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  1. Hello! My Macintosh Performa 6110CD has stopped working, powering it on makes a ticking noise and the power led starts flashing. What's interesting is the performa was working just fine yesterday, I tested it thoroughly. I'm pretty sure this is the PSU but I'd like to confirm that it is; the performa is connected to a high end surge protector. I removed all the molex power connectors to the CD and Hard drive and the ticking is quieter and faster when I power it on. Is this the PSU? and if so what can I do about this? I don't have any soldering iron equipment or experience. Than
  2. Well an old composite tv wouldn't look good with my iic+ and all my other macs. What kind of 'adapter' would I need?
  3. Hi, I have an apple IIc+ that boots and functions fine from it's composite video out but when connected to my vga lcd or my AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitor via Mac Monitor Cable, The Power light is on but it doesn't beep and the disk light doesn't flash. What's wrong with it? I know that's not really an apple ii style monitor, but it's the same component?
  4. That's pretty cool, do you have any pictures of the inside?
  5. I just figured out how to open the drive and cleaned it, It appears to be reading the disk now! Thanks! Now I just have to brighten it and it's Perfect, I'll be sure to post a before/after on this.
  6. Yep. But if that's the problem shouldn't the drive at least spin the disc? and when cleaning, should I try to open the drive up or do it through the cd slot?
  7. I had gotten a CD SC a while back on eBay and never really tested it until now. I tried 2 cd caddy's and neither resulted in the disc spinning up. But that's just half of this drive's problems... It's so yellowed it's brown, It may be as dark as yellowing can get, there's a 'tan line' on the top of the drive where what looks like a localtalk splitter sat, but nothing retro can't fix right? Well I don't know where to start to make this drive work. I got it open (love the pressure points) and I got as far as the sony drive itself; couldn't figure out to get to the motor without da
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