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  1. So let me get this straight: the thing is a speed demon, but it has crazy, unknown slowdowns?
  2. Attached are my specs. See what you can make of it by comparison. The one just labeled PT Pro is an excel file, the other is a MacBench 5.0 file. PT Pro PT Pro (MacBench)
  3. MacBench 5 proved to work for me. I got the results in an Excel file that it exported. I'll post them today for you to look at. So...you think an adapter would be best?
  4. Chopsticks said what I was trying to say in a more elegant way :P
  5. I had a regular ATA disk in there previously (before it started to die), and it didn't really show this sort of thing.
  6. Yeah, I did have all tests selected. I'm thinking of just burning the disc and doing that, and also using v5 (which appears to be on Macintosh Garden). More on that this evening when I get home. Also, at least looking at the disk status indicator in the menu bar from Norton, it appears the slowdown is when the write icon is shown, taking long times to write. That may be what the issue is, but, again, tests will show more.
  7. So unfortunately, version 4 doesn't play nicely with my PT Pro. It won't record any disk speed results, can't name the processor or anything (it has a G3 card). I may try version 5.
  8. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was a 5.5. I always figure people have SCSI wires and such; that is my mistake. Yeah, you'd need an adapter. You can always try the other machine's drive for sure. I'd give that a go.
  9. ...or if you wanted a hard copy, I have one to sell.
  10. Seeing as the circuit paths here are intertwined, I would think probably the drive itself. Why not try and put the SCSI2SD on the internal connector and see if that work fine?
  11. If you have access to Patched HD SC or Lido, I have always used that. Granted, I have ONLY Macs, with no PCs, so I have always done this with all legit Mac software. If you can get a 6.0.8 startup disk with HD SC Setup going on a Floppy, try and start with that and use it to format the SD card. That's the only way I've ever gotten it to work well.
  12. Usually (I cannot always say never), any 6.0.8 disk will start an SE/30. This is a rather strange one. It sounds like something may be funky with the VIAs or something that works with both the SCSI and Floppy circuits. I'm blindly guessing here, though.
  13. The third party one I have for compacts is called “Packin ‘tosh” and it works pretty well. No photos right now unfortunately.
  14. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I downloaded version 4 last night. I’m at work until Sunday morning, so I’ll get to it then.
  15. I confirmed that the card is a Sonnet Tempo ATA 100.
  16. Cory, which program would you recommend to try and elucidate what the issue may be via benchmarking?
  17. Mostly the Plus because it’s probably the most numerous out there. You’d likely get the most sold I’d think.
  18. Is there a link to the other thread that can be put here?
  19. If the SCSI chip was bad, it would not even give you a happy Mac, but would just sit at a gray screen with a mouse pointer that can move. One possibility I could think of is maybe the HD is bad, but bad in a way that is freezing the machine when it tries to read from it during startup. I’d disconnect the HD and see what happens.
  20. The IDE card I have now is seen by my machine as SCSI, so it must be a similar deal. I'll verify which card it is tonight. Maybe just the faster ATA card would do it, but this is out of my realm of usual expertise. P.S. - I can already see from the guide that I can't do the flashing myself...I don't own a PC!
  21. Here is my card. I assume it is fine for this use, but let me know if I’m wrong. If anyone has a specific SATA card they can link me to on amazon or something, I’d take a look at it. What is involved in flashing it, and what is put in place of the standard driver?
  22. I busted one 20 years ago in high school. Never was cavalier again.
  23. Straight off. There is literally wiggle room to keep pressure on both sides of the board, pulling rearward, and wiggle back and forth slightly to slide it off. The Nipple is smaller than the hole it fits into, it isn't a snug fit.
  24. This will work in the old-school PCI slots? No software needed? Also, it is a new CF card. I'll take a photo of it and we can see. Also, here is the adapter that I'm using with it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001JTO782/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  25. Hi everyone, My PTPro was wonky with the SCSI2SD v6 in it, so a few months I took it out and got a CF adapter to use with the Tempo ATA card that I have in there. I believe it is an ATA/100 model if I recall off my head. The CF card works pretty well, but I have issues every now and again. For instance, I have multiple partitions, and depending on which System version I am using, startup to the desktop can take a real long time. 7.5 works pretty well, but both 8 and 9 start to take a real long time after extensions have loaded to get to the desktop...a few minutes it seems (I haven
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