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  1. Such an excellent find! It is so great when others (friends, family, community) are looking out to help you with the hobby an definitely a plus when you can get a keyboard and mouse along with the computer..
  2. I love this technology! I have a MacSnap SCSI that is a fairly similar solution, residing in a 512 of mine, along with similar mods to support an 800K floppy. I love that it allows the Mac to look totally stock, but perform like a Plus, giving additional functionality with original appearance. Congrats on your new acquisition!
  3. Not upgraded, original, 400k drive. A battery had once leaked, but very little cleanup is needed. There was no battery cover, so I will have to get one of those. The motherboard appears to be original as well. After checking out the inside, I buttoned it back up, while it waits to have its floppy drive looked at.
  4. I saw a listing on CL almost a week ago for a 512 along with its associated extras. Fast forward, a week, a few emails and a short trip later and I'm the new owner of this 512K. I still need to go through and sort out what I have to work with, but a cursory check shows it as a (hopefully) un-modded original 512 that starts, but has apparent floppy issues, which I'll look into later. I talked with the seller for a bit about the machine's history and he told me that the original owner had gifted it to him after he transferred her files (she was writing a book on it) from
  5. I think that your decision to replace the caps has already been made for you, but you may be able to delay it a bit by washing the motherboard to remove the cap residue that has leaked. Congrats on the SE/30 - I had one once that I thought was going to be the exception to needing caps, and it ran for years without issues, but eventually it succumbed, they all do.
  6. Does your version of 'retrobrite' include OxiClean? I'm not trying to start a whole thing, because I know this has been hashed out ad nauseam, but the process is more effective with a touch of OxiClean. I LOVE your idea to prevent the pieces from floating - I have never considered using glass, but I have other pieces of glass/vases that I'm going to try when I Retr0brite my next piece and need to keep it from floating. I love your attention to detail, all of your pictures and especially your finished results! Excellent job on bringing this one all the way back!
  7. From lowendmac: The Power Mac 7300 is pretty much the same computer as the 7600, except that it has a faster CPU and a special cover that makes it harder to dismantle the case (important in settings where users might steal memory, drives, etc.).
  8. The conquests topic is for showing off acquisitions, so you've done that and most anything that comes after, is probably ok. Even looking to pass it on. The first consideration is your location. Some places (the coasts of the US for instance might work better for my first suggestion) If I had one to sell, I would sell it in the following venues (in order): locally on Craigslist/Facebook marketplace or equivalent (local is best, if possible, to avoid shipping damage with these) eBay or equivalent (fees, shipping) are a downside there. There is a lot of r
  9. It looks like you have the ID cable plugged into the parity pins and two pairs of the ID pins. Maybe remove the 4th jumper from the right and plug the connector in, using only the ID pins. Also, once done you could check the continuity on the connector cable to be sure its not flipped or bad.
  10. Perhaps there was less demand for higher capacity VRAM on the system board as graphics cards became the 'standard' way of providing video, especially in the higher-end machines. When I bought my Quadra 605 (new), I upgraded the VRAM, fast forward a few years and I bought a 7600 with a PC card and a video card. (for quite a bit more money) I also got one of the 1710 AV monitors - nice monitor when it worked
  11. 1) Incredible haul! I am so impressed that you got this and I'm glad that it landed with someone that is clearly going to care for the machines. 2)Just a few quick warnings that I haven't seen offered above: - check to be sure that the battery on the Lisa motherboard has been removed, or that there isn't one - only use a working Macintosh Portable AC adapter and newish battery when starting the portable. Other methods will damage the MB (possibly) beyond repair.
  12. If the other suggestions don't work, you should be able to drill out the screw- you will need a long bit (so that the drill doesn't bang the side of the case).
  13. I have a slot loading Tangerine and I love what you did for this trayloader (Incredible job by the way and I would never have thought a Molar Mac CRT would fit - how did you first come up with that?). I worry about caps and such going bad in mine, but I have heard its difficult to take them apart (plastics breaking and the like). Did you have a tough time getting the plastics apart or trying to crack at stress points?
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