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  1. @cheesestraws Perhaps the card uses a weird, quirky, not-quite-standard SCSI implementation, hence the compatibility problems? I'm only speculating, of course; the SCSI2SD, in particular, is well known for weird compatibility issues on anything not 100% standard, probably owing to its relatively advanced customizability. c
  2. This is fantastic!! If the analog board can likewise be cloned/reimagined (with a solution that makes using a modern internal CRT substitute and/or external monitor trivial) and all the custom chips (which presently need to be harvested from dead original boards) recreated, combined with one of Maceffects' clear cases, it will be theoretically possible to build an SE or (eventually) SE/30 out of completely new parts! c
  3. Aha! That was my next guess! My grandparent's house was built in the mid 40s, and has similar cabinetry, so I suspect that they're probably original in your case. Agreed. Pretty much all Macs from the very late 80s through the late 90s is getting quite brittle at this point, especially everything beige/platinum. c
  4. Those cabinets are interesting. 1960s? I must've stared at 10,000 houses by now (trying to find one to move to!), so I feel like I can tell approximately when a house was built just by looking at some minor details like kitchen drawers c
  5. Choose your glass carefully, for not all glass is equal; some types of glass filter out the UV rays that make retrobrite work. c
  6. Can someone explain what these acronyms mean? c
  7. @cheesestraws Fair point. I just asked out of curiosity because it seems only fair to one's self to at least give it a try. Then, if it doesn't work, they can at least have the satisfaction of having tried. But you're totally right. the human mind is an incredibly fragile thing, and there are still many aspects of it that scientists and psychologists still don't understand. Anyway, I could go on, but I'm tired (it's 2:30 AM here on the US west coast), and I can no longer think c
  8. That's hard. I hope you can work yourself out of it eventually! Have you considered therapy and/or some sort of medication to help yourself out of your depression? Best wishes! c
  9. No explanation needed. I think I understand-- you're in some sort of transitional period, where you're beginning to feel a spark of interest in the hobby again, but you don't yet have the time (or the motivation) to devote much effort to it. c
  10. Reading this discussion makes me glad I don't have a non-backlit Portable (I was lucky to have managed to find the somewhat less common backlit model, which has a different logic board design that doesn't seem to have these kinds of problems). @techknight Does this mean you're no longer "on hiatus"? c
  11. I believe the Plus actually does have term power capability mostly implemented, but it was disabled from the factory for some as yet unknown reason. Maybe because the SCSI standard wasn't fully finalized, and the term power circuit isn't fully compliant? Nevertheless, I think it can be enabled by adding a missing component or two (a diode and something else, I think?). This would negate the need for the BlueSCSI to have a special configuration for the Plus which is incompatible with all other models. c
  12. It seems like a very arcane error?! I'm glad you were able to fix it, though! I wonder why the software would be so particular? c
  13. This is pretty neat! It seems to me that this could open up the possibility of a web browser that can offload most of the JS/CSS rendering and security protocols to a reasonably fast co-processor and send the results back to the Mac, which only needs enough oomph to render the HTML and push the pixels around the display. It probably couldn't do much (it certainly couldn't reasonably handle the full desktop versions of, say, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter due to various bottlenecks in the Mac, though mobile versions of each might be possible, with limitations), but perhaps it would w
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