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    I agree with @Jinnai. It was perhaps a bit too blunt and personal to be appropriate for the open forum, but it was nevertheless an innocent, perfectly legitimate question, although if it were I who was asking, I probably would've done so privately to altogether avoid the risk of what happened here today. Hopefully all who were involved learned something and can better handle this kind of situation in the future.... c
  2. If I had the money to spare, I'd totally get a few of these! Solid state is good, but on a vintage computer, I want to hear those hard drives sounds! c
  3. Hmm, I'm sorry it didn't work. I don't think it's the end of the road, but it does seem that perhaps, barring any new information, it's more trouble than it's worth. Are you able/willing to run 7 on one of your compacts? It's slower, but it's also potentially much more useful, as you can then use things like Quicktime (provided your version of choice supports 68000-based Macs). I'll look into it some more and see what I can come up with. c
  4. OK! I have spent some time browsing Macintosh Garden,?and I think I may have figured out something you could try! First, download this and use it to convert a WAV file to a System 7 Sound file: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/balthazar And then download this and use it to play the resulting snd file on System 6: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/7th-symphony It's a bit kludgy, but I think it might work. I will try it myself in mini vMac when I get access to my computer later this evening. c
  5. @Garrett Yes, you'd take your audio file of choice, mix it down to mono, and encode it to 22kHz AIFF. Ideally, you'd use an older DAW to do it (Cool Edit Pro would work, for example), but anything that can encode to AIFF should work well enough. What System 6-compatible software can play it once on the Mac? I'm not sure. Maybe try browsing Macintosh Garden? EDIT: just did a little checking, and it looks like Quicktime 1.0 may run on System 6. Not sure if it'll rum on a 68000, though. c
  6. No, they're not, but MP3s won't play very well, if at all, so you'd have to convert to WAV (or, more specifically, AIFF, as that's the format used on early Macintoshes; it's more or less equivalent to standard WAV files (as seen primarily on contemporary PCs), but there are a few minor differences because Apple wanted to be different (Macs and PCs had since standardized on PC-style WAV sometime in the late 90s (and then of course MP3s, once the average Mac or PC became fast enough to decode them efficiently), so this difference has become moot)). So, basically, when you do encode
  7. @cheesestraws I did read your write up, and it is indeed very nice! Depending on my budget, I may be interested in getting one at some point! I have been interested in getting a SCSI2SD for some time now, but due to their apparently recalcitrant nature and my chronically underfunded budget, I've held back because I still have enough original hard drives in working order that I'm not super rushed to get one. c
  8. Just got caught up with this thread, and I must say it's an exciting development! With regard to the discussion between @ymk and @Cory5412 about the simplicity of MacSD vs. SCSI2SD w/re: implementing >4 GB partition support and such, my take on it is that basically, there's no reason why that's a bad thing for simplicity. Perhaps it complicates configuration a bit for those who choose to use it, but it's implemented as a more advanced feature anyway, intended for users with more advanced needs, and to the best of my understanding, it doesn't interfere with MacSD's core feature
  9. Wow, I'd like to help out too, but I think it would take me, oh, ~40-50 hours to get there :LOL: c
  10. That Apple Vision 850AV is a monitor I wouldn't mind having someday, since I could use it on PCs as well as Macs, making it much more versatile than the earlier fixed-sync Apple CRTs, which tend to not support PCs without extraordinary measures. c
  11. I thought it was the original II that was rarely seen in stock, un-upgraded form? Nevertheless, we're at the point that they're all getting quite rare. c
  12. I'm going to follow this too. It's quite interesting! c
  13. Interesting project... Here's my contribution: Mac 128k - 2 Mac 512k - 2 Mac Plus - 4 Mac Classic - 2 Mac Classic II - 2 Mac SE FDHD - 2 Mac SE/30 - 4 Also, I'd like to add an entry for the original SE (not FDHD): Mac SE - 2 c
  14. It's a shame, I used to have an SE/30 box, but it got destroyed when the floor of the storage shed it was in flooded. If I still had it, I'd offer it as a subject for modeling. I *might* have saved the foam blocks, though, if that'd help? c
  15. The Type C slot must be exceedingly rare, as I don't think I've ever seen an unmodified SE/30 LB with such a slot installed (granted, my experience is limited to maybe a dozen or two examples, but it seems like if it is a thing that exists, the odds should be such that even with such a limited number, I should've seen at least one board with a Type C slot). This, of course, doesn't mean they don't exist! c
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