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  1. I believe the Plus actually does have term power capability mostly implemented, but it was disabled from the factory for some as yet unknown reason. Maybe because the SCSI standard wasn't fully finalized, and the term power circuit isn't fully compliant? Nevertheless, I think it can be enabled by adding a missing component or two (a diode and something else, I think?). This would negate the need for the BlueSCSI to have a special configuration for the Plus which is incompatible with all other models. c
  2. It seems like a very arcane error?! I'm glad you were able to fix it, though! I wonder why the software would be so particular? c
  3. This is pretty neat! It seems to me that this could open up the possibility of a web browser that can offload most of the JS/CSS rendering and security protocols to a reasonably fast co-processor and send the results back to the Mac, which only needs enough oomph to render the HTML and push the pixels around the display. It probably couldn't do much (it certainly couldn't reasonably handle the full desktop versions of, say, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter due to various bottlenecks in the Mac, though mobile versions of each might be possible, with limitations), but perhaps it would w
  4. I can see this being particularly useful for the eMate, with it's full keyboard. c
  5. I agree. Linux/Unix people tend to be annoyingly condescending and seem to think they're superior to all other computer users. As a consequence of this, they are usually very unhelpful and refuse to give any but the tersest, most cryptic of advice, forcing one to figure things out for themselves. And to add insult to injury, it seems that there are a few aspects of Linux that are designed with this mindset, such that the options in some programs are arcane things that only the person who developed it would know, the UI is weird and hard to figure out for any beginner, and there's
  6. I understand. I'm very apprehensive about it myself, but I'll get through it eventually! c
  7. It's quite hard to understate what an incredible achievement this is! I have a few logic board-less SE/30s that would benefit from these, as originals are not super easy to find in working condition anymore.... c
  8. I bet with all the enterprising people on this forum, someone could probably disassemble Apple's driver and reverse engineer a new one with all the bugs fixed and better System 7 compatibility. c
  9. Me too! Although this doesn't affect me directly (I don't use any of my machines enough to be bothered by 32-bit addressing resetting after powering off without a PRAM battery), but it's nevertheless a clever idea, and I really like it! I especially like @olePigeon's fancy icon (and @jessenator's neat animation of it). It's classy and fun. Keep up the good work! c p.s., Rather than extending and complicating this extension, I wonder if a separate extension for enabling VM might be useful? Perhaps with a little bit of glue so they do
  10. I already have several ADC-using displays (and I also managed to find both an ADC-to-DVI adapter for connecting a DVI display to the ADC port and a DVI-to-ADC adapter to connect a Cinema display to a normal DVI port, evidently before both became prohibitively expensive), but I fully support this project, as it would make life easier by allowing one to obtain adapters more affordably, not to mention the increase in flexibility. c
  11. I know it's a pain, but have you tried a clean install of High Sierra? c
  12. I concur! I formatted most of my Zip disks using the patched Apple HD SC Setup, so the system treats them for all intents and purposes as a hard drive. Accordingly, even the Plus can boot from it, because the drivers are natively supported. The only issue is that I can no longer eject a disk unless I shut down first. This isn't really a big deal of course, especially in I'm going to be booting from it! c
  13. I got one of these original ImageWriters a few years ago. It was evidently moved around a lot, as it came in a nice, apparently purpose-built carry case, similar to the kinds of bags one would tote a compact around in. c
  14. @olePigeonThat seems like a very reasonable explanation. It's hard to say how true it actually is, but it makes sense. c
  15. I'm really glad you got this working! It sounds like it has been quite an ordeal.... That calculator looks really neat compared to the one that originally came with the Mac. Did anyone ever clone it or create a look-alike, I wonder? c
  16. Maybe so. I'm not super well-versed in the subject of loudspeakers, but maybe one can add a resistor of the appropriate wattage to increase the impedance to 8Ω? c
  17. It seems to me that at least the logic board and disk drives can be salvaged, as they appear to be relatively intact? The analog board looks more questionable, but I can't really tell for sure. It seems to be intact, but I can't tell if any components were torn off and destroyed because that side isn't visible. c
  18. That looks awful! Agreed. Makes me feel fortunate that I got my 578 in 2005, when they were still somewhat common (i.e., before most of them literally crumbled to heaps of splintered plastic). c
  19. This is neat! I have many dead hard drives I could try this on. Not sure to what end, but I guess it'd be a good learning experience! c
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    Progress update to self... I just finished tearing down the iMac and giving it a good deep clean so it doesn't have all kinds of tobacco residue in it (it's not the grossest I've seen, but it wasn't great), so now it should run a bit cooler. I didn't refresh the CPU/GPU heatsink paste because I don't have any handy, but I did install a 1 TB spinning drive, so while it may not be substantially faster, it will at least have more storage space. Anyway, it's back together now, with only one extra screw left over c
  21. Neat! There is a project on MacRumors where some people were trying to take the best, newest bits of Leopard, Snow Leopard beta, and any RTM SL components they could make PPC compatible and add them all together to make a kinda-sorta frankenstein-ish Snow Leopard PPC that has working Airport and GPU acceleration). I don't know where the link is, but last I knew they were making some interesting progress. c
  22. It might make sense to add a small modification, wherein the capacitor can be discharged via a jumper and a resistor (to prevent it from discharging too quickly and causing damage to something), thus wiping the memory and allowing for a true reset. It would then be somewhat akin to the CMOS/BIOS reset jumper that many PC motherboards have. c
  23. I thought you had made a typo at first, then I looked at the screenshot! You must be running one of the early, G4-capable Snow Leopard betas, yes? I ask because RTM Snow Leopard only runs on Intel Macs.... c
  24. My first Mac was one of these! I thoroughly cleaned it a few years ago, but it doesn't look quite as nice as yours (I think it could've if I had polished the front bezel plastics). I had used it relatively lightly, so it's in reasonable condition internally, but at this point, perhaps some preemptive maintenance might not hurt? I also happen to have a dead G3 AIO (bad flyback, I think), and I'm pretty sure its CRT is in fairly good shape. Hmm..... c
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