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  1. Oh Jesus that's nasty. Well best thing to do is get that board some soapy water and get your wife's spare toothbrush out and see what's actually going on under that gunk, stat! If it's salvageable, get the lemon juice and/or vinegar on stand by, but I wouldn't hold my breath. . .
  2. That's the one, near the centre, next to the SCSI port. Finding the dongle might not be so easy, but be patient and a reasonable prices one should crop up soon enough.
  3. I definitely concur with that. I wish I could remember for sure if mine did or not. I sold it since I didn't feel there was much point having both machines.
  4. As @cheesestraws said, I probably would have opted for the 660 too given the choice. I do actually have the Quadra 650 and it's a friggin' beast with it's PDS 100Mhz 601 and 24-Bit video card fitted! Has great expandability and far more modular for parts since a variety of machines shared it's form factor (Eg: IIvx and 7100). Better still, I can reboot it into 040 mode, if I need to run anything strictly 68K. I think the 660AV has that funny adapter on the end of the board that can only use one expansion card, or nothing at all if it's that "DOS compatible card" installed. Sti
  5. When I bought my IIvx it had the original caddy type CD-ROM drive, 64MB of RAM (like yours) and fully populated VRAM. I've since swapped out the RAM for smaller ones (was wasted on that, was better used in my 040 IIci), added a Radius Thunder IV GX and a bigger HD (1GB). It sounds like your IIvx, despite it being a "black sheep" for 68K owners, appears was very much loved, just like my machine. I wouldn't write off later OS' though. Mine happily runs 7.5.5 okay but I keep my extensions to a relative minimum. That said I am certain 7.1 would be pretty zippy if you do decid
  6. Well you can definitely colour me interested! I have a spare FPU somewhere and I can source a crystal without much trouble. Keep us (especially me!) posted.
  7. Nice work! There's a guy on eBay that been flogging off FPU cards fro some time (with a ROM socket) but damn they're pricy for what they are. This design definitely looks far more affordable. I do hope someone here can fabricate some and offer them on here as a group buy. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to add an FPU to their Classic II, at the right price if course. How was it trying to solder a PLCC socket on the board?
  8. Just sell it as a Mac compatible card. Old PC Rage cards are peanuts to buy, but Mac ones can command a reasonable price.
  9. Very, very nice. $3k though, ouch! Rarity costs, and in this kind of boxed condition, I can understand. Congrats, both on the haul and your still ongoing marriage.
  10. Now that's a fast SE/30! Can we see some Speedometer readings?
  11. I was so unimpressed with the speed of the LC under any kind of System 7 OS to the point that I downgraded it to 6.0.8. I found the LCII could cope with System 7.1 to a decent standard though, but I wouldn't go any higher than that on a standard CC. As others have said, the CC is a very slow 030 machine. The SE/30 over 3½ years before the CC would run rings around it, even in the same B&W colour setting. You can always drop in a LC575 board into it though like mine. Then you can play Doom (albeit in low graphics and in postage stamp screen size)! The other limiting factor
  12. I had a set of disks that the shutter was spring loaded both ways (like a normal diskette). But weirdly, you could click it all the way to one side and it would 'lock' in that position until you pinch it and doing that would ping back to it's closed position.
  13. Oh that's very, VERY nice Bolle. you always find ways to out-do yourself with yet another amazing example to reverse engineering. I don't know how you do it! Definitely still up for a Cache add-on for my Carrera that's sitting in my IIci. To be honest, money-no-object, I'd really love another complete set to put in my IIvx, but really that would probably be a bit wasted in that and would be nothing more then morbid fun to see the lackluster results.
  14. I've had no issues with Norton's DiskLight. They usually have a little control panel option so you can choose where it shows (too left or right corner) and if you want to show the ID and floppy activity. Find it quite nice to have for machines that have no disk activity LED on the case (which is most).
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