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  1. i found that by plugging a adc monitor in the radeon 9000 pro, the mdd boot normally and chud work normally too.. would a dead pram battery cause this
  2. i found something else strange. After installing chud tools 3.6.2 on the mac.. i enabled nap mode and the power supply fan rev up in idle and rev down when cpu are in use. Anyone else experienced that ? the temps get lower but the up and down noise is annoying
  3. ok.. well i tried "Apple Hardware Test for MDD G4 1.2.7 " disc.. all passed ok
  4. hello.. i always wanted one of those.. and one year ago i found one. it was working fine.. but every time i closed the computer it did not want to boot up again , i needed to unplug/plug the power cord and then it booted again .. i used it for a while without a problem and still work.. this was a 1.42 ghz dual fw800 . and now.. i found a dual 1.0 ghz fw400 .. since i like the opportunity to boot into os9 i bought it.. switched the 1.42 ghz module ,maxed the memory, everything seemed fine. the computer seemed to boot fine.. but yesterday the computer have developed the same power symptom.
  5. i redid the thermal paste again hehe.. and the results are strange.. now the temps are all equal during idle.. but now under heavy load it's core 2 on cpu 2 that is 10C warmer.. before it was core 2 on cpu1.. so maybe there is not enough liquid to cool down all the cores.. not sure.. ill leave it like that for a few days..
  6. yes.. i did.. it's strange i leaved the computer for a couple of hours off and i decided to try again.. the computer was very quiet and the temperature of each cpu seemed close of each other. i leaved it on for a full day then the next morning i see the 10 celcius difference between cpu again and the computer is noisier.. i used it for some time and the noise become more tolerable. it seem it doesnt like to idle for a long time ? the liquid get thick ? im not sure..
  7. i did it.. it was not too hard.. you just need the right tools.. unfortunately it didnt help much.. core 2 on cpu1 is still putting way more heat 10+ celcius.. maybe worse than before hehe.. well i will just use a quieter mac for now i guess..
  8. thanks for showing me your stats.. eventually i will try to reapply thermal compound anyways to see if i can get the temp difference more even ..
  9. i see.. well i guess its getting a bigger problem.. your quad run quieter and cooler.. the flash video was this : http://www.onf.ca/film/L_age_de_la_machine/ i have the one pump version, i think 10 Celsius difference on cpuA core 2 is a bigger problem than i thought.. i tried to calibrate with the asd 2.6.3 discs.. everything passed but nothing changed.. i guess i could try to reapply thermal paste ? someone did that i think.. but everything is so sealed not sure how to do it..
  10. flash doesnt get the cpu to reach 70.. i will get in the 60s but it mostly stay in the 50s.. i get 70 fron a fractal benchmark that use 4 cores at 100% ... but still flash video.. will get the fans to speedup at around 2000+ rpms wich is kind of loud compared to my older g5 dp mac... i guess there is not much to do unless i try to dissemble the lcs for inspection..
  11. i cleaned the inside while looking for leaking fluid.. there is no dust anymore stopping the air i think.. i always set the energy system to automatic.. the system seem to run fine.. no kernel panic it just get loud sometime mostly while watching flash stuff , the old g5 dp didnt do that .. when i load all the 4 cores to 100% it will peak around 77 celcius on cpu1 core b and cool down to 65.. and the rest of the cores will be around 60-61.. fans will go up to 2700 rpm under full load.. is it normal ?
  12. hello.. recently i found a powermac g5 Quad. i thought it could be a nice computer, well it is to some extend but i found that it's way more noisy than my older g5.. (dual processors 2ghz model) when idle the computer is quiet.. but if i watch flash video in tenfourfox the fans will go up around 2000 rpm.. is it normal for this model ? Also i let the computer on at night when i sleep.. and when i wake up i see that cpu A is around 10 Celsius warmer than B ( CPU A core1=43 CPU A core2=45 CPU B core1=33 CPU B core2=33 ) what i do to get more even temperature is to load a program that use 4 c
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