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  1. Certainly. Attached. The pad under C109 was damaged so I had to add a bodge wire. Continuity from the cap to the IC tests good. The solder balls are very shiny so the brown you see on the top of them is actually a reflection of the woodwork in the room. Ouch. I wonder why these sound chips in particular are so prone to failure...
  2. I just finished a recap of my Mac LC and ... no sound*. I notice a trend here in the threads. Is there something about these Macs in particular that makes this a particular problem? * I can hear electrical noise on the headphone jack. On reboot I can actually hear a faint startup chime through the jack. I know there is a discussion about this model using a split ground and separate one for audio. Can anyone describe why that's a problem all of a sudden for us now? I've probed around the caps that I replaced and I seem to be able to find continuity at
  3. Thanks trag! The interesting thing about the G4s was that if a new G4 with L2 cache was attached to a new CPU board it would treat the former L2 as L3 cache. I was hoping that was the case with the G3s.
  4. Does anyone happen to know if the entire range of G3 CPUs are pin-compatible with one another? In other words, can a 750FX (Sahara G3) be soldered onto a CPU card in place of an original G3 (Arthur)? I know that the G4s are surprisingly interchangeable and I am hoping that the G3s are as well.
  5. Thanks guys. I will experiment on a small section. I expect to retrobrite this Mac as it is because of needing to replace the faceplate too and the color doesn't exactly match. So I will get the case one uniform color one way or another.
  6. The Performa 400 did indeed ship after 7.0 was released BUT "Performa" is only a name. All Performas are repackaged Macs in a "consumer friendly" way. That is, a Performa is a base model Mac (LC, Quadra, PowerMac, etc) that is given a Performa name and number and packaged with a collection of software and hardware meant to appeal to consumers. The actual logic board is identical. So, even though the Performa 400 shipped with 7.0, that Mac is electronically indistinguishable from an LC II and therefore can run any OS that the LC II can run ... because it's an LC II with a different name tag
  7. It looks like paint. I hope that there is some way I can remove it without ruining the case plastic.
  8. A Performa 475 is NOT an LC III. The Performa 475 is a 68LC040 and despite also running at 25 MHz, it will absolutely crush an LC III at everything. It's not even close. As Gorgonops pointed out, there is a 5x difference in performance from the 475 to the LCs. That isn't an exaggeration. The LC and LC II are the slowest color Macs. They were slow the day they were made and they are slow now. Appreciate them for what they are and don't expect too much from them.
  9. If you keep running this Mac without recapping it the damage will be permanent. There is zero doubt the caps have leaked and they are now no longer providing the proper capacitance. You are putting all of your ICs at risk by using it in this state. If the analog board/PSU hasn't been recapped it needs it too.
  10. One more thing to consider: Identify the SERIES of capacitor in the original design because that matters too. I'll give you a real-life example. The power supply in the Quadra 630 uses quite a few United Chemi-Con SXE capacitors. If you look up the SXE series you will find that these caps are low impedance. When choosing your replacement cap you will want to also find one that meets all of the specs above (capacitance, voltage, temperature, size) but also is a low impedance design. You will also find caps in Macs that are low ESR (effective series resistance) and a few other features. K
  11. In "Classic Mac Repair Notes" it suggests replacing C1 with a special arrangement: Does anyone have a picture of what this looks like? It's hard for me to visualize.
  12. Are these rebuilt batteries? If not, there is no point in trying. The cells are long dead from age.
  13. eraser

    ImageWriter II Ribbons

    Pictures of new and old IW II ribbons
  14. Of course now I have new ribbons that are cheap enough to not have to fool with trying to make one yourself. (And personally considering the incredible mess and pain of trying to stuff many feet of ribbon back into a cartridge it never seemed worth it to me to even try that.) Which extension would that be? I can test it.
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