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  1. Thanks, I hope I stops right now . I have to many old computers and videogame consoles lying around the house already . I would prefer to first get everything up and running . Love your avatar. It is actually the first video game I every paid the shareware fee for sadly got a code for one of their other games...
  2. Thanks for the kind words, guys. It is a shame that it only comes with 4mb of ram. The upgrades seem to be a bit on the expensive side! And a harddrive uprade doesn't seem to all that easy. Battery is dead in the water (naturally), might try to revive it). Time to upload Tom Spreen's breaker and have some fun. I loved this game as a kid. It was one of the few games that you would find on magazine cdrom's that work on my trusty old Mac Classic around 96/97... http://www.tomspreen.com/breaker.html
  3. Although I have tinkered with macs in recent years it has been ages since I actually purchased one. Today @ my local auction picked up a good looking Powerbook 150. I know it s not the best model but at least it uses IDE. For 8 euro I couldn't resist. No psu but I had one laying around from my 145b. Worked straight out of the box.
  4. Super cool finds! Especially that outbound laptop thing! You should do a complete photo series of that. Hopefully it works and hopefully you can find your Apple 2
  5. My quicksilver just got replaced by a pentium 4 as my main system (yeah I'm modern). Since I also own a cube (it was my dad and I'm keeping it for nostalgic/recipe computer in the kitchen) I was thinking of transplanting some parts. Ram,GFX card and HD. And I was thinking is it possible to transplant the processor? SInce they are on a daughter card? Also would the cube need a fan if it was possible to install the Ati Radeon Pro 9000 and processor in there?
  6. cool,I posted something, not a lot though. The cat here doesn't like me typing!
  7. clean the chip with lemonacid after all the goo is gone clean it with acohol. this will stop the motherboard from corroding further!
  8. Me like one too. god these are popular!
  9. Hi guys, For evening classes I'm following we are learning command-linux and I thought about using my Wallstreet Powerbook G3 as an excersice tool. I looked up all the info. downloaded BootX and debian harddrive installer from this site: http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/squeeze/main/installer-powerpc/current/images/powerpc/ I installed everything. that went allright. At the end of the installation the installer asks if I want to use Quik. I said no, because I still want to be able to use the Mac OS 9.2.2 partition. So then the installer tells me that vmlinux should be on hda14 and
  10. That kinda blows sending you the wrong one. I for the life of me couldn't get the cresscendo drivers working under 7.6.1. Otherwise I would downgrade in an instant. I much prefer 7.6.1 over 8.6 or 9.2.2. So much faster. And for what I do with my systems not much difference in functionality. Except maybe Classila :b&w:
  11. Considering you can use it to display RGB computers like Amiga's or Atari ST's I guess it should be possible to hook up any RGB device. Considering that RGB gives a much better colour image then composite. You should try to hook up your device through there rgb ports. You will need to make custom cable though!
  12. Thanks for these tips guys. Adding a number would also put them before the rest no? Will try later today or tomorrow. I don't have an HPV card only an AV card surely this must take some of the stress away from the system ram. In general it feels much slower then my PM8200/110. Which doesn't have any expansions at all except for a cache card and tons of ram.
  13. You don't use youview? then you can run you tube vids pretty fast
  14. great story, welcome and don't get to addicted!
  15. Nice! Shame your selling, also kinda rude you are selling something you just got free yourself. I have gotten lots of great stuff for free over the years and I would never consider selling the free stuff I got , If I want rid of it I just give it aways myself.
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