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  1. I think I've been able to switch the 1st/2nd gen iMacs in my school to as low as Black and White. Those were G3s. I seem to remember there was a muppet game for all the school computers that needed 16 colors to run and would run perfectly on the G3 iMacs without any special modifications or patches.
  2. So let me get this straight. You're saying Motion jpeg is as small if not smaller than Cinepak, compresses twice as fast and still has better quality video? Dang, why didn't people choose this over Cinepak? Well, maybe It's because of the decode requirements. Did you say they were higher than Cinepak?
  3. I don't think the Cinepak codec has changed at all since Quicktime 2.5. MoviePlayer is just the front-end. If you use MoviePak or Cleaner, it still uses Quicktime's Cinepak encoder, but gives you some additional options for changing the video before sending it to the encoder. Some options are variable frame rate (dropping duplicate frames) and adaptive noise reduction. From my experience, using QuickTime Player with QuickTime 7 Pro produces identical results as using MoviePlayer with Quicktime 2.5. The biggest differences come with changing the data rate. Also, the consensus from long
  4. Instead of converting the MPEG I intended to convert, I decided to convert a video of Bubsy 3D (That one on Youtube with that guy achieving an amazing 24 second record for level 1) to MPEG, take it over to the LC and then convert it to Cinepak. Unfortunately, I couldn't extract the sound using the audio/video splitter. But I did get the video! I'm converting to Cinepak now! But the conversion is taking a LOT longer than I planned. I started converting an hour ago and it's still not finished! I even have my '030 accelerator card turned on! Those people writing the Macworld SECRETS book in 199
  5. Dang! So it's too late to enter? I just figured out what I was going to do! Perform all of my web browsing and game creation functions on a PSP to show people that using a dedicated system for everyday tasks can be just as fun and useful as using a fully expandable system for the same tasks. The PSP is not exactly retro, but I feel it's limited enough to qualify. And since the homebrew scene has put out next to no software for the tasks I intend to accomplish, this should be quite challenging.
  6. I just got a Wrath of Cortex intro from the web that I would like to run on my LC. It's in MPEG format and I would like to convert it to a Cinepak compressed 4 bit color format to reduce the memory footprint. I also plan to convert a few Mac ads to use as startup movies for both of my 68k based machines. Is there a conversion program for OS9 or OSX (OS9 preferred) that could do this for me?
  7. I got my G4/500Mhz (I think it's a Graphite, I'm not sure.) from a friend. Came with OS 9 and a relative assload of shareware discs and other software, as well as a DVD-Rom drive. Now I'm pimpin' with Ubuntu on my 40GB. I'll move to Fluxbuntu when it becomes available.
  8. So did Nintendo. A design that was something like the one in the link was later released for the American market.
  9. I've got a Graphite G4 tower. The case design rocks. Easy to get into, and everythings laid out all nice and neat for you inside the case door.
  10. Oh dear me, that is disgraceful. That I could have made such an obvious grammatical error is horrifying. I must have been having a blond moment this morning. I will now kill myself. "Avec mon tout dernier souffle je défendrai la pureté de la langue Française!" - François de Malherbe Nooooo! Don't kill yourself! you have so much to live for! ]'>
  11. That Makes me kinda glad to own my Powermac G4/500! By the way, were G4 macs released in 1999 or 2000?
  12. Is there a way to make a separate partition of Ubuntu 7.04 without harming my Mac OS 9.2 install and dual boot between them? I've been gathering music resources for a game I'm making, and don't want to lose them. I've gotten a lot of stuff on my 40 gig Maxtor, and don't want to lose it in the switch. I suppose I could just boot from my OS 9.2 CD and copy files to my USB flash driive from there. Anyone know of other ways?
  13. Oh well... I would recommend SymbOS for porting, but the source isn't available and it doesn't look like it can be ported to anything other than a Z80. Still, it would be nice to be able to boot into a fast OS once in a while for simple tasks such as word processing without all that excess bloatware hindering your productivity.
  14. I might try to create world 3 of my super awesome 3D haven't-started-yet game using Blender on an LC. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever get around to doing so.
  15. I wish Amiga, inc had the sense to port OS4 to other platforms. It's feature packed, non bloated, and most importantly, fast!
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