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  1. So the computer was doused in feces?
  2. A similar problem happened to me years ago. I snagged a working ImageWriter LQ on the cheap through eBay. It came with the owner's manual, software, spare ribbons, and an aftermarket dust cover. The unit itself was in great shape minus some yellowing and sticker residue. Needless to say, the seller skimped on the packaging and the printer arrived with a big crack on the top housing of the paper feeder cover. Naturally I was furious but fortunately the seller was kind enough to issue a full refund as the package was insured through UPS. I still have the LQ and I'm still on the lookout for a rep
  3. There appears to be quite a market here for CRT/video parts, but I can see your point that the practice of removing specific parts for one client would be very cost prohibitive for an electronic vendor (possible massive group buy?) Anyway, the search goes on.
  4. Here's the email: "Just selling any part of a monitor case isn’t likely going to happen. We can’t recycle them without a case." Doesn't make any sense to me. Are the recycling laws in Denver that strict?
  5. I reached out to the Apple Rescue of Denver which has several M1297 and M0401 monitors listed on their site. Apparently they cannot sell the bezel separately as the case needs to be intact to recycle the monitor. I'm not criticizing their policy as I am totally oblivious to U.S. law, but can anyone from Colorado chime in?
  6. The Quadra has been dormant for sometime so I don't have a proper diagnosis to offer. I recall wanting to test out another HD to see if I could replicate the issue but I never bothered. If I get to it I'll update the thread.
  7. No. The monitor you gave me was the Macintosh Color Display. I received the RGB monitor during my Quadra 950 conquest, which is well-documented in this thread. Unfortunately, the front bezel was damaged while cleaning my workstation, and I'm still on the lookout for a replacement. Of course, I would love to have your Portrait Display. I think I mentioned that about a dozen times or so.
  8. Yep, along with the Macintosh Color Display. I don't know what I'm going to do with my high-res RGB monitor.
  9. I've got an ADC to VGA adapter, and another adapter for VGA to DB-15. The NuBus card works fine with my Lacie Electron Blue IV. That's why I still have this old junk. How's your Portrait Display holding up?
  10. Just wondering if anyone has successfully connected an ADC-type monitor to a Mac II with the high-res Apple NuBus video card.
  11. The chassis is now removed from the front bezel. The only problem I incurred while carefully lifting the chassis was the CRT board separated from the neck of the CRT. So now the pins from the picture tube are no longer connected to the CRT board. I doubt I damaged the picture tube as I did not hear anything shatter and all of the pins appear to be intact. Here are some pics of the monitor in its current state and the damaged bezel: I'm still on the lookout for a replacement bezel, so if anyone has one for a M1297 in good condition, please PM me.
  12. I just want to know if I can pull up the CRT assembly off the front bezel in one piece
  13. The service manual is written to take everything part piece by piece. I don't want to do that as I want to avoid touching the high voltage stuff.
  14. Hi Everyone, I had an unfortunate accident with my M1297 monitor early last year. I was cleaning my workstation when one of the legs on my desk buckled causing the monitor to fall. While the CRT and its internals were undamaged, a small part of the front bezel broke off on the bottom left corner. Naturally, I would like to replace the front bezel as the unit is in very good condition for its age. However, I need to know if I can remove the chassis as one part without having to remove the EMF shield and the other high voltage goodies. From what I can see inside, there are four screw
  15. Good to see that this thread was revived. I've been busy with other things, so I'll provide a detailed update soon. Here are the fine points in the meantime: (1) I sold the Quadra 950 tower (just the case; no electronics) and the WGS 95 bezel as they were very scratched up/broken in certain areas. So now I have the WGS body sporting a 950 bezel (and yes, I kept the tape drive). (2) I swapped the key lock from the 950 tower to the WGS, which was left at the "ON" position. I do intend to get a key at some point, but right now it's not a priority. (3) The computer crashes on shut dow
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