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  1. By "do not turn off", I guess you mean unplug it and turn it off, not JUST turn it off? Or does the position of the Power Switch actually matter when dealing with a compact mac?
  2. I am currently restoring my 128K (which is throwing a RAM error), and I have the machine disassembled after months of it last being turned on. I was wondering if I could take out the PSU and CRT without needed to discharge anything. Also: what are the "danger zones" on the CRT and PSU? Thanks
  3. Well, it kinda depends on if you want to run Classic, or just OSX as a "modern" computer.
  4. Also: Does anybody have a list of Macs that require a PRAM battery to start up correctly? (Some won't unless reseted, some won't at all, etc).
  5. But anyways, I'll give them (or Saft/Tadiran) a try.
  6. ^ Weird. I pulled a soldered Varta battery from my old Compaq Prolinea 4/66 (Just in time too- it literally just started crystalizing and leaking onto the board, so cleanup was pretty simple). It was rated at 3.6V. I guess perhaps its for specific computers? Who knows
  7. @Uniserver: I thought PRAM batteries were rated at 3.6V?
  8. Yeah, I know. Its been awhile... Anyways, my current "collection" of PRAM batteries pulled from other machines is starting to die on me left and right. For some of my computers (notably several older macs), they absolutely need working batteries to even boot up! So, I'm off to buy some. But which brand is best (If any)? I usually find Tadiran batteries in ~50% of the machines. Should I continue using said brand, or does it even matter at all? Thanks
  9. Well, my 17" PBG4 (1.67, 2GB, 100GB, Super, Airport, BT, 10.5. has decided not to work anymore. I was using it one day when all of the sudden, the power supply indicator light turned RED and it shut off (Note: I have tried several power supplies). I let it sit for a while, tried to turn it on, and not a whole lot happens. The Superdrive makes a noise (as usual) and the fans max out for some reason, but other then that, no chime and no video. Any ideas? Likely a Logic Board issue? Thanks
  10. Judging on the Power Light area, I would say it is a II+.
  11. If you only plan on running 9 on the machine, you probably wouldn't need to do any upgrades. If you wanted to add cards, you might want to add a USB 2.0 and/or airport card. The graphics card should work with most, if not all OS 9 apps/games, and you certainly have enough HD space for storage. Nice find, BTW.
  12. Not too long ago, I picked up an IBM 5150 with keyboard, a couple of Okidata printers, and a bunch of manuals and disks (Including the Guide to Operations, BASIC, and DOS boxes), as well as a Princeton Monitor. Installed in the system are 2 5-1/4" Single Height Floppy Drives, a Single Height Hard Drive (Unknown size, probably around 5-10MB), and fully used expansion card slots, which is easy to do, given that there are only 5 slots (well, there are really only 2 slots available when you consider that 3 are used by graphics, floppy, and hard drive controller cards in my configuration). Aside fr
  13. @Bunsen: If you have any that don't work, I could use a cable!
  14. @Markyb86: Thanks, I didn't know about the BNC connector. And thanks for the monitor tip. I'm going to mess with the cable to see if I can get some better results. I'll try to post some pictures of the monitor. @Scott Baret: It is an actual Sony monitor. The owner bought it because it supposedly had better picture than the mac monitors at the time. I forgot the model name, but I can get that later if it is any help. The cable that I am currently using isn't in great shape and actually seems really cheap for a sony product, so I will try to replace that if possible. There might be some miss
  15. Some stuff I have collected from the last 6 months or so (I've been busy for a while!): 3x Powermac G5's: 2x S1.8 and 1x D2.0. Was planning on using these as a server, but they would take up too much electricity, so now I will probably sell/give them to family. 3x 20" Apple Cinema Displays: These are keepers. I am using these to make a 3x2 (a total of 6) monitor array that I plan on using for a PM G5 and Mac Pro setup. So far, I am half way there! 17" Apple Studio Display: A near mint christmas gift. I am currently using this with a Powermac G5. I never really gave this kind of dis
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