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  1. He just told me to give him another week so I'll sit tight. In the mean time I've ordered another NuBus video card for a second Apple FPD. I'm getting communication and it seems like he just has a stock issue.
  2. Wow, three days from Japan. You can't ask for better than that. Thanks waynestewart, maybe I'll see my order get a tracking number soon.
  3. Thank you sstaylor for the link, much appreciated. Omidimo, do you remember how long it took you to get the TwinSpark once he shipped it?
  4. When I follow the link from codesrc.com it doesn't show any items available from them. It could take me a month to get my money back from Artmix but when I do I'll go this route. It's cheaper and it ships from the USA. Surely my Quantum drive will hold out until then. Knock on wood. Yes, Red Dead Redemption was my favorite X360 game too. I can't wait for a sequel. I put a ton of hours into that game. X360 & PS3. Artmix is shipping some things. He's had good feedback on a few things so maybe it is a stock issue. In emails he gives me a run around saying "my shipping wor
  5. I purchased a CF AztecMonster from Artmix on eBay but I'm fairly certain I won't receive it. He hasn't shipped mine and I purchased it quite a while ago and he's also received some feedback that mirrors my experience with him. Not here to bash him, just stating. I've looked at his products for so long and I really wanted one. Is the SCSI2SD the next (or first) logical step? I don't see any for sale through the Inertial Computing eBay store. I'd prefer an internal option for the IIcx but I'm willing to go external if nothing else is available. Thanks for any and all help!
  6. Phreakout - any updates on my board? You've had it a LONG time.
  7. Well, I thought I had a source for a new old stock screen from VIS in the UK. After talking with them more I found out it was just a pull from another machine. That does me little good, considering they wanted $100 US dollars shipped. If it had been a sealed screen I might have bit on it and put it in another 180c that was worse just to see how it handled. I'll take the advice and not take the machine apart. I'll just enjoy what I've got. Thanks all!
  8. Guys, thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. So are ALL active matrix displays affected by this problem or just some? And while the passive matrix displays aren't as stunning do they have this problem at all? How about the color active matrix display of the 180c? I would assume it to be worse. I actually found an online source for a new active matrix grayscale display for this PowerBook 180b, assuming they are actually in stock. I sent them an inquiry about it. It's a little pricey but it's purchasable. I also saw a thread where it was mentioned moisture may have entered the screen
  9. My worst fears are already being realized. After using the 180b for a few hours this afternoon I noticed the corners getting darker (picture attached). I read through some old threads but there really was no definitive fix for the problem. It seems replacing the original capacitors could only do the 180b some good but I'm concerned it won't fix the video issues. I hope this laptop comes apart easily. I don't want any pry marks or scratches added to what is a very pristine case.
  10. I parted ways with $100 for a PowerBook 180 that came in the mail Saturday. I know it sounds like a lot for an old PowerBook but I wanted the 180b specifically and this one looked pristine. I didn't want a clunker - and I was thankful to not get a clunker. This is my first "retro" Power Book and I've got to say I'm thrilled with it. So much that I'm considering getting rid of my space hungry compact Mac's. It looks fantastic. It still has the back port cover, no scratches, scuffs or chips. The screen is immaculate, the floppy works, even the battery works for about an hour! The hard dr
  11. I'd love to see how well this works in your SE/30. Am I understanding his website correctly? He's developed a new PS and analog board as well for the SE/30? Is the CF AztecMonster an extremely limited run?
  12. Thanks for the replies! Trash80, that's awesome. I'm now on the lookout for Pivot cards as well. All I have that will run this display currently is a Quadra 700 and IIcx. I'll scan my documentation but it'll take me a few days. I'll send it to you! Thanks olePigeon, I have a love for portrait monitors. CelGen - It's a DB9 / DB15 cable.
  13. It wasn't a sealed box but the packing around the monitor was sealed. It looks perfect! It's a model 0361. I just acquired a Quadra 700 and the NUBUS card came with the monitor (as well as all cables, software and documentation). BUT I'm wondering if the color Radius Pivot card for the SE/30 will work with this monitor. Has anyone tried it? I haven't seen a monochrome Pivot card for the compact Macs. I'd really like to get this Radius set up with either an SE or SE/30 instead of the Quadra 700. I have an Apple Portrait for the Quadra.
  14. I even noticed it on my son's eMac. The back shell seems unaffected but the front bezel has yellowed several shades. I have a 512k and a Quadra 700 apart at the moment ready for retrobright. Once I finish those I'll tackle his eMac and the white pro keyboard that came with it (also yellowing). It'll be a few weeks but I'll let you know!
  15. TheNixer


    Wait for Rich Dreher's latest, if you can. I've had a IIGS sitting for a while now just waiting to put his latest card in it. I'm guessing it'll cost around $120 or so but I suspect it'll be worth it and it's almost a completed project.
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