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  1. Thank you both. This II remains on my project list. Hopefully next month I can get back to it.
  2. Hi, I have an IIfx that has fresh batteries in it and weird behavior. Pressing power at the back or on the keyboard generates a split second of power. Pressing the power button on the keyboard AND keeping it pressed boots the machine perfectly. Take your finger off the power button and lose all power. The motherboard looks pristine to my untrained eye. I know it will need to be recapped, but I do not have the skills for that. Looking into finding a source for that. Is there anything else that might be causing this odd power behavior? With new access to fresh memory, I
  3. Time for an update. Thanks again to RedruM69 who tackled a new M5126 MB and got it recapped. Slipped it into my existing case last night and it worked right out of the gate. It did take some doing, but I now have a working M5126. I also have the parts of an "almost" working spare, including a German keyboard! If anyone ever solved for a replacement backlit screen cable please let me know. This was one of the first projects I tackled. Since beginning on the Portable I've conquered (with tons of help from others) a couple of Lisas, Apple II/+/Plat/IIc, and a slew of 72xx. There is st
  4. Thanks for the note. I've tried to wait and drag to see if it works, but no success. I've not been able to solve this issue, but I also haven't really had time to work on it lately. Hopefully one day soon. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the note. I did check the area visually and it looks fine. I feel certain it is at the motherboard level as I've now swapped in a third motherboard with the same I/O and controller boards. That worked fine as well. Maybe when I have more experience I will try to replace the actual mouse port. For now I'm just designating that particular motherboard as a test backup. So many other items to clear off my Lisa to do list in order to bring a single working Lisa back to life.
  6. Hi, Am working on a long term restoration project of a Lisa 2/5. This is my first attempt at restoring a Lisa and I have a lot to learn. Fortunately, I have multiple copies of each board and a configuration of boards that work (except for some video adjustments I need to do to the CRT). I have one motherboard which works well EXCEPT does not register the mouse button as being pressed. The mouse pointer moves fine. When you press the button, no action on screen. The mouse itself is fine and works perfect on a 128K Mac. The mouse also works perfect when the motherboard
  7. Thanks. Plan now is to simply wait until I can find a suitable M5126 board.
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. I am certainly learning as I wade deeper into my pile of old Macs. This portable has been particularly frustrating because it actually worked for a few weeks without any problems. It is the M5126. As I look for replacement boards, will the main board of the M5120 work as a simple swap or do I need to find an M5126 board? Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, I just want to thank everyone for their help on this project. I am slowly trying to bring to life all the old Macs/Newtons/Apple II computers (and a few NeXTs) that I ever owned. This was one of the first projects. I've been lurking on the site for some time just reading and re learning things that I've forgotten. The portable involved replacing the battery and getting the board recapped. Thanks to those who helped me with that. Thank you to Technight for patiently answering my questions. I did not have the technical skill to go any further on the project. However, I f
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