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  1. Perhaps there was less demand for higher capacity VRAM on the system board as graphics cards became the 'standard' way of providing video, especially in the higher-end machines. When I bought my Quadra 605 (new), I upgraded the VRAM, fast forward a few years and I bought a 7600 with a PC card and a video card. (for quite a bit more money) I also got one of the 1710 AV monitors - nice monitor when it worked
  2. 1) Incredible haul! I am so impressed that you got this and I'm glad that it landed with someone that is clearly going to care for the machines. 2)Just a few quick warnings that I haven't seen offered above: - check to be sure that the battery on the Lisa motherboard has been removed, or that there isn't one - only use a working Macintosh Portable AC adapter and newish battery when starting the portable. Other methods will damage the MB (possibly) beyond repair.
  3. If the other suggestions don't work, you should be able to drill out the screw- you will need a long bit (so that the drill doesn't bang the side of the case).
  4. I have a slot loading Tangerine and I love what you did for this trayloader (Incredible job by the way and I would never have thought a Molar Mac CRT would fit - how did you first come up with that?). I worry about caps and such going bad in mine, but I have heard its difficult to take them apart (plastics breaking and the like). Did you have a tough time getting the plastics apart or trying to crack at stress points?
  5. Sorry, but I did not. I ended up selling my Lisa to someone that thought they could get it running. I wish you good luck and I hope that you are able to get yours running.
  6. Nice example of how going back through your work, re-checking, investigating and cleaning up can pay off. Impressive detective work and thanks for posting the video.
  7. It would involve driving to Ontario, wouldn't it? It would be rude of me to not comment on your Duo-rama, those are some beautiful setups! Glad you found them!
  8. One of the first things that I did when I set up my MDD as a bridge machine of sorts was to add in a SCSI card that gave me access to older SCSI drives. I also have an MO drive (I actually had two NOS units) one of which I was going to add to my Q900, but getting the MO disks at a reasonable price was a little difficult about 7-8 years back and the drives had come with a faceplate for a different Mac (Maybe an 8600?) when I was looking into it, so I never did go through with installing it.
  9. I use a Mac to make my SD card clones, but yes, any process that makes a bit-for-bit copy will work. I use a process for cloning raspberry PI, SD cards for Macs (I had to modify it a bit). It does take a bit of time, so you will need to be patient.
  10. I thought that version 6 of the SCSI2SD was needed for PPC level Macs, that might be causing your performance issue.
  11. Yes it would! I really appreciate the effort you put into improving the products and still endeavoring to accommodate some of the niche requests.
  12. I found the smaller ones way easier to mount and like using the micro SD cards way better (I know I can use adapters, just not a fan). I'm also not happy with the move to exclusive use of the larger form factor. That would be very cool - adding networking to my Classic would make me forget most of my other gripes
  13. Thanks for the advice. On the plus side, it was cheap, but it came from a company that deals in Macs and has given me good items before, so I don't know what their deal is.
  14. I never knew this stuff existed! All those times that I was SO careful with the foam ones in MacBooks, etc. because I didn't think there was a way to replace this stuff. Thanks for the heads-up! The RAM is double-sided, here are a few pics... there are 16 total of these chips, front and back.
  15. I purchased a G3 Minitower earlier this year and have been slowly upgrading items and repairing small issues e.g. I replaced the drive carrier, missing feet, etc. When I recently upgraded the memory, I purchased 2 modules of what was supposed to be the correct memory(256MB PC100 CL2 168 Pin SDRAM 2-2-2 Low Profile 16x8) and I was sent PC133 CL3 memory instead. After proving it would not work in my G3, they sent out the correct modules (they are correctly labeled as above), but when installed, My G3 only recognizes 128MB installed for each (Apple Profiler lists the slot and the amount 128MB).
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