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  1. I going to work on the Classic II next. I posted about that in the Campacts section. I will wash it like I did the LC, with water and a toothbrush then douse it with alcohol before letting it dry for several days.
  2. IIciguy


    I'm going to get to work on mine soon, but I need a torx that will fit down in the holes in the handle. I have one in my tool kit but it's too thick for those. Don't remember what I used last time I opened one of these but I know I opened my old SE. I resurrected my LC520 by cleaning the logic board and works fine now so keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. That's really cool and I hope you find some good tricks for it. It's great to have older hardware doing tricks in places where they can shown off in style!
  4. IIciguy


    So I recently got my Classic II out of storage and it has the checkerboard screen disease. I also rescued a Classic this weekend that seems to have video board trouble. I may not even bother with it and stick to maybe fixing the Classic II. Classic II's can be lovely little machines for small tasks. I wish I could find my SE but I don't see it in storage and don't remember parting with it. I'll have to content myself with reviving the Classic II for now I suppose. Wish me luck.
  5. Over the weekend I managed to get my LC520 back in working condition. Boots from HD just fine, but looks like I need to boot from a floppy and run Disk Tools. It thinks the HD is mostly full when there's really not much on there. At least it works after washing the motherboard(I love how easy it was to remove and re-install) and letting it dry for 3 or 4 days. It had been in storage and was dirty but I guess otherwise it was OK. Also replaced the PRAM battery. Now if only my Classic II were so easy.
  6. I always wanted a IIfx after interning at Planet Dallas Recording Studio around 1997. They had one running Pro Tools 3 I think with an 8 channel audio interface. We used early Power Macs when I went to audio engineering school in '96 and '97 but the IIfx looked cooler and was something different that I had not seen before at the time.
  7. It's strange because it's a great sound card but most MIDI apps want to look at the serial port and fail to see the PAS16. I've not used that function much on mine but I'm hoping that the IIci can handle some lo-fi sounds and MIDI now that it's back out and being set up. Surely it's just a CP setting that is neglected. If I have trouble, I can always pick up a different Mac MIDI interface for it. The sound card part does sound great as it's full 16 bit audio and has great Digital to Analog converters for it's time.
  8. Nice Mac history. I look forward to your IIfx story in Mac II, Quadra & Centris later. Glad to meet you.
  9. OK. That's what I figured. I am a member of some pro audio groups that are similar. I really didn't realize a group for 68k Macs existed here although I had seen the name before coming up in searches. I am into much of the same type of things you mention in your signature, Unknown_K. Anything Nubus for audio or video and Mac IIs are some of my favorites too. I still have a Spigot II Tape and a regular Spigot card in their original boxes although the Spigot II Tape is about to go back into my monster IIci. I sure wish I still had my Audiomedia II card but I sold it with a Radius 81/110 I used
  10. Hey thanks everybody. Just to help introduce myself further, here is an article I wrote for MY Turn on Lowendmac back in 2002 that details my main IIci that I still have and am currently getting back up and running. http://lowendmac.com/myturn/02/0628.html Not trying to brag and I don't usually do the shameless self promotion thing, but since I'm new I thought it wouldn't hurt to have some "street cred" so to speak. I have already found much useful information here. My current project is getting an LC 520 I rescued long ago back up and running. Nice to meet you all!
  11. Or is it just me and this is normal for this board? I noticed at least 3 new members posts in the forum after I joined today. Is this normal or are more and more people pulling out their old Macs lately and trying to get them running again? It leads me to wonder how many are going to get them running and use them or whether they plan to sell or place back into storage. Personally, I never meant for mine to stay in storage so long. It was due to the way my life was and a lack of space, which I have now. I don't plan on collecting too many more Macs myself. I feel that I've saved plenty and dona
  12. I should have been here long before now as I've rescued many, many 68k Macs in my life. I have recently been pulling out most of my vintage collection and getting some up and running again. All that's left of what used to be a fairly extensive collection is 2 IIci's, a Classic II, and an LC 520 all in one. I only have space to set up the IIci, but it's a doozy with a Daystar Powercache, 128 MB RAM, PAS 16 sound card and SuperMac Spectrum 24 video card. I am using a 17" VGA monitor currently as all my old Mac monitors went in the name of space several years back. I'm glad I hung onto these few
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