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  1. Thanks, @Cory5412! Yes, these do work fine vertically (including the optical drives) -- I have been using a PPC and two Core Duo Minis vertically for a couple of years. While they seem quite stable, there's always a little bit of a nagging feeling that one may just tip over (it's irrational) and then the rest would go like dominoes! I'm sketching something up in a CAD program to do what I want, just thought I would ask so that i don't reinvent the wheel! johnl
  2. Looking for thoughts on whether it is worth rebuilding the battery for an white iBook versus simply buying a replacement battery. I've looked at several resources that show that the battery comprises six foil-encased square batteries, but nowhere have I found specifications for those cells, so I have no idea if the cells are expensive. Given that a replacement battery is ~$70, If the cells are $8 or higher, rebuilding the battery starts to become a "labor of love" rather than a good economic choice. Feedback? johnl
  3. Group: I'm aware of some very slick plastic stands for the new Mac Minis that allow them to be deployed vertically, but I can't find any for the old Mac Minis, which are thicker. Anyone out there ever put something like that together? I have a small farm of PPC and Core Duo Minis that I would like to "rack." Thanks! johnl
  4. Thanks, @Byrd. I'll give the contact cleaner a go!
  5. Curious to hear if anyone else has seen this problem before. My TAM will happily hum along and then static will begin to build up until there is a constant audio hum with crackling static. Sounds like the kind of static and audio hum one gets when a ground wire is floating in an audio system. Any thoughts? Anyone have good guidance for how to rebuild that giant cable that runs from the woofer to the machine?
  6. @Daniël Oosterhuis, @MrFahrenheit, thanks for the objective data -- exactly the kind of feedback I value and was looking for in my post. If you have other information you would like to share, please DM me!
  7. Curious to hear the group's though on this LC575 Board I found on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Performa-LC-575-Mystic-Color-Classic-Logic-Board-RECAPPED-w-Rear-Cover/124525365318?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I have been looking for a 575 board for some time now to perform a Mystic upgrade. This one is already recapped and the work looks pretty good, but high $300s seems high. What do other folks think? johnl
  8. @Dandu, why do you say this? The main issue, as I see it, is that WPA2 requires AES as the encryption cipher, which is not supported by the original AirPort cards. Why can't one flash an original card to implement AES?
  9. @Byrd, thanks for the thoughts. I smacked my forehead when I read "Reset PRAM." Did that, and got to the screen that said the Mac hadn't been shut down properly (you think!?) and was checking the disk. The TAM hung there. Powered off and on.......and got nothing. Now the PRAM won't reset, either. I'm assuming the HD has gone and needs replacement, but the PRAM behavior is odd. Any ideas why CTRL-OPT-P-R wouldn't be working? Thanks!
  10. Yes, as I understand it, the Airport cards are PCMCIA cards. Not sure if one can just plug a random PCMCIA card into the slot.
  11. Hi all - I have a TAM that was working fine until, as these things go, it wasn't. My PM 6100, PM 7100 and IIsi all reported that the TAM had unceremoniously departed the AppleTalk network. Restarting the TAM results in the satisfying "bong," but I get nothing on the screen. It also does not reappear on the network. Thoughts? Thoughts other than recapping the TAM!?
  12. Found these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Retail-HDI-45-to-DB15-DA15-Apple-Monitor-Programmable-Adapter-Converter/283943104410, while looking for replacement Power Macintosh display converter plugs. Anyone ever used these? I'm trying to figure out if these are legit -- thanks!
  13. Has anyone looked into creating Airport cards having the legacy Orinoco Gold form factor but that will support WPA2? I'm looking to get some old Macs on my wireless network and would like to avoid provisioning a second network just for the legacy devices. Plus, it would be hella cool......... I'm thinking that it would require flashing the Gold cards with some some new firmware and perhaps also writing a driver for Mac OS to talk to the "new" card properly. Anyone?
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