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  1. I left my caliper at school before things were shut down, but here's a pic of the little rubber nubbin on my 14" iBook G4. Hope it helps! They are indeed just rubber feet. The screen turning off and computer sleep is handled by the reed switch along the right-hand side of the lid assembly, and a magnet in the lower case of the iBook. Just simple, plain rubber. They tend to turn to mush or dry out over the years. My 12" PowerBook's nubbins are crusty and splatted out, but for some reason the iBook's are still firm and perfect. Go figure!
  2. And, just because I can, here's browsing this read from said monitor!
  3. Haha, I know how to keep you lot happy. I've been around here on and off since before the 2007 Great Forum Crash, and it's good to dip my toes back in the waters here Besides, what's the point of a casemod if it doesn't look as much like the original as possible? Hence why I'm dremeling the back off the logic board to reuse the original ports in their original locations
  4. And that, my friend, is exactly what I was looking for! I completely brainfarted on overscan settings; after messing about with them in/boot/config.txt, everything is working wonderfully! And thanks, I quite like it. I love playing with my IIc+ on it, but it's a bit of a bear to drag out each time. I have an Apple II emulator on the Pi, and I mostly play around with that these days. I've also been working on getting the Pi installed in a Mac mini case; I've had a G4 around that was hit by lightning years ago that I couldn't bear to get rid of. Now, it's being repurposed as a Pi case! I
  5. After a quick teardown, there was a small adjustment knob on the right side just under the power button. It's not perfect, but it is quite a bit better now! I'm still curious where in there a horizontal sizing adjustment may be. If anyone knows, I'd be happy to rip into this thing again
  6. Hello all! Quick question for you all; I have an Apple Monitor IIc that works wonderfully, and I have been using it with my Raspberry Pi for a while now, running a couple of Apple II emulators when I don't feel like bringing out my IIc Plus. The only issue that I have with it is that the left side is stuffed under the left edge of the housing a bit. It's still displaying what it should be, but it's shifted to the left just a tad more than it should be. Is there any way to adjust the horizontal position or sizing of the picture on this monitor? The only knobs on the back are for vsync, vert
  7. Haha, nope, I added that on from my collection. The original Apple TV is a nice-looking little box; if you took an older Mac mini and squashed it flat, then reversed the colors of the plastic on the top (grey background, white text/logo), you have an Apple TV. The little thing is actually amazingly simple to take apart - after taking out a few torx screws, the whole thing pops apart. Nothing that I have found is glued in any way, making it a pleasant break from many modern Apple devices. I took a few pics for those of you that might not be familiar with the original Apple TV, who have one
  8. As am I! The SSD really makes a difference though, turning a miserably slow but adequate server into a decent little server overall. For those that might be interested, this is the SATA adapter that I wound up using; $3.77 shipped! And with a little bending of the SATA port to scoot it into a flatter angle, plus taking the housing off of the SSD to make it flatter, it fits in there beautifully and works just as well. That's the only problem with the Apple TV - there's not a whole lot of room in there to use much of anything that wasn't there originally. You need to get rather creative to f
  9. I'm not sure that I'd try upgrading the RAM in this little bugger - it's soldered on there via BGA. Shame, since it's such a wonderful little box only hampered by a crippling lack of RAM. As far as my server needs go, it isn't hampered much by its low RAM and slow HDD; it essentially just serves up media and a few files. However, whenever I do want to interact with it, it is a slow, miserable experience, made even more miserable by the old, slow HDD that I installed Leopard on for it. I rectified this problem today. Using an ATA-->SATA adapter, there is now a 64GB SSD in my Apple TV, a
  10. A dual G5 will make a great space heater while it's running as a server
  11. I followed the directions listed here. It really works amazingly well. I set it up about two weeks ago, and it's been extremely solid ever since. I love having a server that's dead silent and fairly low powered, but still runs everything that I need it to. My needs aren't all that intense, so I don't need tons of computing power; that's good, since this little guy can't provide much at all For ~100USD on eBay, these things are getting cheap, and can be great, quiet, good-looking little home servers for most needs!
  12. ...but still pretty nifty! I love repurposing old Apple tech, and this little project made me quite happy I've had a first-gen Apple TV since late 2007, and I've been absolutely in love with it. Despite its age, it is still a wonderful little set-top box. Recently, though, my fiancé has been pressing for a new one, mostly so that we can watch netflix without booting up the Xbox and use AirPlay. As such, a refurb is on its way here, and I found myself looking for a new purpose for my trusty old Apple TV. I self-host my website, and have been looking for a new, low-power server for seve
  13. Nice one! It's always good to have a speedy PowerPC Mac around for old software - I keep an iMac G5 on my desk for that very reason
  14. Always solid advice - if there is no way to upgrade the RAM in your machine, and you plan on keeping it for some time to come, get as much as possible.
  15. This is a nice sight
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