff, which would indicate other trouble). c
  5. Apple actually did make such a machine, so to speak. It's called the iMac G5 c
  6. Are you sure that's passive matrix? It looks almost as sharp and clear as active matrix! Goes to show that perhaps they weren't so bad back when they were new. c
  7. @NF_ My understanding is that the SE and II both provide SCSI term power, and the Plus is the only Mac that doesn't (fun fact: the circuits for providing it, to my knowledge, were partially implemented, but it was disabled from the factory. It can be enabled by adding a couple missing components I think, but the Plus' SCSI implementation isn't entirely standards compliant, so it may or may not work as expected.) c
  8. @Garrett Agreed. The 1st Gen. SE, until the Touch ID sensor died (which introduced a power drain that killed the battery when locked), was an excellent phone. Because of the failed sensor, I've fallen back on my 5, which works okay, but iOS 6 is pretty much useless nowadays for all but the basics (Safari still kinda-sorta works, Messages work, email works, etc.). Since Verizon said they'd shut down their CDMA 2G/3G network in December 2019; despite this, it seems they were apparently bluffing, because it appears it's still alive and well as of today, since my 5 is working just lik
  9. @techknight OK, that makes sense, because the BMS in the battery can be modified to basically look like whatever the computer expects, regardless of the actually chemistry of the cells. I'm sure someone can reverse engineer the 5xx battery easily enough. I mean, all kinds of things have been successfully re-implemented that were once thought to be prohibitively difficult to reverse engineer (Custom ROM SIMMs! FloppyEmu! SCSI2SD! And now even a complete clone of the entire SE logic board!), so why would this be any different? c
  10. My 6 Plus is still on its original battery, and last I checked, capacity was still somewhere above 90%. I'll have to change it eventually I'm sure, but I think something else is more likely to go wrong first at this point, given it's been used relatively heavily for over 5 years now. c
  11. I got some EM-30L recently, and I have to say that it's wonderful stuff! It works really well on just about anything, too: connectors (the outer housings, not the contacts), switches, and of course, Mac floppy drives. I even used it on my mouse to quiet down a creaky clicker and smooth out the rollers. c
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Has anyone been able to reverse engineer that "intelligence"? c
  13. How trivial do you think this would be to adapt to other PowerBooks? I would think that, now that you've mostly come up with the design, it could be used as a reference for other similar designs targeting models such as the 14x/150/170 and 500 series. They all use NiCd or NiMH as opposed to SLA, but I wouldn't think it would require much of a change to adapt your design? Nevertheless, this is a fantastic development, and if I had a PowerBook 100, I'd totally want to get one of these once you've finished it! c
  14. This is an excellent application! I wish someone had come up with this 20 years ago! Better late than never, I suppose.... This is an absolute must for inclusion on any ROM SIMM! c
  15. I have an LC topper (12" 512x384), with an LC (or LC II) to match, and it doesn't work (the CRT is dead, and so is the LC to which it belongs). I hope it's a simple fix, because it's in fairly nice condition. c
  16. I have an LC topper (12" 512x384), with an LC (or LC II) to match, and it doesn't work (the CRT is dead, and so is the LC to which it belongs). I hope it's a simple fix, because it's in fairly nice condition. c
  17. The 6 (and its larger cousin 6 Plus) are still very competent phones. We still use the 6 Plus we bought new in July 2015, and it's still going strong (I chose to keep it at iOS 9, so it's fallen a bit more out of date than it could've been, but I don't care, as it still does everything we need it to do, and security isn't a huge problem, as we don't keep any sensitive personal info on it). c
  18. Oh, well. I had to try Thanks ! c
  19. I might be interested in the backplate for my Performa 578, which I assume is identical? c
  20. Fair point. Frankly, I'm with you. I'm a bit burned out with owning a Prius, largely because of how complicated and finicky it is. My next car most likely won't be a hybrid as a result.... c
  21. That's too bad. This pandemic has ruined almost everything with even a glimmer of fun in it! Nothing but the essentials for survival anymore.... That being said, what about repairing automotive electrical systems? That's one of the few things that I can think of that is kinda-sorta related to consumer electronics repair which is relatively immune from the pandemic (which speaks volumes, given the widespread extreme damage it has caused to most industries and in virtually all levels of society), and it seems like something you might be good at. In fact, as I recall
  22. I bought a new-used phone recently (an iPhone SE, just like my old one whose Touch ID broke), and it seems to have just fallen off the face of the earth. No tracking, no indication that it shipped, nothing. I've been inclined to think that it's an unreliable seller, but it could also be due to USPS' recent unreliability. Either way, hopefully I didn't get ripped off. c
  23. What about spray painting them black? c
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