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  1. HI there, Sorry I missed your reply. Now that I am back to working on my 8100, I can get back onto this. I do have part numbers: Made by Delta Electronics. Model: DPS-225AB Rev: A0 Apple Part #: 614-0040 I'll search the site and see. I have replaced each and every electrolytic. I have some photos of it originally.
  2. I am missing one in my 8100. They are all generic metal ones.
  3. If the server can run in UNIX command line on macOS, I’d run it eventually on my home server.
  4. Anything else much happen? You guys were on a roll!
  5. Very common, yes, but if those photos are true to life, it actually is not too bad. I have many that are practically burn-in free, but some are slight. I have a test stand that I popped a working but badly burned in tube into (who cares if it is for tests?) and even that is doable. It all depends how much you see it and bothers you.
  6. So getting back to this after finishing my 1400c recap, I finally was able to somehow fix the original 8100 motherboard. My suspicion is that the AV card was not properly seated (I read Apple documentation that having either no AV card or terminator in the PDS slot will cause random freezes and crashes, just what was happening). I now have the 72 MB of RAM installed and it all works very well and fine. My brother's spare 8100 (or it could be an 840av?) power supply is running it. I still have to sort out the power supply issue. I know, I could just toss it and get another, but something irks m
  7. Ok, this is going to make no sense whatsoever, but I have had issues like this before. First: do you still have a working, normal, internal HD? If so, hook that back up. Get an adapter to hook the SCSI2SD up to the external SCSI port with another SCSI ID (1 or whatever, not 0). Try starting with that combo. Once I had to do that, and I haven't the faintest idea why, but once I did that it recognized the SCSI2SD, I was able to format the SD card, and then set the SCSI2SD back to 0 and install it internally and it worked fine. There is one other "gotcha" that might be at work here.
  8. I agree, but also working on the drive would help. Not to put a plug in for myself, but my guide may be of assistance to you. Also: do you have another machine/drive to test and troubleshoot between it being a drive hardware issue vs. the drive ruining the disks?
  9. That’s the stuff the guy on here makes I think. He actually has some pretty reasonable prices. Look up his thread, I forget the name.
  10. I hope that it helps and will encourage you if you need to open yours up.
  11. Rick, here is my tear down and replace thread:
  12. It’s always so great to see this! You know, it always makes me think someday we should have a 68k MLA convention to bring maybe a machine or two each. Imagine having five portables all together, networking, etc. would be really cool.
  13. I just purchased another 1400 that appears to have a Sonnet G3 card in it. I took a gamble as to whether or not it is in there! If it is, I'll be transferring it into the one just refurbished.
  14. Great find! I hope it does you well. Once you know it well enough, perhaps you’d be able to help me fix my insanely vexing issue with one of my SE/30 boards!
  15. That is exactly the part he was referring to.
  16. I'm kind of weird like that too. I don't want to modify them any more than I have to. Of course, I have no problem soldering in a 1/2AA holder in place of the directly soldered batteries. You CAN find those with leads, but I'm not going to go that far for originality.
  17. I would trust the batteries in the Macs. It depends what your usage is. Apple trusted them to not randomly explode over the lives of the machines themselves. I have no scientific basis, but I never saw any explode over at least the first 10 year life of any of the compacts I have. I would probably just swap them out as you get close to that mark. I would NOT just store them with a battery; who knows what will happen in the back of your closet. I think the good rule of thumb is like winterizing your car: you stabilize the fuel, block the exhaust, inflate the tires, etc, then get it
  18. Some had indeed started leaking. I suppose I had left out my intended post-script to this whole thing. The contrast control had gone positively bonkers (this is modulated via the capacitors on my photos of the inverter board). Pressing it in either direction would lead to either crazily bright or dark contrast. Changing the slowly leaking capacitor by the control did fix it. I did find slight leaks under the logic board caps, as well. Some had started to get onto their terminals, directly under about 1/2 of them, thankfully none that bad. However, the trackpad had exhibited some sy
  19. Very nice finds! Always great when there is the unexpected haul. I have never seen a Power CD...would love to see that in action in a thread here.
  20. Now all you need is one of @maceffects RAM cards! Totally worth the money.
  21. I would normally be game for a re-capping job, but I am so mired in my current machines and family matters that I can't possibly take on anything else. A hearty welcome from me as well! You will find a great home here, I am sure.
  22. Thank you, my friend! I'll have to let them in on it! I am glad they are: I just used 30 of them on an 8100 and video card, and purchased fifty more! Really, excellent work, and you are a great help to us all who are not so savvy.
  23. I'm sorry...with three kids, I didn't have time to watch it yet! Thank you for the clarification, I will have to look out for this in the future. Can you tell me if these are hybrid or not? I've never seen "hybrid" specified on the data sheet, and I have been using them fairly heavily in my restores. I suppose I will be checking these machines 20 years from now anyway...
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