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  1. Did some more sleuthing. Section 9 of the SoftWindows Read-Me file states that while SoftWindows may use a number of external floppy drives in addition to the internal SuperDrive, only the following 5.25" floppy drives are officially supported by SoftWindows: DaynaFile & DaynaFile II DosFloppy from Peripheral Land Inc. Drive 1200 & Drive 360 from Kennect w. Rapport Interface No mention of Apple's own 5.25" PC concoction even though the program recognizes the drive and mounts floppies (just won't run or install programs). Oh well.
  2. Some pics showing that SoftWindows recognizes the Apple PC drive and the error message I receive when trying to install applications:
  3. SoftWindows provides the option of adding a PC drive so that PC documents and applications can run in SoftWindows (that's the whole point of the program). Right now the IIfx's SuperDrive is configured as Drive A and the Apple PC drive is listed as Drive B (and SoftWindows recognizes Drive B as the Apple PC 5.25). Oddly, SoftWindows would cause the IIfx to hang if I listed the Apple PC drive as Drive A and the SuperDrive as Drive B, but that issue has been rectified.
  4. Yes, if I use Apple File Exchange, but that's for documents only (no applications). I want to load DOS programs onto the IIfx using SoftWindows from the PC drive.
  5. After some minor tinkering, SoftWindows now recognizes my Apple PC 5.25 Drive as B:\> and doesn't hang the IIfx anymore when I load a disk. Despite all that, I cannot install any applications either in MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 (I get a "Cannot Run the Application" error box in 3.1 and "General Failure Reading Drive B" in MS-DOS). Doesn't matter if the disk is OEM software or a duplicate or some random document. Thoughts? Seems like the only thing SoftWindows can do right is run Solitaire.
  6. I was able to find a copy of Apple File Exchange on my System 7.1 "Tidbits" disk. Both Apple PC drives work perfectly, although at times the Apple File Exchange software was picky with certain disks. Sometimes it would ask for a disk that was previously loaded and then hang the IIfx. I also discovered that putting a 5.25" disk icon in the Trash causes 7.1 to freeze and show the bomb. SoftWindows was no better, either. While it recognized the PC drive, any attempt to load programs would freeze the computer. Despite some flaws, it's an interesting piece of kit, and from what I've he
  7. Did Apple File Exchange come pre-installed with 7,1, or do I have to dig it up from another install disk? I know for certain I have PC Exchange since the SuperDrive can read MS-DOS disks.
  8. Picked up a couple of Apple 5.25 PC drives on eBay, along with the mandatory PC NuBus Card for the Mac II series. What happens is the red indicator light shows on the drive, but nothing else happens. All of the connections are tight and the 5.25" DOS disks I want to read still work on my Commodore PC 10-III. I even tried to see if the disks would run in SoftWindows - it says that no drive is present. My understanding is the card and the disk drive were plug-and-play and that no drivers/software were required. Were these a System 6 only device? I'm running 7.1 on the IIfx.
  9. I installed the full-size Quantum in the AVID enclosure and it appears to be a blank drive (IIfx shows blinking question mark on startup) and yes, it does conflict with the IIfx's internal drive as the Quantum takes priority. If there's a way to change the ID setting on the IIfx's internal drive, I'm all ears. Pic below: The drive installed in the 5215 is a 4GB Quantum Fireball, which still worked before going into slumber. Since the software on my A/UX HD doesn't work (moar infos here), I might go ahead and wipe that and put a clean install of 8.1 (it's a 750MB Quantum). As for sho
  10. On the AVID HD controller board in picture #3, there's a port to plug in the SCSI ID switch in the back. My Quantum drive does not have that port. Is that going to pose a problem if there is no means to power the ID switch?
  11. Good to hear. I've got a full size Quantum Pro Drive that I want to test out.
  12. Just out of curiosity, can the HD in the AVID enclosure be swapped with any other SCSI drive?
  13. That likely explains it. From what I recall, I don't have any partitions on the AVID drive and any formatting that was done would have been through my 5215CD. I'm currently running System 7.1 on the IIfx and I don't want to use the same drive to upgrade it to 8.1 The only program I've used thus far is the Apple HD SC setup and the only drive that appears is the one installed in my IIfx.
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