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  1. True. That's why I went with the MDD. But a max-spec machine that doesn't go to sleep properly nor open its optical drive unless you manually pry open the shiny drive door and manually push the button with a ball-point pen nor set screen resolution properly nor run applications in a way that lets you use them isn't really the highest-performance option, is it?
  2. I've not seen this thread before. Awesome!
  3. This thread is shaping up to go quite well with the thread about making my MDD OS9 bootable. I think both of them are good lessons for anyone searching for a long-term OS 9 box. In retrospect, I would encourage anyone looking for a long-term OS 9 machine to get a box that doesn't require a special version of OS 9 to work.
  4. I would very much appreciate any pictures you could provide. Before and after pics. Pics of the components. Pics of the soldering process. I have several Mac Pluses that need maintenance, and the more information about how you went about doing this process, what tools you used, etc. would be helpful.
  5. Software testing update: Oni MDD 1.25Ghz SP G4 OS 9.2.2: Ran installer. App started, opening cutscenes played. When it cut to the main menu, all I had was a black screen. Music played, but had to force quit. Couldn't see the cursor after the force quit, and had to randomly click around the screen to hit the quit button. Could not play. OS 10.4 Tiger: App runs just fine in classic mode. No opening cutscenes, but menu shows up full-screen, and the game runs extremely smoothly with maxed-out graphics settings. (1024x768, 32-bit color). Appears to be a bug when coordinating keyboard a
  6. According to lowendmac.com, the OS 9 compatible 800Mhz iMac G4 (Jul 2002) had a 17" screen. The second 800Mhz model (Feb 2003) was the low-end model and had a 15" screen. The high-end 17" model was bumped to 1Ghz. Neither could boot in OS 9.
  7. Of course, running Apple hardware test didn't come to mind until after I'd did some blowdrying. No results yet from the blowdrying, but only did it for five minutes or so.
  8. I'm suspecting similar capacitor problems with my 700Mhz eMac are causing the screen problems discussed in this thread. Tonight I got out the hairdryer to test, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Should I just blow-dry stuff while it's running? To do that, I'd have to take off the white plastic shell (and the power button with it) and the big emi cage. Or am I supposed to take all that stuff off, randomly blow-dry suspected parts, then assemble everything back together and test it? Note: Obviously running it while torn apart means staying far away from the CRT. As in DON'T touch
  9. Okay, so I played around some more and got the NetBoot image to work. Same deal in the monitors control panel, 1024x768 only. I did test my copy of Syndicate, and it runs at 640x480 in the middle of the screen with black bars all around (although the menu bar stays at the top where it belongs). This is the exact same performance I get on my 700Mhz eMac running on a clean install from its original disks. This is actually just the performance I want, graphics-wise. So since color depth is adjustable to 256 colors and the software will run low-res programs properly, I may be fine. Still h
  10. Yeah, I actually dropped in the new ROM before I tried it the first time. I'll keep fiddling, but unless I can get my hand on better disks, I'm about to call this a failed experiment.
  11. All of you are being super helpful. I couldn't ask for a better community. The 3.5 drivers dropped into the system folder and were recognized as extensions and placed accordingly. They do not cause a crash. They also don't do any good. Still limited to 1024x768 in the Monitors control panel, still got fans running during sleep, still have a message in the system profiler that I have a PCI card incompatible with low-power mode. I also verified that it is a GeForce4 MX. Trying the NetBoot now. Update: After I add Disk Copy to the OS 9 "install" currently on the MDD. Update 2: Ne
  12. Ha! CC_333 wins the prize! Monitors shows only 1024x768 as an option, so even if it's not the sleep problem, I definitely need a driver update. I know USB devices can cause the problem, in particular my thumb drive, but I've already dealt with that one, so I'm pretty sure it's the video card. Update: The driver in question is called the Apple NVIDIA Driver and it was published by Apple. Apple NVIDIA Driver 3.0 v1.1 (Apr, 2002) can still be had from Apple's website. http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1150 Update 2: The installer won't run on my machine, however.
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