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  1. Exactly, @jeremywork! And Google also turns up little. The Apple tech note on this issue is no longer available from the usual sources. Oddly, what find indicates the 7100 would happily use EDO, so perhaps the memory controller in the 7200 is different and doesn’t like EDO?
  2. I have read (too late) in several places that EDO RAM can damage the motherboard of a 7200. What I can't find is any information on what is the damage that gets done! I made the mistake of loading my 7200 with EDO RAM chips, and now I get the breaking glass sound whenever I try to start up. What gets damaged on the motherboard and is it recoverable? Thanks in advance!
  3. I am unfamiliar with the construction on the Color Classic mobo. Getting ready to pull the bad caps off, but I haven’t seen these black bases before (see picture). Are they part of the cap? Do they stay on the board? What the heck are they? johnl
  4. Thanks, @sutekh! Great tips!
  5. @aladds, could have been! Or I was starting to look ahead to the 3400 project I have on my table! I suppose I'm cooling my heels on the Duo project until the PowerBook edition SCS2SD are back in stock......
  6. Yup, you’re right. Not sure why I thought it was IDE....thanks!
  7. Anyone have recommendations for IDE to SATA adaptors that fit in the Duo’s form factor? I’m recapping a 280c and figure I should take advantage of having it open! Thanks, johnl
  8. Well, I did admit that I didn't know what I was looking for! Now I know. Any recommendations for US-based recapping services?
  9. Given the state of the board (see below), I don't think it's a cap or goo issue, but then I may not know what it is I am looking for. Am I missing something obvious? In the meantime, I'll do a search for troubleshooting the egret chip. johnl
  10. One more piece of information that may help: the system failed "overnight." Literally. The evening prior I had been working on the machine, got the system loaded on a SCSI2SD, etc. Shut down. The next morning -- nothing. What would cause this kind of abrupt failure? johnl
  11. Okay, experts, here's what I've got. CC without the mobo installed powers up. Fans spins, etc. Insert the mobo, and no joy. Left it plugged into power overnight, still no joy. Removed the PRAM battery, still no joy. Inspected the mobo, but I don't see any evidence of damage, cap leakage, etc. Leads to the connector are bright and shiny. At this point, my main suspects are the ADB ports. Any thoughts? johnl
  12. Thanks, @jimbojones, @EvilCapitalist!
  13. All: I have a couple of Color Classics that I am refurbing and I'm trying to locate additional VRAM. It appears to be a 68-pin chip (>100 ns), but I can't find anyone that clearly has them. Anyone have ideas for sources (or chips that work)? johnl
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