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  1. Firstly, the debate about "more" common and "less" common is lame. I've said my piece, if you are wed to ftp, so be it, it's retro tech. Secondly, Apple deciding to drop legacy platforms and code is actually a good point, imho. It is pretty much still possible for you to install Windows 1, and upgrade it all the way to windows 7. That's twenty plus years of code and files. No-one needs that. (Yes, there is a guy who recently did it, and some windows 2 apps still ran in windows 7) Apple draws a line in the sand, drops all the old stuff and moves forward. It makes sense. Sure, their l
  2. I don't buy that either. However, it is a separate argument, we are speaking the ftp server built into a home computer. No-one is going to use their home Lion box or laptop to host anonymous FTP ?! Direct links from web browsers, cloud based sites like Megupload, DropBox etc etc, far more common these days than FTP, even anonymous ftp. In fact, a lot of the anonymous ftp sites, now have browser interfaces, some still use ftp to for the file download (usually handled in browser) but some are pure http transfers without ftp at all. As I said, it's really not a big deal, it's in ma
  3. Yup, very uncommon in serious web development and development environments. As stated, horribly insecure and any serious computer person or business will use it through SSL or just use a SSH type of transfer. SSH being preferred because of it's much superior security, and no need for an extra daemon on top of the SSH server. As for a server, a two minute google shows Macports has at least one server, and Macports also has netatalk for appletalk compatability too. As i said, inconvenient, but Apple are not going to maintain slow, outdated and/or insecure protocols for hobbyists.
  4. Well, FTP pre-dates AppleTalk. It has been in decline for many years and plain ftp is (and should be) fairly uncommon now. SSL-FTP and SSH transfers are far more secure. Since Apple's policy is to support the new and more secure, dropping the old and insecure is far from surprising imho. As an aside, many linuxes dont ship with ftp either.
  5. Having used a few dev releases in the past it isn't uncommon for whole features to come and go. It doesn't surprise me about backwards compatability, its in part a marketing decision. Ftp is an 'older' protocol now, so i could see it being dropped. If the underlying tech is gone i'm sure there are plenty of alternatives. Pureftpd springs to mind first. I'm sure the built in web server will remain, so there is still the option to dump files in that directory and download with a browser, a simple script would enable the reverse to allow uploads. It's going to be more uncomfortable,
  6. My SE has a PDS expansion card in it. It is identified as "MoDAM SE Rev B © 1989 MEMORY PLUS" it also has a sticker on a chip "Monochrome Spark". Has a 9 pin pug on the expansion port at the back. Machine has a fairly clean sys 6 with some scanner software on, certainly no drivers. Anyone know anything about this card, or where to find drivers?
  7. Fantastic, just saved my keyboard from the recycling!!
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