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  1. Turns out it is the homing switch position which should be at track zero which according to MacTech68 "The tracks are spaced at 0.0074 inches (or 0.18796mm)" Which means I need to move it at smaller increments than that which will take allot of time and luck.
  2. So I got my parts for restoring my upgraded 128k. The 400k drive was completely seized up which is to be expected. But there is a problem. After lubricating the drive, it was making a continuous clicking noise. I found out that it was the limit switch that homes with head. It was to far away for the little notch to block the light. I loosend the screw holding the switch in place and moved it back a little. The drive homed properly. The drive reads and writes perfectly, But only its own disks. It will not read any disks from any other known working drive. I have multiple 400k formatted disks fr
  3. My plan is to downgrade it back to 128k and remove all modifications and bring it back to factory stock. Anyone know why the suction cup of this is dark amber instead of black? Besides the flyback, all the components seem to match other 128k anolog boards of the same period.
  4. I got it. I am overly pleased to say the least. by the way, did I mention I got all of this for $300? everything is in mint/brandnew condition. Everything. Zero corrosion anywhere and besides the slight yellowing, its basically brand new. The mouse and keyboard, software, and the entire macintosh and carying bag are mint. The software is still sealed and also looks brand new. The motherboard is the old one with the purple ceramic CPU. The CRT is also one I have not seen yet and has a slightly more yellow tint to the picture. There is no burn in and the screen is very bright, Brighter than my 5
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