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  1. Eh, I can always get more. I have tons lying around to use for replacements. Heck, I think you have all of my spares come to think of it. I'll have to show you which ones you can use for replacing them. Thank God for electrical engineering professors that support your legacy hobbies!
  2. I bet it works just fine, just not on that LCII... OK I'll just have to phish for moar drives I guess lol. I'm kinda running out of options tho for internal SCSI rigs since a ton of drives are IDE/SATA. We might have to tear apart that project closet of mine for a complete external SCSI rig. I know I have one, I just don't know where.
  3. So last night when I left coius with some gear and warez, it seemed that he was able to get the machine going with a network boot to my Wallstreet (huzzah for LocalTalk) running OS9 that I outfitted with a floppy drive for boot disk making, and a CD-ROM drive loaded with the Apple Software Recovery CD. Should be up and running shortly I believe since I last saw him doing a full install of 7.5.3.
  4. So coius, did the g34r that I lent you work out? I'm really hoping that it worked out.
  5. You sir just made my day by posting that link. I'm going to load that onto my SD card and give that a shot. I've been having a crazy time trying to get Raspbian to run MAME since it hates EVERY SINGLE ROM that I throw in there.
  6. OK, I know that this isn't a classic Mac snag, but I'm really stoked that I finally got my Raspberry Pi in the mail. I'm actually using it as I type. I have to admit that it's a really neat feat of engineering. I originally bought this so I could turn it into a Raspberry Pi-cade, but I think I might get another one so I can have a spare to mess around with while the main one is in the 'cade. My biggest problem is that I haven't been able to get MAME4all working on it yet. I have the program downloaded, and I have the necessary ROMs to go with it, but I have absolutely no idea how get it worki
  7. Hey if you guys have spare logos, maybe you could help me out. I'm looking for an indigo iBook clamshell logo for the front of my iBook. It's missing the leaf and I can't seem to find anyone that has one. I posted in the iBook forum and no one had any. You fine sirs have any?
  8. As I posted earlier, it's an Indigo iBook. So, yeah if you can find an indigo logo, that'd be win. That would normally work if the backing was flat, but the clamshell iBooks actually have a diamond-shaped backing for the leaf for more gripping power in the case. And since I like my collection pieces as original as I can get, only the original-style plastic logo would do. On a side note, there needs to be an iMac (Bondi Blue) and an iBook smiley. In this forum. ASAP.
  9. @Trash80: Like always, you are an asset to the Army. If you could find the latest Sonnet Driver for my Cresendo G3 card, I'd be ever so greatful. I can't reinstall OS9 without it as (at the moment) I can't find the original card that went into the L2 slot... Or I just might be dumb, and it turns out you can re-install OS9 without the original L2 card, and I'm just being a wuss worrying that I might bork the system. I've never owned a Crescendo Card before coius kindly dontated his pre-installed G3 Power Macintosh 6500 to me. I've wanted to clear the OS on it and start fresh, but I've been worr
  10. Yeah eBay is a wasteland... You put in "iBook clamshell" and you get a ton of listings for uber overpriced iBooks that are "SUPER CUSTOMIZED" because someone switched their parts around to make a multi-colored iBook. You can't find lids anywhere. I'd love to get my hands on at LEAST a lid if not a logo so I could make my iBook complete.
  11. @Macdrone: If you find someone who has a copy available, let me know. I need the latest driver for my G3 card in my Power Macintosh 6500.
  12. Been doing research on the 5200 series Performas, and I came by a startling realization. They're basically based off of a modified Quadra 630 board with a 603 Power PC inside right? Wouldn't that mean that if I get my hands on an Apple Power PC upgrade card for my Performa 631CD, it'll effectively turn it into a pseudo-Performa 6310 and doom it to be a Road Apple? I mean, it wouldn't be the same as one, but logically-speaking it makes sense.
  13. See, this is proof positive of how cool games were back then. Look at that packaging! We get NOTHING like that this day and age... Just a cheap plastic case, or worse, nothing at all since it's through an online source. I have a ton of Apple II software like The Bard's Tale, Deathlord, and a whole bunch of other RPG's that are complete with box art, maps, codewheels, pamphlets, the works. Yeah sure, a lot of that was for DRM purposes, but still it was way more in-depth than anything we get today. We're lucky to even see an instruction manual nowadays. Also, would love to get my hands on a
  14. I have an iBook clamshell (Indigo) that is for the most part, complete. My only issue is that it's missing the leaf from the Apple logo on the front of the case... I've tried like mad to find a replacement that I can snap/glue in there, but I can't find anything. Anyone have any good ideas on where I could grab one for cheap?
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