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  1. I'm able to watch youtube decently on my PowerBook 15" (Mid 2004) using Flash 10 and Roccat* Browser. Its specs are: Mac OS X 10.5.8 1GB RAM 160GB HDD (Split with 10.4.11 install for classic) 1.5GHZ PowerPC G4 7450 As for HTML5 on TenFourFox, that actually performed worse than Flash 10 under Roccat browser, even when I lowered the quality to 144p or 240p. I will test HTML5 under Roccat and see what the results are. *Roccat is a Modern Browser based on Webkit that is still developed for PPC macs that run OS X 10.5.8, it's a nice web browser, and isn't very resource intensive
  2. The last version of Spotify to support PPC will run on Tiger and above, I'm currently running it on my eMac 1Ghz which is running 10.4.11. It pops up a warning at the top of the client that states that this platform will not be receiving any more updates, but it's been working for me for about a year now without any complaints on the two PPC Macs I've been running it on (The aforementioned eMac and a PowerBook G4 running Leopard).
  3. The video card is installed as well. Just got it on the net with my WaveLAN Gold card.
  4. Yeah, i just noticed that, here are some better pictures. (I apologize for the quality). Boot up Top View Everything it came with (minus the power adapter) Close up of the MIDI interfaces No problems yet, it runs like a champ.
  5. Yesterday, I decided to check out my local craigslist and see if anything interesting was listed. About 10 minutes into the search I found a listing for a PowerBook 1400cs/166, I clicked on it and saw that it was only $40 and that it came with quite a few extras. What was included in the listing: PowerBook 1400cs/166 (1.3gb HDD, 64mb ram, with optional video out card installed) CD-ROM Module Floppy Drive Module 3 Batteries (All working, each with about 60 to 90 minutes charge, 2 33 watt hour batteries, and 1 30 watt hour battery) Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse 2 serial MIDI int
  6. Those are so awesome, I wish hulu had more episodes of MST3K.
  7. Probably, It's actually lighter than the plastic acer laptop I was using, and even seems lighter than my old macbook. I'm gonna load it up with TenFourFox, and some classic PPC games.
  8. I recently celebrated my 22nd birthday, and decided to buy myself something I've wanted for quite some time now. So here it is, a PowerBook G4 15" from Mid 2004. Processor: PowerPC G4 7447a @ 1.5Ghz Ram: 1GB DDR (2x512MB) PC-2700 RAM HDD: 150GB OS: OS X 10.5.8 Optical Drive: SuperDrive 15" Widescreen LCD Ambient Light Sensor, and Back Lit Keyboard I am quite surprised, it's almost in pristine condition, with no dents, or bending. Just a light scuff on the bottom on the ram cover. It came with the Original AC Adapter, and a nice laptop bag. Grand total: $74.99 + $15 sh
  9. I'm currently using a 1.2gb Quantum Fireball in my color classic, and it works just fine. I had pulled it from my 6100 back when I wasn't using it full time.
  10. I'm pretty sure that you need inkjet ink, as it is formulated for the nozzles in the cartridge, and contains a mixture of alcohol that allows the ink to dry quicker. I think pen ink would be too thick, and not evaporative enough to work in an inkjet printer.
  11. I believe just so as long as the ink is for inkjet printers, it should work.
  12. I have a StyleWriter 1200 (Uses BC-02 carts) that I used a lot back in high school (It's in storage at my parents house right now), the cartridges are extremely easy to refill on these printers. There is a small plastic plug on the side, all you have to do is remove it, fill the ink, and replace the plug. It also seems like it's fairly easy to find carts for them. Also, and don't quote me on this, as I'm not sure, but I believe the difference between the BC-01 and BC-02 is the ink capacity. I wish I still had my StyleWriters (They were both First model), but they both were fried du
  13. Awesome, I'll have to try it out soon, and see the difference, I've got a lot of 68k applications that I can throw at it.
  14. I'm not sure, but I don't have a copy of speed doubler to test it out with. Isn't speed doubler a disk caching program? I never actually used it.
  15. I think it's mostly due to the fact that I haven't installed anything yet, it's still a clean install from a year ago.
  16. I made a video showing the boot times using the stock 66mhz 601 and the sonnet G3 Card under system 7.1.2
  17. I could make a video of it running on my PM 7100 if you would like.
  18. You can still use the G3 with 7.6.1, I'm using my G3 upgraded Power Mac 8500/180 with System 7.5.3, and my G3 upgraded Power Mac 7100 with 7.1.2. Those OS fly on a G3.
  19. After reading this thread, I decided to pull out the macs I have stored in my basement to see if I had left any of the PRAM batteries in them. I started with my G3 B&W, nothing there, then the 8500, which had a Tadiran battery in it, I decided to leave it in, as I didn't feel like taking it all the way apart just to take it out. Once I got to my 7100, I opened it and found this: It's still sealed, so that's a relief . I've had these machines stored for about a year now, so I'm glad I checked before my 7100 bit the dust from the maxell bomb. I just need to check my eMa
  20. I use my Power Mac 8500 with a 300Mhz G3 Upgrade to transfer my tapes, it works quite well with what I've thrown at it so far. I will agree that you need to have a large hard drive to transfer anything longer than 5 minutes, as the sizes greatly expand as the video gets longer.
  21. That is just too awesome to put into words!! Thank you for posting a video about it.
  22. This is absolutely amazing, I might have to pull my B&W out of the basement if this becomes a sure thing. Keep up the great work doug. Also, that is a very interesting reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  23. Well I wound up taking it apart, and my suspicions were correct, the inner casing was brittle and cracked. I got the screen focus fixed, and I reinforced the cracks with some super glue before putting it back together.
  24. I need to open my recently acquired iMac G3 DV to adjust the focus on the screen and upgrade the HDD. I can kinda tell that the plastics are brittle, and was wondering if there is a safe way to open it up without breaking the tabs that hold the chassis together. I've worked with other compacts before (like the 128k and color classic), but these are completely different compared to them. I've read the service manual for this model, and wanted to get an opinion from other users here about how to go about avoiding any breakage on it.
  25. About 2 years ago, I was bidding on an overclocked QS for about $36 dollars, placed my bid at 10 seconds, and then got sniped right after. Also about 8 years ago, there was this trailer about 10 blocks from my old house that had about 100 macs in it. All I grabbed was the LC III I have now, and I was going to go by there the next day and ask if I could look in it and see what I could find. Turns out the guy took them all to a recycling center before I could get to it. I saw Quadras, Centris, LCs, and some PPC systems.
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