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  1. Nice work - I saw this on eBay and wondered if someone from here would nab it.
  2. And finally the G5 PowerMac is up and running! Specs are: - 2 x 1.8GHz G5/2GB RAM/600GB HDD/Mac OS X 10.5.8
  3. The Cube is working too! Specs are: - G4 450MHz/1GB RAM/120GB HDD/Mac OS X 10.5.8
  4. Fired the iMac G4 up, everything looks fine, specifications are pretty stock: - 700MHz G4/256MB RAM/40GB HDD/Mac OS X 10.3.9 I remember being enthralled by these iMacs when they came out - I was at Uni and one of the PC computer labs had a handful of these sitting against the wall.
  5. Recent acquisitions include: - G4 iMac (700MHz, 15") - my second one - couldn't resist! - G5 PowerMac (2003 Dual 1.8GHz) - my first PowerMac G5 - I already have a G5 iMac and Xserve in the collection - Cube (450MHz) - purchased mainly for the motherboard as my other Cube has the Firewire ports not working Now I just need to find time to tinker with them!
  6. Just picked up an SE/30, a PowerMac 7600 and a 15" Apple Multiscan from one of my old University lecturers. All are boxed with most of the original cables, packaging, installation media and documentation. They are not "new in box", their previous owner had just decided to keep all of the original packaging (which is nice for me). They have definitely had long and useful lives. Neither of the Macs boot (they need new hard disks, which is an easy job). Price? Free.
  7. I thought the days of kerbside Mac hauls were long gone - awesome!
  8. Yeah, that seriously has to happen.... I have fond memories of networked Bolo on LC630s in first year Uni (1998).
  9. Just acquired this from eBay - the screen is awesome. Awesome little Mac. Now to see if I can find some more RAM in my stash (currently has 12MB) and load up Mac OS 7.6. I'm thinking of firing up Bolo....
  10. macgreg


    Nice work - and even nicer that it's going to a good cause.
  11. Fantastic conquest - that is one tricked out IIci!
  12. Awesome! Agree with Bunsen.
  13. I think some other obscure laptops/notebooks did use 2.5" SCSI HDDs (a SPARC-based one rings a bell?)
  14. Love the fire extinguisher in the background.... Oh, there is no cure. Just more Macs!
  15. macgreg

    400Mhz Pismo

    What a pain! I guess a lot depends on what you paid for it. Still a cool machine though - I did a few years at Uni with one of these as my workhorse.
  16. Good news! Hopefully this sorts your OMP out!
  17. Bugger - is this the one I sent you? Have you tried the methods described here:http://www.pda-soft.de/faq.html? Let me know how you get on...
  18. Nice work! Two very popular 68k Macs!
  19. macgreg

    eMate x2

    My eMates arrived yesterday (same eBay auction that everyone else in Australia used I think). I got numbers 20 and 26 so I guess there must have been an entire classroom's worth of these in the mid 90s. Both came in original boxes with manuals, CD and power adapter. Both units have loose screen hinges and one is missing the PCMCIA eject button. Overall I'm very happy - my four year old daughter has already asked if one is for her...
  20. macgreg

    G'day (e)Mate!

    Just got a message from my wife - a box has arrived! Should be my two eMates.
  21. macgreg

    G'day (e)Mate!

    I picked up two as well - a veritable Australian eMate revolution!
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