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  1. Yup in Middle School and Elementary School, In some of the classrooms were Apple IIGS's most ran Apple II software. I really think the IIgs could have been quite the system if they would have went ahead with the Mark Twain ROM 04 system.
  2. The SCSI cards are just rare, I think youd have better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa then a SCSI Card for the IIGS.. I may go with the IIGS flash adapter.. The IIgs was meant to run with a hard drive. Makes it so much easier, thats why my system is shelved at the moment.
  3. I just put in one of my mystery cards in my Quadra 950.. Its a TrueVision NuVista Card. On the card it has 2 DB9 connectors and there is also a rather large daughterboard attached.
  4. Ive got my IIGS Netbooting off my Quadra 950.. Its nice, but boy is it slow loading stuff.. Once I find an easy way to open the .2mg files on the 950 ill be good to go, then I can just run the software from the quadra.
  5. Yeah.. I know.. The guy I got this one from is an Apple II collector, He has one but wont ever give it up. Im going to go the CompactFlash route soon enough.. Converting .2mg files to diskcopy 4.2 images is a pain..
  6. Well I solved the issue.. Had to set the CPU Speed to Normal in the IIGS Control Panel to be able to mount AppleShare Volumes.. On a positive note, I can mount the linintosh box with it so I can make disk images of all the good software, and most software I can leave on the Quadras Hard Drive.. Its like having a hard drive without a hard drive
  7. Ive gotten my IIGS to successfully connect to my AppleShare Server and boot to the point of where it says cannot load GS.OS. So I Boot the AppleShare 3.5 disk, and go into control panels and click AppleShare and then the system hangs.. Any Ideas
  8. I wonder where I could find something like that that would look good sitting on my desk
  9. Looks like I'll be using my monitor /// then. I may hook up a cassette to it as well
  10. I have a really nice Apple II Plus.. Whats the proper monitor to go with it.. my II Plus has a 1979 Build date. I have a Monitor III that I could use with it
  11. I got her all home here.. Glad to have a IIGS back up and running.. I love it
  12. I was glad to find it.. Been looking for one for my SE/30. Shes been dying to get ethernet and a 128mb ram upgrade.. But if I decide to sell it you got first dibs
  13. I need help IDing some of these cards One is a supermac card of some sort with a dual PDS adapter, The other looks like a Nubus Serial card.. Any Ideas??
  14. Not all of it, Just some that I cannot use.. The II Plus is going to be on loan at the Apple Museum when it opens.. Some of the more interesting nubus cards may end up in my quadra
  15. Well Today worked out really well I ended up with the following Apple II Plus with matching monitor Apple IIe Apple IIGS Rom 03 2x Mac IIsi's 4 Mac IIci Cache Cards Macintosh II PC Drive Card Truevision Card it has 2 DB 9 Ports on the card SuperMac Card that has composite output on it, attached to a Dual PDS Adapter.. Came from a dead IIsi At The Recyclers Asante Mac Con 30 SE/30 Ethernet Card Macintosh Display Card with SIMM Slots on it Some Sort of 4 Port Nubus Serial Card?? Just says copyright 1993 CSI
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