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  1. With an active Wi-Fi available just keep the 'Book with the Date and Time Control Panel (OS 9 nomenclature) set to use the Time Server. You get an almost immediate correct clock set when you start up.
  2. Just right. That has BOTH tips. It would be good for the G3 & G4 'Books. Good luck.
  3. The pic on the right top has the two PowerBook tips. The pic on the left bottom is from eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kensington-Univ-AC-CAR-AIR-Adapter-APPLE-MAC-33079-power-charger-case-F-Ship/254210700745?hash=item3b302375c9:g:OGkAAOSwgspZubzm . I don't know anything about the seller
  4. The "this" isn't the right one - the DC end is the smaller one for the G4 'Books. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kensington-Univ-AC-CAR-AIR-Adapter-APPLE-MAC-33079-power-charger-case-F-Ship/254210700745?hash=item3b302375c9:g:OGkAAOSwgspZubzm has the correct DC connector. It seems that most of the eBay listings in this category are by (sorry) yard sale/junk collectors that don't have a clue about what they list. If you have a bit of time and patience new, unopened, complete packages pop up pretty often. That way you will know what you are getting. Don't fall f
  5. I've given up on trying to find a reasonably priced yoyo adapter and don't really trust the Asian generics. Kensington had a replacement at one time. Try model number K33079 on the Bay. AichEss
  6. FWIW I have a ROM1 board that has exactly the same mods and it checks out 100% good with any of the IIGS diagnostics I have. Do you have an Apple Diagnostics 4.x disk to home in a bit on the problem area? I'm going to guess that the 607-1073-B is the modded revision. AichEss
  7. THANK YOU NJRoadfan. I had googled "Sequential Systems" and got many, many pages of logic, circuit design and other non-helpful stuff. I didn't go all the way thru' the search results (88,800,000 hits) and might not even have recognized those pages if they came up. AichEss
  8. This card came to me in a IIe. It was in Slot 4 if that's any help. Thanks, AichEss
  9. A different mSATA to IDE adapter should be a first choice. I've had good results from the generic Asian-sourced adapters on the Bay. And they are jumperless. Good luck. AichEss
  10. For your Item 1: In your download and moving around process your Mac changed the .pkg extension from the Newton type to that used by OS X. See the first pic Here’s my procedure to undo this on a PowerBook G3 with MacOS 10.4.11 1. Do a "Get Info" on the downloaded pkg file - The second pic 2. Change the “open with” box from Installer to Package Inspector - The third pic 3. When you make the change the file automatically becomes a Newton .pkg file - The fourth pic What I do not remember is how the computer knew about Package
  11. AichEss

    web browser

    Here is Frank's text-only website http://www.pda-soft.de/textonly.html If you, like me, have trouble with this page your browser install needs tweaking. Please let me know what you do/did to make it work. AichEss
  12. Thanks papichulo and AlpineRaven The PRAM battery is the first thing out of a 3400. On this one I don't see any obvious signs of leakage. Most often the PRAM leak hits at least the video connector on the logic board but the joinings (whatever you call them) are nice and shiny and getting the backlight encourages me to look for something else. I have the carcasses of several 3400s which are now lacking the logic board (recycled). It seems that PRAM leakage can affect most any function of the computer with the weirdest results. I'd basically given up on the project un
  13. AichEss

    web browser

    Steve Weyer released Newt's Cape as freeware a couple of years ago. It is supposed to be the best Newton browser. You can get it here https://communicrossings.com/html/newton/regnewtscape.htm
  14. Thanks cc I've switched HDs, keyboards, RAM modules, displays, power unit ... tried about every key combination I can hold down at the same time searched "the literature" (aka Google) for guidance all to no avail Incidentally, I miswrote in the original posting - the PRAM Zap does not work at all. Holding the 4 keys down does not cause the startup recycle as it should so whatever is messed up is apparently before the nvram loads. Still a NF PowerBook, still puzzled.
  15. As I continue to unpack a 3400c/Kanga stash stuff comes up that I don’t remember from when it all was put away. Comes now a 3400c with a startup issue. It chimes, the HD spins up, it takes some time to check the RAM and the LCD backlight comes on - and that’s it. No Happy Mac, no HD reading sounds, nothing else. When I do the startup with a CD in the drive, the same routine; chime, the CD spins up and the activity light sometimes flickers early (as in to find if the drive is occupied) but no Happy Mac and not the first reading sound. There are no beeps during the startu
  16. Hi Macman0512 I came late to this post If you are still needing ANYTHING, especially the plastics, for a PB 3400c please contact me. AichEss
  17. These people pop up every once in a while. https://www.resellerratings.com/store/eBattery_Inc_8 They haven't improved over the years.
  18. RE: batteryrefill.com https://www.resellerratings.com/store/eBattery_Inc_8 AichEss
  19. I'm not looking to use the card. I have too much extra stuff for my IIci and I'm fixing to get it to folks who can use it. Even putting it on the Bay I'd like to know that it isn't defective.
  20. Back to this issue after quite a while Are you using a VGA display? If so what adapter are you using and what are the settings that make it work? Thanks
  21. Thanks, Trash I'll give it a try but it will probably take a while. What is TPD? Thanks also, geek. This should be some adventure since I know as much about video cards as I do about astrophysics.
  22. I’m trying to get a Radius GS/C-MP video card to work in my IIci. The particulars: Recapped MLB IIci with 32 MB RAM, the card in Slot “D”, a M1297 AppleColor HiRez RGB monitor, SS 7.5.2, RadiusWare versions 2.3.2 or 3.2.5. The RadiusWare installer loads two Control Panels and one Extension. The card is in excellent physical condition - it looks like new. A Macintosh video card in the slot works just fine. With the Radius card the monitor does nothing - nil, zip, nada - either with or with out the “T” key held down at startup. In fact, with the “T” key held down I sense that the hard drive do
  23. A properly operating Pismo will start with the PRAM battery disconnected with any condition of live, dead or missing main battery. My go-to fix for what you describe is to disconnect the computer from the AC power, remove the main battery, and just let it sit for a day or so. You can push the start button &/or the PMU switch to drain the capacitors as much as possible. (That also gives you the warm feeling that you are participating in the fix) Then just plug it in and start it up. I assume you've done a PRAM Zap. Yeah, I know the PMU reset is supposed to do the same thing; IMO it
  24. rsolberg & Macdrone I was really hoping a couple of keystrokes would fix the problem but y'all are probably right. Unhappily the DC In/Sound board is the last thing on the take apart (down to the logic board and bottom housing) and I really wanted to avoid it. This moves the "Book issue down a bit on the to do list. hope to remember to post when it is resolved. A basketfull of Provisional Attaboys are hereby awarded to each of you. Thank you both. AichEss
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