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  1. The image file you downloaded is a Disk Copy 6.3+ image file and probably lost some of of its information. Pretty sure that's a self-mounting image but I could be seriously mistaken. I wonder if my website has something you can read with almost any Mac System 6 and later...can be copied over the network...decoded and then you can work with it any way you see fit...
  2. I'm curious about this. Apple says that 7.5.2+ supports up to 2TiB. Is their KB article an error? If I'm not seriously mistaken, a typical T1-3/4 LED, red, uses about 20mA when operating on a 100% duty cycle (or...just on). I don't have it immediately available but if I'm recalling correctly green, blue and especially white require more to reach full brightness. Now the LEDs used in 1989 were not particularly bright, and were probably not driven at full power either, but I couldn't help but notice that 1mA is probably barely enough to forward-bias the LED.
  3. If you're using EtherTalk (AppleTalk over Ethernet) the MacTCP or TCP/IP control panels are unnecessary for that. Hardware wise, you should be sorted, with the only specific thing I can think of is a cross-over cable if you aren't using a router or a switch to connect them all. Software wise, you shouldn't need that much, but perhaps EtherTalk software is not installed? It should have with the basic install of the system. The Guide in my signature should be able to help you out in some way.
  4. My success today was awful. The old adapter I have which I took apart, eventually stopped doing TCP/IP routing, and the one I just got about 2 weeks ago, also doesn't do TCP routing. Not sure if someone else wants to verify it's not my machine. My serial ports work fine.
  5. I mostly intend it to be a Tiger machine, so as my iMac G4 has 512MB of RAM, the Mac mini would help it stretch its legs a bit more with its 1GB capacity. I only occasionally use OS 9 on the iMac G4 for vintage stuff, it's a cool machine but it suffers from the usual iMac G4 issues: Power supply woes, display necks getting weak on the bushings, clunky and has a large foot print. Wouldn't it have been cool if they took the Apple Studio Display, put the iMac logic board on the back of it, used a laptop CD drive and hard drive? Probably would have sold well: the articulating arm of th
  6. And one final one: Make sure you have a decent graphics card. A Rocket running off internal graphics with 8MB of system RAM is brutal.
  7. I don't have the Mac/PB and the Printer Adapter side by side, but I do have a Printer Adapter with the ... rather tightly fit case apart. As for TCP/IP routing... This is a Macintosh PowerBook 170 using System Printer Adapter models have the Printer Compatibility Mode enabled out of the box, so they function like AppleTalk bridge. Turn that off and you enable TCP/IP routing. As for the Duo modem, you can make a direct link between two computers if they both have RJ11 modem jacks.
  8. The Duo came out in the Spindler days, so that is no surprise for the lineup to be of questionable quality. They do have some good attributes though, expansion isn't one of them, you need a Dock of some kind to do anything with it. A 2300c board is definitely something I can recommend, I used a IDE -> CF adapter on mine, worked great. Keyboard keys are, from what I'm told, manufactured with a special type of lubricant that is designed to persist even when the key substrate is worn. This lubricates the key face as it slides up and down in the keyswitch. Obviously mechanical keysw
  9. Good stuff. Looks portable and practical. Always had a fondness for the Duo form factor, but got turned off forever by rubbish keyboards. As for your EtherWave (might have stolen one off eBay recently) try keeping an eye out for a EtherWave Printer Adapter.
  10. Hey folks. Considering swapping my two iMac G4s for a Mac mini G4 to run OS 9 and Tiger. I heard that the macos9lives forum got some nerds together and figured out how to run OS9 on Mac mini G4s. They have put together an installer set up that works right out of the box, it seems pretty neat. Has anybody here tried it? Any issues? Things to know? Stuff that doesn't work? I'm aware that sleep doesn't work, but it's hard to see what else.
  11. Cool. I'd be happy to see it. IMO the IIci is one of my 68k top machines because it can boot System 6 (to me, any 68k machine that can't boot System 6 is useless), has a powerful CPU, generous RAM and storage options, and has all the slots I'd need: a graphics card, a Rocket, and a Ethernet card. IIfxs are cool too, having dual floppies was a treat back in the day, because if a floppy didn't work in one drive, I'd simply put it in the other one.
  12. I was going to say if you thought the Rocket was the problem you could borrow mine. I don't have a machine for it. Do you have by chance a SCSI-2 daughter card? From my experience with the Rocket, the DSP daughter card is pointless since only Photoshop can use it, leaving the SCSI-2 a good idea for running your RocketShare machine on a different SCSI bus since the NuBUS is a bit of a limitation on the Rocket itself. Another thing with my Rocket 33 is it didn't have a heat sink on the '040 chip. That bugger would get HOT. So I found a low profile 386 CPU heat sink and ha
  13. Of course. I would recommend an Ethernet PDS card. You can try looking for IIsi cards, they're the same bus and type. If I remember right you can also try checking some mailing lists. Ask around -- the 030 PDS cards are around, although eBay is a bit barren on them at the moment. I'd prefer Farallon cards, they usually have built-in RJ45 jacks, so you won't need an AUI - RJ45 adapter. In other news I've thought about doing another semi-minor update: by which all external links will link to local backup copies of the webpages, aside from download centers like Apple's Old
  14. Looks like I went past the edit time limit. I was actually wrong about the screenshot part, it is captured by the screenshot feature, intact. I guess I got thrown off by when I first used it, on a color IIci. From the way it looked it appeared to have drawn the 1px line above the actual menu bar itself. Could be wrong about that too. Carry on. I'm getting way off track from the topic.
  15. Good question. His profile on his(?) website shows no recent posts in over a year. Maybe he's on a break. Can't blame him -- look at some of the work he's done. FWIW the lightest FTP program that actually is nice is Fetch 2.1.2, I"m a big fan of it, but it's also about 500KiB on disk and uses about the same in memory. The trusty old Info-Mac archives may have something? https://web.archive.org/web/20160418233005/http://archive.info-mac.org/ I doubt any of that is meant for super thin resource requirements. Probably shareware/freeware, I don't think they had much else up
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