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  1. Or some craziness: PCI PowerMac board to fit inside a IIfx case with as many PCI slots as there were NuBus on the IIfx. Why? Because...
  2. Aren't the ones for 68000s long and rectangular like the CPU?
  3. Don't have Linux, this will run via terminal on macOS...I hate this stuff too, but once you get it set up it is autopilot. I seem to have a simple error: it cannot find the settings text file even though I created it in the same directory as the program.
  4. So, I have been working with people over at badcaps.net. I replaced a capacitor that one of the members mentioned probably was not in spec vs. the original part, and it is now operating stably. However, I found out something that I had not previously realized: This PSU is the entire reason that the machine didn't function reliably in the first place! When I power the 8100 with my borrowed supply, the entire thing works perfectly. When I use this PSU, it will start, run, etc, but I get crazy random freezes, buss errors on startup, etc. My conclusi
  5. Since I have a complete lack of knowledge of this stuff, what does one use to build all this? I must need something installed to enable Terminal to do this. Edit: Ok cool, so I downloaded Go and built the thing. I created config.txt, but now for some reason it can't open the config.txt file that I created in the same directory as the built command line application.
  6. Strange. Mounting multiple floppy images should be no harder than dragging all the icons onto disk copy at once. As for ISO mounting, Adaptec Toast under System 7 would work for that. Id be interested to see screen shots of what happens when you try to mount the disks, what error you get.
  7. If I recall, you have the Mini with 10.5 installed. Two ideas: hook the SCSI2SD via USB to the Mini directly, or insert the SD card into the Mini. Either way, your SD partitions should show up on the Mini's desktop. Get either a CD or multi-floppy version of 7.5 disk images loaded onto the SD partition of your choice (as well as a copy of Disk Copy 6.x that will run ont he SE/30). Put the SD card back into the SCSI2SD (or disconnect the USB wire, whichever method you used). Start up the SE/30, mount the CD image or all floppy images, and then proceed with installation. Here is a pa
  8. This plus the recent discovery of NOS chips could be huge. Count me in for one when you get this fully off the ground! INCREDIBLE that it worked first try!
  9. I would really like to know just what it is you did to make this work, to update the program, to update the teacher, etc.
  10. Here is my question: is it possible at all to get a PowerBook 1400 internal 4 MB RAM module to work in the user RAM slot? The two appear to be incompatible simply because one uses a Male end, and the other has a female one on the board. The connector seems very proprietary so I am not sure if it would work. My question comes from the price of these RAM cards being through the roof all the time, and having spare 4 MB cards that I could use if they only fit!
  11. I was inspired last night at work to make a new Bolo map. Anyone want to try it out?
  12. Are you 100% sure it is exactly the battery needed? Sometimes that can be an issue, as well.
  13. I just wasn't sure if this was an engine (like WorldBuilder) or basically some stand-alone games you were making.
  14. How neat! This will be an engine we can all make games on?
  15. To my recollection, 6 was about the max that ever really worked over the net, anyhow. The theoretical maximum of 18 was likely only doable on a speedy local ethernet network. This also gives me a great excuse to make some new maps...
  16. My goal eventually will be to have different servers (Europe, NA, etc). This will be awesome!
  17. Now, I'm a complete noob and fool with Discord. How does one get to the #bolo channel?
  18. If this works, I am making good on my promise for financial reimbursement for the effort! Looks like ~45 min from now or so. I will have my PT Pro fired up and ready to go.
  19. If you find some, let me know, I’d like an extra. I can get you a photo.
  20. Very interesting, I never knew that the abbreviations themselves changed with regard to Daylight Saving Time or not. TV programming has never honored that convention: no matter what time of year it is, they always refer to it as EST, CST, MT, or PST. Thanks!
  21. No I totally understand. I want to help test it first, I was just inquiring about the server hosting once all is said and done.
  22. I can work Discord. What time was it you wanted again?
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