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  1. I dont run a pram battery in my 475, I just use the double flip of the power switch method which bypasses that issue.
  2. Is that CPU socketed ? If it is I wonder if the CPU can be upgraded.
  3. I have my Performa 475 hooked up to the vga port on my HDTV (using a vga adapter and a vga cable), the HDTV complains a little (complaining about resolution mismatch) when it first detects a video signal but displays fine.
  4. Is there any kind of button switches on the inside to tell if a caddy is loaded or not ?
  5. I want to be able to use my performa 475, and maybe even my llgs.
  6. It displays with a few issues, but is useable. Just not ideal. Haven't found a telnet client on this phone that works correctly yet. Its hard to type cause when you type it lags before it responds (have to wait 1-10 seconds between key presses). But all of these issues are with the client itself.
  7. Had to give your BBS a go, used a telnet app on my windows phone to try. Quite interesting. Been on a BBS a few times a while ago (first time with a smartphone though).
  8. A 840av has always been something I wanted to get.
  9. Just sometimes good things come to those that wait.
  10. Blame the auto correct on my phone for saying Mac's instead of Macs in my post.
  11. After you do clean everything off with soap and water, you can buy a can of compressed air to spray around any chips that might hold water under them. It makes the drying process a lot better. It still needs to sit a few days to make sure it's dry, chips that can trap water under them can be a pain because even after a few days if there is water trapped under any chips can still contain moisture.
  12. To me it doesn't matter what brand of pram battery is used, i either remove the battery and never replace it, or buy a new battery. You run the risk of a leaking or exploding battery with every replacement. My first 475 met its fate by a exploding pram battery which was maxell brand, now my current 475 has no pram battery in it, but i do have to double flick the power switch to turn it on or it wont boot, its a trade off between having memory loss or the chance if a pram battery leak or explosion. I also removed the battery from my IIgs to keep it from seeing the same fate. The only
  13. There are a few pictures taken using it on Google, you would assume correctly about poor quality. It will probably never be used being that my phone takes better pictures. Its just a interesting part for a collection if you will.
  14. Speaking about palm III, i picked up a palm III with dock and a palmpix camera attachment at goodwill for $2.99 USD. The palm works, i just need to get a USB to serial adapter to load up software to use the camera, but i expect it also works as well.
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