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  1. I remember having a problem involving the hard drive not showing up on my PB 180c, too bad it had been sitting there for a good year without fixing itself
  2. I installed Xubuntu 8.10 on my iMac G3, though this time to take up the entire hard drive. After I finished the lengthy install and rebooted, I got the normal bootstrap+yaboot routine, but then heard the CRT turn off and the power LED started dimming in regular intervals (Not smooth like the sleep LED). When the light dims, I also hear a sort of ticking. I can boot from any disk fine and copy files / format the hard drive with no problems.
  3. Empty? Guess there isn't a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow
  4. I have changed my mind about the 1400c, ever since I got my Acer Aspire One... Perfect computer for me!
  5. Using my PowerBook 150 and the "Wannabe" browser, I was able to read engadget and many other modern sites in text mode. IRC was great too, when the hard drive powered off I was able to chat in complete silence.
  6. Possibly recell it for safety
  7. The leaking coolent seems to be a big issue with them. One loose hose and * Sizzle*.
  8. Not bad, I have seen MUCH worse paint jobs on older Macs.
  9. Seems like quite a project. Congratulations on the Pippin!
  10. I loved mine when I had it working. The screen is to die for.
  11. http://www.macgeek.org/downloads/index.html Get the PC-Mac program. You can run it on a PC, it then gives you an unstuffed version of Stuffit 4.0.2 on a Mac formatted floppy disk.
  12. They say that because there IS a chance that if you are wearing wool socks on high pile carpet while stroking a kitty, there may be some static buildup and if you for some reason touch the motherboard while doing it, it could take a shock like a normal computer. I have known a guy who did it while slightly intoxicated, Still fine. I have done it on carpet while resting it on my bed, still fine. If you want to upgrade the hard drive, look here. http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/366945 You still have to do the softmod in the first place to get the EEPROM dump, though after th
  13. Use: http://macintroid.tripod.com/downloads/stuffit351.zip To extract: http://macintroid.tripod.com/downloads/stuffit402.zip Just take them out of the zip and you have the .bin. There is most of the time no installer, They are just the executable when they are extracted.
  14. I have actually scored an original Xbox a few weeks ago. Modded it as soon as I got it using the "Hotswap" method. I also bought a 120 GB IDE drive for it off the classifieds and am REALLY loving it. The ability to save games to the hard drive and backup the family photos to it is great. XBMC is wonderful, though I really wish I could get the Youtube plugin working. I wrote a little guide to the guides on doing the hotswap method here: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=13461851&postcount=0 You can do this method without buying anything, assuming you own a Torx screwdriver.
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