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  1. Yes it would! I really appreciate the effort you put into improving the products and still endeavoring to accommodate some of the niche requests.
  2. I found the smaller ones way easier to mount and like using the micro SD cards way better (I know I can use adapters, just not a fan). I'm also not happy with the move to exclusive use of the larger form factor. That would be very cool - adding networking to my Classic would make me forget most of my other gripes
  3. Thanks for the advice. On the plus side, it was cheap, but it came from a company that deals in Macs and has given me good items before, so I don't know what their deal is.
  4. I never knew this stuff existed! All those times that I was SO careful with the foam ones in MacBooks, etc. because I didn't think there was a way to replace this stuff. Thanks for the heads-up! The RAM is double-sided, here are a few pics... there are 16 total of these chips, front and back.
  5. I purchased a G3 Minitower earlier this year and have been slowly upgrading items and repairing small issues e.g. I replaced the drive carrier, missing feet, etc. When I recently upgraded the memory, I purchased 2 modules of what was supposed to be the correct memory(256MB PC100 CL2 168 Pin SDRAM 2-2-2 Low Profile 16x8) and I was sent PC133 CL3 memory instead. After proving it would not work in my G3, they sent out the correct modules (they are correctly labeled as above), but when installed, My G3 only recognizes 128MB installed for each (Apple Profiler lists the slot and the amount 128MB).
  6. For the machines that I can't get to re-capping right away, I make a diagram of what caps (mf, V and type - size if I know it) went where (I don't usually include orientation, since it is marked on the board) then I un-cap the board, wash it and set it aside (usually reassembled back into the computer is the safest place), with the documentation attached. That way it can't get any worse, until I get to it. I currently have only about 3 in queue right now (un-capped, waiting for me to get around to it), but I'm thinking that I should get around to re-capping my cube. I've never ha
  7. I picked up a few G4 MDDs this weekend, none of them have a working power supply and one has no case (just a box of parts), but I'm thrilled about getting them all. One of the Macs with a case was the Dual 1GHz 400FW model and the other one was the dual 1.42GHz model (with the copper heatsink, which is so awesome looking). They were all chock full of memory, one had a SCSI card, the other a USB card and there was an nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 128mb video card in the box. At least one had dual drives, so I'mm hoping that it perhaps incIudes something a bit more than the standard DVD-
  8. There are two main issues that we have seen on the quantum drives installed in our Macs, 1) board failures and 2) the gooey rubber stop. IMO, the rubber stop shown in the ad could not have been gooey and still looked that good after removal. That leaves just possible board failures and I am not sure what causes that, or if storage for 30+ years would prevent that. Since the seller is willing to test them before shipping them to you, it seems reasonable to expect somewhat less than the 'normal' HD MTBF, which for original 40 MB Quantum Pro drives was 50000 hrs. (they originally came with a 2
  9. You left 'good looking' off the list, but the others are right on - I've been going with mostly older, 17" panels for a smaller size and for the 'right' aspect ratio. I am on the lookout for a nice 15" panel, that has a separate power supply. I love your whole setup.
  10. The pdf is not available in your post, could you re-upload it?
  11. While checking parts, make sure that the floppy drive cable is correct and undamaged. If it has a problem, it would account for the results, and is easy to check.
  12. I'm glad to hear that you made it! Congratulations - everything looks shiny and new, including the Maxell battery. It seriously looks new. Weird.
  13. I'm so sorry that I can't help with this, but it would take me 8 hours to get there (one way). I also tried thinking of any relatives, friends, etc, but I don't think I know anyone in South Carolina anymore. Please, folks, rack your brains, there has to be someone on this board that lives nearby and can help out.
  14. According to the last page of the service source, the PB180 display housing is the same for the PB160 and PB165 Display Housing 922-0044 I did not check any other service sources, so I don't know if there are others.
  15. I would never have thought of putting one of those bags in the washer, and its so obvious! Alcohol with white cloth/paper towels works well as a first line tool for getting out permanent marker, but sometimes you have to go farther. I had a SCSI to ethernet box that was terribly, marked up. I had to use acetone mixed with alcohol to get that out, but a few words of caution: 1) If you do go that route, mix it with the smallest amount of acetone that will do the job, mix it well in a glass/metal or ceramic cup, and test the mixture in an inconspicuous area, or on a test pie
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