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  1. The optical drive issue isn't related to the tray at all it seems. It seems the piece of an optical drive that goes up and through the hole in the disc was depositing some gooey substance on the discs. If there's no disc the tray opens and closes without issue, with a disc it goes back to its old behaviour of not ejecting. I'm going to try swapping it out later. Somebody else seems to have this issue too. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1158725
  2. So I took a crack at the SSDs. Both SSDs had been cloned with SuperDuper to a drive formatted on the G5 with the Apple Partition Map, definitely not GUID or MBR. The Intel 520 series 120gb - Would boot but had a kernel panic several times when starting up. I never booted successfully. The SanDisk Ultra Plus 64gb - Booted first time and works great! So in other words, 1/3 of the SSDs would work and 2/3 were not fully compatible. I'm going to tackle the optical drive next, maybe I'll just swap it out for a different one. Not brave enough to take on the thermal
  3. It's odd that they have such bad backwards compatibility especially when they sell them as great for speeding up old machines. When I find the other drives, I'll give them a shot and let you guys know which ones work and which don't. Thanks Unknown_K, answered pretty much all my questions. Mighty Jabba, I have a spinning hard drive hybrid drive in there now but I'd like to max the machine out performance while using existing parts. Getting rid of the old hard drive cut down on the noise but I'd like a solid state drive. The ram is maxed, I'm not touching the GPU and th
  4. Hello, I have a dual G5 1.8ghz. I was thinking of restoring and using it for light Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator work. This was identical to the computers I used in university and my first job in the print industry. Nostalgia aside, I'm having issues with three things. 1. My Powermac doesn't not like and will not see any Kingston A400 SSD I attach to it. 2. The optical drive can read but is really picky about opening its tray. I think it's catching or gunked up. 3. Preventative maintenance: I've seen Dualie G4 MDDs (at least 2) burn out there CPUs becaus
  5. I had some time after a doctor's appointment and went into a thift store and this camera jumped right out at me. It came with a matching leather carrying case for $10 CAD. Even though this picture is from a French site it only has English controls, mine must be a Canadian version because all the controls are in French and English. The more interesting thing caught my eye on the way out was a book called "1998: The year of thinking different". I remember the advertisements and wouldn't normally go for a book like that but it was only $2 CAD in decent shape. I did some
  6. Wow, that helps a lot! I thought I would seriously limit the card and not get the benefit in a PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot. It seems like max, I'd only lose a handful of frames. I didn't make any decisions. I was just seeing what would work best. But after seeing that website, I think I'll just sit with what I have and only upgrade the video card. I really should play through the games I have but the main push would be to play the latest Wolfenstein game. I have an i5-2500, 16gb of RAM, 256gb SSD and 750ti. $400 won't really get me much better of a system. But maybe I'll wait for the pr
  7. I was thinking about it and then I did the numbers comparing a used mac, with used ram, SSD and modern card vs. brand new build with a Ryzen and modern card. Your observations saved me a bunch of googling!
  8. I'd love to boot the device and just see what's installed but I don't have any adapters to do so. Here's a cool review of a newer iPaq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm5omDCENPo. I do have a PowerMac G5, would it be compatible? I was thinking of getting an older cheese grater intel Mac Pro and putting in a modern car. ECC ram seems really cheap and a lot of those Mac Pros are still supported in the latest versions OSX. What put me off was the used prices for a 6-10 year old computer and the video card being bottlenecked by the CPU. None of those Mac Pro are PCI-E version3.
  9. I was walking through a local thrift store and found a large anti-static bag. I quickly checked the specs and it seemed better than the video card in my first Hackintosh/gaming PC (9800GT). I got it home and it works great, not a bad card and it seems like it was used in other macs so I should be able to use it with OSX. A bit farther back I was in a different thrift store and was just looking around and saw these two devices in plastic bags. Both came with the styluses, SD cards and carrying cases. The palm even came PalmPak Dictionary/Thesaurus Card, Games Card, Travel Card: US
  10. That's really neat. I know the indigogo has finished but do you still have some of those items if you pledged a certain amount?
