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  1. I used electrolytic. The voltage was a little higher, but otherwise matched the originals.
  2. Fantastic - I have a LC575 with similar symptoms after a re-cap. Triple-checked the caps with no joy - time to take a super close look at those pins! @Bolle - any chance you have that spreadsheet handy?
  3. Having a similar issue with a lc575. In b/W you can see the lines which makes me think I've done something to an address line.
  4. Just checked the source to MPlayer. Looks like only decoding via qtx is implemented Interestingly, I think they batched some of the DLLs so that they no longer have hard coded paths. Which would make a "portable" quicktime a possibility.
  5. Hi there I've done a bit of work on a transcoding youtube proxy - https://github.com/pgodwin/68kTube/ There's a tool in there for calling Quicktime under Windows to handle Cinepak and Sorrenson encoding. I've mostly been focused on getting things working as best as possible with FFMPEG as I'd love to run everything under Linux. One thing i've noted is that Quicktime under 68K is a fickle beast. Some things (like OpenMovieFromUrl API calls) just don't seem to exist. Which is why I've pivoted to just something that'll work under Netscape 2 with t
  6. Just an FYI for those of you who live in warmer climates. Don't leave your iMac G4 display up against the wall. In my case the adhesive for the polariser layer bubbled and cracked. Ill post images tonight. Fortunately I have a dead first Gen Intel iMac that I think has the same LCD panel so can likely swap them.
  7. According to the MESS guys the Quadra 660AV/840AV/Centris 660AV used an NEC uPD72070GF which is an NEC765-derived FDC with added GCR support. I recall finding a datasheet for it one point - I'll check my archive. EDIT See here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Z23kbbiG5JeFQtSjl2WWZKZk0/view?usp=sharing- I'm guessing it's from bitsavers though i didn't note where it came from in my collection. EDIT2: Amazingly it looks like there's still "suppliers" with stock (2)! Whether you want to base a product around them or not is another thing. Or even if it'll work for an Apple 2 application r
  8. I bought the non working one. Would have been fine but it shipped with bugger all packaging so the box was full of plastic shards. Amazingly pulling the RAM got it to boot, but the CRT was sputtering quite a bit and there's a bit of corrosion on the AB, looking to recap it but not sure it's worth the effort.
  9. Thanks Charles. So I think my original suggestion of a 400V 33nF @ 5% (based on the J) was correct. That pdf though means the original part number would have been one of the following (depending on what lead length and packaging apple went for originally): 222237052333 222237056333 222237059333 222237066333 That said, I think any poly film capacitor meeting the original spec should be fine, which is just as well as I haven't been able to find anywhere that'll sell me the original part in quantities less than 2000! I need to make a list of the rest of the electrolytic caps on the AB b
  10. I'm fairly certain it's a cap based on the code. Attached is the location of the cap, it's not actually that big at all.
  11. Oops! I had selected the file but forgot to hit the upload button. It's there now.
  12. I was trying to pull out the analog board from an LC 575 (whose case sadly arrived quite broken via the post) and pulled a capacitor leg out in the process (doh!). I'm trying to find a replacement but struggling to decode the capacitor details (see attached). As near as I can tell its an MKT (Metallized polyester film capacitor) 33nF 400V (DC?) with a 5% tolerance. Are there any other details I need to know? Or if someone can send a link to an exact part it'd be much appreciated. Edit: Attachment Attached!
  13. Thread created / continues https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28332-68ktube-youtube-for-classic-macs/
  14. OK I've spun up a VM hosting the server. I'll probably keep it up for a month or so (as it's not exactly cheap to run). Download the client from https://github.com/pgodwin/68kTube/raw/master/Client/RealBasic/68kTube%20Alpha.sit, please it with the default server URL and fingers crossed it will work. Edit: I was considering making 68kTube a separate thread. Any objections?
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