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  1. I have not had such issues with my "revision B" FloppyEMU, so you may wish to consult with Steve at BMOW about this. Separately from that though, you really should recap the Analog Board. If the power supply is failing because of bad caps, you would know it either by low voltage (which you don't seem to have right now, although that was not tested on a scope) or by unexplained freezes.
  2. The 5V line is what matters most because the FloppyEMU ignores 12V and -12V lines: 4.95V is a very good voltage level, assuming it's stable. But only a scope would tell you that. At this point, I know my 400MB DSK is good, but the fact you are having problems with it indicates either a problem in the FloppyEMU (unlikely) or some other instability in your computer. Has anything in your machine been recapped?
  3. This is the CR20 replacement part datasheet. As you can see on the right side of page 1 in that datasheet, pin 1 is connected to 4 (the metal back). So pin 1 would need to be removed. Then pin 3 would need to be soldered into the PCB hole (after you remove the stock diode). Then you must mount the metal back side of the replacement part against the heatsink. Not sure if that will require you to drill a new hole in the heatsink. You'll need to check if the stock hole is low enough. You would then need to secure it with a nut and bolt. Thermal paste should also be used.
  4. No. I've been too busy to do that properly. But my YouTube recommendation still stands. It's by far the single best way to distribute video for free across pretty much any device and OS. For now, I have watched the video in its entirety, so the MP4 incompatibility is no longer an issue. And when viewing other MP4s, I never have any issues.
  5. If your SE/30's problem is low voltage or capacitors, then a software scan using MacEKG or similar really won't turn up much of anything. And if your machine is triggering errors as often as it is, then any diagnostic software you run may even crash. The first thing you should do is check the voltage at the external floppy connector with a multimeter. Put the black probe into one of the metal bolt holes where the connector screw mounts to the motherboard (or clip on the metal frame of your SE/30). Just make absolutely sure that is connected securely. Then insert a paper clip into the appr
  6. @Cinan CR20 & CR21 are the same on the US & Int'l versions. However, not all parts are the same. If you wish to compare other parts, please download Macintosh Repair & Upgrade Secrets, and then either jump to Appendix C on page 327 or do a keyword search for component labels. Safari on MacOS High Sierra prevents me from doing keyword searches on big PDFs for some reason, so I have to download and then use Preview.
  7. The fact that you can boot from the 400MB 6.0.8 DSK image I sent to you indicates the MODE of your FloppyEMU is indeed correct, because it would not boot if the mode was anything other than HD20 mode. (You can also verify the integrity of the DSK image by booting Mini vMac from it on your modern Mac.) I too have a "Model B" FloppyEMU and do not have the same problem. However, the ROM-inator II ROM is required for HD20 Mode to work at all on an SE/30, and I myself have had issues with that ROM's circuit board being too thin, such that I had to painstakingly add solder on each of
  8. CR5 replacement on Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Vishay-General-Semiconductor/EGP51G-E3-C?qs=%2Fha2pyFadujcYTdXhGCQYso42sonLqjMPlByH43PYaA%2F7QQpIoSejQ== Q3 replacement on Mouser: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/ON-Semiconductor/BU406G?qs=%2Fha2pyFaduhbHrxXpwk2nHcxuOlgCnbO%2B4ZzGgn42OY= For DigiKey part numbers and more replacement parts like CR20 & CR21, please consult my Google Docs Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/132RwzC8HM5ask-BdY_31txErOCwJDSkz099GY2XLpE0/edit#gid=0
  9. @old_hitech PM sent to you just now with the download link.
  10. Thank you for your kindness. But even though I cannot play the MP4 back in QT Player X or Safari on my High Sierra MBP, that MP4 version still beats WebM which cannot play at all (not even the audio) in Safari or QuickTime Player X or QT Player 7. The problem with your MP4 must be the codec. It's not MP4 in general because these example videos play perfectly fine in High Sierra in Safari. All said, I humbly recommend YouTube as the preferred means of distribution for your future videos because it can accommodate pretty much any playback device as well as numerous oper
  11. Thanks. I just booted from a 2TB USB SSD that runs Catalina and I can playback the video just fine in Safari. It still bothers me I cannot do that on my internal 1TB Apple SSD though, as I prefer High Sierra as my daily driver. I cannot imagine this is something exclusive to High Sierra though as QT Player 7 (much older than QT Player X) plays it back just fine under High Sierra, as do FireFox and Chrome. There must be something installed on my High Sierra Mac that is selectively blocking playback (but not audio playback) of this particular MP4 in Safari and QT Player X, but fo
  12. If indeed you have a ROMinator-II installed in your SE/30, then HD20 mode should be enabled. HD20 Mode refuses to work when you have the stock ROM installed. You said you can boot in HD20 mode, so that proves your ROM is a non-issue. Crashing is common on these old Macs because software versions matter a lot. There is the original MacDraw, for example, but there is also MacDraw II. Trying out different versions to find the one compatible with your System software version is key. Also keep in mind that some Control Panels and Extensions can conflict as well. If you crash a lot
  13. I can hear audio only in Safari on a High Sierra 2015 15" MBP. When viewing that MP4 in FireFox or Chrome, the video plays. In Safari, I see this one page error: Failed to load resource: Plug-in handled load I killed all Safari extensions and removed Internet Plugins and restarted to no avail (in Safari). When I download the MP4 and open in QuickTime Player 10, only the audio plays, but not the video. Interestingly, QT Player 7 can play the video just fine! VLC of course has not problem with the video. That proves the black video problem not not exclusive to Sa
  14. @cannfoddr Actually, this video is the one where I recap the SONY. I never created a Mouser cap list for my Astec simply because I recapped my SONYs and I used a SEASONIC in place of my Astec. No doubt someone has a complete capacitor list for the Astec. If they don't chime in within the next 24 hours or so, I will consider making one for you.
  15. That is normal. I have had boards which didn’t work right, so I recapped and found the problem resolved but upon testing the stock capacitors they seemed OK. But it’s important to keep in mind the DE-5000 LCR meter and others like it don’t put a huge load on the capacitors. The caps are under more strain in the actual circuit. All said, recaps of 20+ year old caps are never in vain. Great work!
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