  11. Hello, last week I did some thrift shop browsing and noticed a Newton OMP H1000. They realized it was an Apple and priced it accordingly at $89 CAD. I left it behind because it wasn't in the greatest cosmetic shape, it didn't have any cables or charger. I tried to turn it on but no luck, I didn't have batteries I could instal to test it out. It did have the stylus and the "Getting Started" card in the slot. I had already spent a bunch of money that afternoon so I thought I would show some restraint but now I'm second guessing. It seems like I can get a more complete set in better cosmetic
  12. To anyone reading, what would be some good preventative maintenance? Should I reapply the heat paste? http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g5/specs/powermac_g5_2.0_dp_pci.html http://lowendmac.com/2005/power-mac-g5-early-2005/
  13. Hey congrats, I was going to post my conquest (I got mine today, it was free but I gave the seller a $15 doughnut shop gift card for it) but it's pretty much the same thing and I'm curious too. I never thought of an emulation machine. I used to use a machine like this when I first graduated university and was working in a printing company, so my first thought was legacy Adobe software. Which version is yours? Mine is a Powermac 7,3 (early 2005) with PCI slots (not PCI-X). Are you going to stick with Tiger or Leopard?
  14. Are you sure the speaker was reconnected after recapping?
  15. I tried searching for the 4400 episode but couldn't find it. On a sidetone he does a fun video on his two EV cars
  16. You guys beat me to it. Comparing this to his Commodore 128 restoration, I thought the prices he paid for the machines was a bit odd. I thought he got the MacSE for a good price and he paid too much for a DIRTY broken commodore. I do appreciate the attention to detail and the care he shows to the machines.
  17. Just thought of something. All those AAs are 1.5v, in series they'd be 6 volts no? Won't the 4.8v pack not be enough? Or is it NIMH can only output 1.2v?
  18. Never thought of that. The only thing is I'm using a third party adjustable supply and sometimes it says I'm providing too much power. Having the AAAs would allow you to charge externally but that would mean opening the case each time to charge...
  19. I've been thwarted again! A 4 AAA battery holder in the shape I want doesn't seem to exist. I'm looking for something like this but for AAAs. Maybe I can just do what some the sites show and glue and shrink-wrap the batteries together. If anyone knows a vendor that battery holders like this but for AAAs please let me know.
  20. Damn, when I was looking I couldn't find a lot of information. I understand series vs parallel but always forget which one is which (if anyone has an analogy or mnemonic I would love to hear it). Another cheat I could do is a 4xAAA battery holder. The AAA are shorter and might fit but I would be compromising mAH, but I think I'm OK with that. Most decent rechargeable AAAs are 800mAH-1000mAH so that would put me around the original capacity.
  21. I went back and bought two more. Both boot but 1 has an unresponsive screen and I can't tap on the screen to engage a brain wipe on it. I just want to rule out the screen issues aren't software related. The store's hours are a bit restricted so I didn't have time to bring my defective one and power adapter with me, I think I might leave it in the car in the future. The latest snag I've hit is the replacement battery holder tubes I bought are too long to fit in the compartment. Since the original batteries were low mAH I can use the a 2xAA holder instead of a 4xAA holder. If I put in 2400 m
  22. It's been put on the back burner for now but I was meaning to check. There's clear instructions to follow so it should be doable to check bothin an afternoon.
  23. I finally undid the back plate and removed the battery. I started the teardown to refurbish the battery but just wanted to make sure the eMates worked. The emate pack is 4 AA batteries in series, I had a spare 4 battery holder and wired it up. The first emate worked great and chimed, asked me to calibrate and then provided me with the a limited group of apps. The second one asks me to calibrate the screen by tapping on 3 areas of the the screen, then loops and asks me to calibrate again. I read a comment about 'brain wiping' but I was unable to do this because the calibration wasn't not rememb
  24. I don't trust this universal adapter, when double checking the polarity I noticed some variations in voltages, sometimes up to 1.5v away from the target voltage. Also the closest marked voltage was 7.5 not 7v like the Netwon adapter. There's a nice electronics store I can pick up a better power supply or the battery holder to refurbish the battery pack. I'll try looking for both but I think the battery pack might be the safest option right now. As an idea, would it be easier charging the battery pack externally than charging them in the Newton and worrying about the exact specs?
  25. Well I picked up 2 from an electronics liquidator, I chose to pick them up instead of having them shipped. They are education units from a nearby school board. While the eBay posting only showed 5, they have boxes of them. I really want to see what these machines are like to use so I cleaned them up and tried a universal adapter only on one unit. I didn't leave it plugged it long, maybe 15 seconds but no response, but no heat or blue smoke either. So I'm left with three options Get regulated power supply that match 7v/1.2a/center positive and hope it doesn't break anything (please let
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