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  1. It's 32k, which I believe is the default value? The only thing I normally change on the Memory control panel is 32-Bit Addressing.
  2. That surprised me too. No, it's a 1 GB Seagate.
  3. Yes. I found a picture of my old setup back in Sweden. It's a big mess of wires.
  4. I borrowed a SCSI-Ethernet adapter from a friend in Sweden a few years ago, which reminds me that I should return it to its rightful owner when I visit this Summer. Daynaport, I think. I would guess that it was intended for the early PowerBooks, based on the design language alone. In any case, It worked really well with decent download speeds -- not as fast as my Ethernet card (0.5 Mbps), but then again, unless you're downloading disk images, you don't really need a fast connection.
  5. Thank you! I now have a computer ready for "the Net Age," as MicroMac put in on their web site. Seriously, though, it makes a huge difference when browsing the web. BadGoldEagle, how's the Diimo-Pivot Display combo working out for you? I have an ethernet card as my second card, but I wouldn't mind installing a color graphics card instead and use a SCSI-ethernet adapter for my vintage information superhighway needs. Installing the accelerator and adapter was a breeze (and I'm normally not very good with hardware); transferring the screenshot to a modern computer was the real challenge. I
  6. Maybe that was a slight exaggeration on my part. In some CPU tests, it scores higher than the Quadra 605 benchmark, but on average, it's 91% as fast.
  7. I got mine to work too. I did have to install the Diimo control panel (I always assumed that it would be plug and play) but with everything up and running, the speed difference is huge -- especially when it comes to activities that are heavy on the CPU but less so on the disk. According to Speedometer 4.0, the computer (well, the CPU) is as snappy as a Quadra 605.
  8. I found a MicroMac 68030 50 MHz, and hopefully I'll get around to installing it and the adapter in my SE/30 this week. One question: I know that there is software for the card (control panel, drivers?) but is that necessary for it to function? Very much looking forward to the speed boost; hopefully it will turn my SE/30 into a more formidable chess opponent.
  9. Yes, that's what I do. I use Fetch, but you might be able to connect to the FTP server with Netscape if you don't want to use a dedicated client.
  10. You can run Netscape 4.08, but it is rather slow and comes with a lot of bloatware. If you want to download a browser straight from your Color Classic, I am sure this page will work in older browsers: http://main.system7today.com/otherbrowsers.html As to Macintosh Garden, I don't think you can download files from there on a 68k browser. Use a modern machine, and put the file on an FTP server from which you can then download it from your vintage Mac. I use www.drivehq.com.
  11. If you already have 7.5.5 and Mode32 installed, do you still need to do a clean install after installing the ROM-inator, or can you boot from the ROM disk and patch your system?
  12. Google works just fine on my SE/30 with Netscape 4.08 (and, I believe, earlier versions). I was also able to log in to Facebook and check notifications, though I couldn't get to the feed. Also, many newspapers work just fine, though you might have to do a fair bit of scrolling because of the lack of stylesheet support. But it seems that more and more sites are using HTTP over SSL, and I don't think there are any 68k browsers capable of handling that. You can't even get to Wikipedia.
  13. There were two of them on eBay a few weeks ago: one as a standalone card (sold for $170 I believe) and another installed in an SE/30 that also came with an ethernet card -- not to mention a nifty Diimo sticker. I belive that one sold for around $300. Well, if anyone has a Diimo or Daystar and is willing to sell or trade it for some 24-bit color vibrancy (RasterOps 264) or an Asante ethernet card, let me know.
  14. It sure is. I used to own a RasterOps ColorBoard 264, but I've come to appreciate the compactness of the SE/30, which is why I prefer under-the-hood mods to, say, an LCD monitor.
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