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  1. I've had a similar issue with other components: sometimes, leaked electrolyte gets into these connections and causes such issues. Desoldering kind of bakes it out and cleans it out, especially when you use flux.
  2. Do you have a separate speaker you can hit wire to the terminals and see if it works? It could be the speaker itself (though usually they are rock solid). You can also see if any solder joints at the speaker terminal are cracked or intermittent.
  3. I assume that just speeds up the process exponentially when used in conjunction with the software?
  4. Perhaps to be lost to the dustbin of history... I at least hope the information on how to make them survives.
  5. If you need a new one, I can always sell you that.
  6. Is there any way that a specialized company can ever rebuild these things?
  7. From the amount of crud on the board, you may have more rotten traces than you know. @techknight is the expert in this area with these machines.
  8. Yes, that is possible, the interesting thing is that id=t doesn't do it on the same trace on another board.
  9. Anyone have any insight here?
  10. Hi everyone, A few years back, I built a custom Quadra 630 for my kids. They have loved it ever since. Of course, my young nephew (with a penchant for destroying things), knocked it over, and bent the video out cable and adapter from the small video out board that the 630 has. It was a poor design choice by me where it was placed, but I never thought someone would just go and pulverize the thing. Anyhow, it bent a bit, and I was afraid the connector was toast. I originally got no video, but when I pushed the 15-pin connector back where it should have been, the video worked, but was
  11. Did anyone ever get anywhere with making a replacement EGRET? I need one yesterday!
  12. Here is what you are missing (from an Apple Technical manual).
  13. A second floppy holder. Did yours not come with it?
  14. Thank you for that. I realized I made an error: I meant that I was unable to ascertain which of the dots indicated what pin (it was a few months ago).
  15. Hello, A Classic that I gave to my nephew a while back has started to exhibit sad Mac error code 0000000E/00000200. My Mac Repair Book indicates that this should be some sort of RAM issue, and per the book (which is not Classic-specific) it should be Bank A of the RAM, and I think the second line indicates an issue with a particular chip. I cannot rule out other issues: this has been re-capped, and I cleaned it pretty thoroughly but I would not rule out some sort of electrical gremlins or something. I removed the RAM expansion card, and that proved to not be the issue. There was a
  16. It's been a while since I even worked on this so bear with me while I get my thoughts together. Regarding the desoldering: the board I was working on had a heavy amount of oxidation (not corrosion) on all the pins and solder to the board. It took quite a lot of time, flux, and combination of regular iron and sucker desoldering iron to even free all the the pins up. Resoldering took no time at all due to not having to deal with that. There are 3 or 4 boards which needed repair probably 25 years ago that were part of some guy's repair shop and just never thrown out. Trust me, no thou
  17. Alright, well, the important thing here, regardless of how anyone took how the other said something, is that the 5.1s are back in stock, this retailer has them, and if you choose to buy them from him or not is your business.
  18. I only discovered the discrepancy AFTER soldering in the chip, so I probably blew it. I have about ten more to try if we cook up another scheme. Let me know what I think we should try and I can. I do have a scope if need be. To make this easier, here’s a link to my original thread:
  19. I like my iBook DV SE...the gray always appealed to me. Do we now have a proven method for rebuilding these batteries?
  20. So far what I heard back from the curator was that the vast, vast majority of what they have is there in physical storage and not scanned. I am awaiting to hear how one accesses the main documents in person, but with COVID it appears the campus will be closed for a long time with no chance of looking things up. However, the possibility exists for one of our CA friends here to be able to peruse them someday and perhaps obtain schematics for everyone.
  21. The actual pin assignments do not seem to match up. Below is a diagram of the actual RAM chip socket pinout from the 128k/512k schematics that are available. As you can see, they do not match up. I looked a while for a solution, but I got too busy a month or so ago and never found one. Maybe we can find a solution now.
  22. I need to do this, too, but the chips I got from Jameco were NOT pin-compatible with the old ones, and I was never able to get them to work. Here are the chips I tried: https://www.jameco.com/z/4164-150-Major-Brands-64KX1-DIP-16-DRAM-150NS_41662.html
  23. Well, I emailed the curator with an inquiry as to any schematics or technical documents. We will see.
  24. That would make sense. He canned every product line and spare part for prior machines. I'm going to peruse those...
  25. They are all in a massive vault behind Cook’s desk at Apple.
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