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  1. Perhaps not, but it's sure interesting! I happen to enjoy reading about such things from time to time And the French influence was definitely something I forgot about! That makes perfect sense! Here's another interesting bit: around the time of the Norman Conquest in the 11th century AD, the English language was profoundly altered by the Old Norman language, which, coincidentally, is also a dialect of Old French (though it has since developed into its own language, Norman, which is still spoken in present-day Normandy), and thus it also had an influence o
  2. It is indeed! I suspect weird spellings of words, such as colour, laugh, cough, etc., are old remnants of archaic Old and Middle English pronunciations that Modern English dropped centuries ago. c
  3. Isn't the 'u' silent? The difference in word spelling between American and British English, such as 'color' vs 'colour', are quite interesting. And yet, in every case I'm aware of, the pronunciation is usually identical. Oh, well. c
  4. How neat! The "old" MG site, while adequate in modern browsers, has always been rather clunky and broken feeling on OS 9-era browsers (it still works despite this, but it's a somewhat difficult, painful experience), which I attribute largely to its requirement for fairly up to date javascript support (I've seen it similarly broken on modern browsers if JS is off). Thus, the new, lightweight site will be a refreshing change! Is it going to replace the current site at macintoshgarden.org at some point, or will it continue in parallel as macintosh.garden, acting as
  5. I see! So basically, it's an "updated" version of the site made to be more vintage Mac friendly? c
  6. New Macintosh Garden? This is fun! By the time I had reliable internet access and the wherewithal to use such things, the servers had already been shut down, so I never really got to experience any of it (aside from whatever offline stuff is available, and of course searching through the computer's filesystem). c
  7. Interesting. What would happen if you took a pure System 7.1 system file and put it in an otherwise 7.1.1 Pro system folder, alongside Finder 7.1.1 Pro? Worst case is that extensions/control panels/whatever that require the changes implemented, if any, won't work, but the thing should at least boot. c
  8. Are any of the 20 special edition boards left? I've been somewhat out of the loop for the past couple weeks (month?), and I'm feeling left out c
  9. Yeah, scavenging at my local transfer station is technically illegal also, but security is very relaxed, so I can just kinda look around a little and quickly grab my find while no one's looking I've made some quite decent finds over the years this way (a decent, early 2000s PC tower, which I still use to this day for my Skylake hackintosh, a Dell Latitude D800 (only needed a screen and top trim piece/power button), Decent little AIO TV and monitor (TV's useless of course, but it makes a decent monitor), even a little Bluray player (I have no idea if it works, as I have yet to tes
  10. @cheesestraws Perhaps the card uses a weird, quirky, not-quite-standard SCSI implementation, hence the compatibility problems? I'm only speculating, of course; the SCSI2SD, in particular, is well known for weird compatibility issues on anything not 100% standard, probably owing to its relatively advanced customizability. c
  11. This is fantastic!! If the analog board can likewise be cloned/reimagined (with a solution that makes using a modern internal CRT substitute and/or external monitor trivial) and all the custom chips (which presently need to be harvested from dead original boards) recreated, combined with one of Maceffects' clear cases, it will be theoretically possible to build an SE or (eventually) SE/30 out of completely new parts! c
  12. Aha! That was my next guess! My grandparent's house was built in the mid 40s, and has similar cabinetry, so I suspect that they're probably original in your case. Agreed. Pretty much all Macs from the very late 80s through the late 90s is getting quite brittle at this point, especially everything beige/platinum. c
  13. Those cabinets are interesting. 1960s? I must've stared at 10,000 houses by now (trying to find one to move to!), so I feel like I can tell approximately when a house was built just by looking at some minor details like kitchen drawers c
  14. Choose your glass carefully, for not all glass is equal; some types of glass filter out the UV rays that make retrobrite work. c
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