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  1. It's up on the Macintosh Garden and on the "needs hacking" list there.
  2. Wow, exciting project. Please keep up the good work! Curious to see if you can manage to make them available! I'd definitely order two of them for my Macs
  3. Hi everyone, lucky me - I got a 3com Etherlink/NB card for my Mac IIci from a kind soul! Finally being able to connecting it to the world! Unfortunately, the latter doesn't seem to work so easily. Here's the trouble: I installed the card. Connected a AUI <-> RJ-45 adapter at the back. Plugged the RJ-45 ethernet cable of my home network. (tested and it works) Booted into System 7.5.3 on the IIci. Opening the TCP control panel. Setting connection to "Alternate Ethernet" & "using DHCP server". Next opening "Apple Talk". Switching from "Printe
  4. Hey everyone, I bought a WiFi modem that will allow my IIci to dial into BBSes. If it works, I may post about it in another thread my problem is that it comes with a RS-232 port, which isn't something our Macs have. Rummaging in the basement boxes I've found a RS-232 DB9 to 8P Mini Din cable. It seems like a perfect fit. But I'm somehow reluctant to simply connect any cable to my precious IIci. (I know too few about cables, electricity & hardware) Enclosing a pic of the cable. Will this cable work with the printer port on a classic Mac or will I need to
  5. Hi everyone, so, we have been using my beloved Mac IIci (dream machine of my youth; dad instead brought home a LC). I’ve heard the IIci does very well with a cache card installed. Unfortunately mine didn’t come with one. I’ve seen ads of manufacturers claiming a 30-40% speed increase. Now we all know these ads (…). Anyone got a cache card in his IIci and would give me his/her hopelessly subjective opinion - is it worth the trouble finding a cache card? Is there really a noticeable speed gain? If so, is that gain application dependent or a general better performance?
  6. Thanks everyone for the answers! Had never heard of the Farallon MacRecorder but that would be exactly the kind of solution I'm looking for. Suppose finding one today (+ in Germany, where I'm located) is like winning the lottery will set up an ebay search for it anyway, so thanks again! @markyb86 - interesting. I'm not much of a hardware tinkerer, but maybe I can get someone to build one for me. @Crutch - checked for the Impulse Music Audio Digitizer on ebay. wow... 80 dollars. Ouch. Way too much for some fun with a microphone.
  7. Hey there, the kids and me are having a great time with the IIci. (to which we upgraded from our age-old family LC) The only thing we're missing is the audio-in capability of the LC. The kids could easily spend an hour on the LC just recording their voices, making funny sounds, recording jokes etc ... (don't know how it was for you, but I recall spending ours recording stuff with my then brand-new tape recorder.... oh well, the 80s ...) Anyway, I have a free nubus slot on the IIci. I was wondering if there ever was a Nubus card that would suit my need? I do
  8. Being rather a networking dummie, I wasn’t aware of the inability to send TCP/IP over LocalTalk. Wow, you never stop learning. Apple IP Gateway. I got some googling to do. Let's see if I can figure out an easy way to get this going ... Thanks for the help, appreciated! As requested, enclosing photos of the E / Z and the transceiver.
  9. Scenario: A Macintosh LC is to be connected to a home network via a Daynaport E / Z for printing to a Postscript printer & FTP / Gopher access. OpenTransport is no option since it requires a (fast) 68030, so we’re having to use MacTCP 2.06. Available Hardware: Macintosh LC with 10MB RAM running System 7.1 Daynaport E/Z (unfortunately no manual or docs ) RJ45 ethernet cable coming from a switch (which is fed from the DSL router) Software: This Daynaport Installer has been run (installing E / Z drivers 1.3.3 according to the readme)
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