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  1. JDW


    I sincerely apologize for my own foolishness. I reread this entire thread and saw that olePigeon asked the same question I did and got the answer! That’s all I was wondering. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion. I’ll try harder to read all the Q&A before posting in the future!
  2. JDW


    Cory, Thank you for your message. I apologize for any offense. It was not my intent to cause a problem. I am actually bewildered by all the negative responses. With the aim of avoiding similar trouble in the future, I would greatly appreciate knowing why my simply asking about the source of vintage computing equipment sold on EBAY and announced in our forum, originally having been owned by a famous person who attended my university alma mater, is deemed “inappropriate”? Had the question been asked of me, I would have answered it, even if I had to say, “I am
  3. JDW


    And now we have you two gentlemen choosing to gang up on me for simply having asked a simple and quite innocent question that neither of you would have asked. Wherefore art thou, Diversity of Thought?
  4. JDW


    Do you honestly consider your reaction to what I wrote the very “polite and good behavior” style of writing you suggested was lacking in my own writing? Whether someone is new or old to this forum does matter because trust is earned. That is not a new concept. Lastly, I abide by “do unto others as you would have done unto you.” If I was rather new to a forum in the same situation, I would happily answer the question and be done with it. If he wishes not to answer my question, he has every right not to answer.
  5. JDW


    @cheesestraws Aggressiveness is in the eye of the beholder. For example, your own post takes a rather aggressive stance against mine, despite the fact that I have been a long term veteran of this forum (from it's very beginning, actually) and am asking a simple question. Asking how someone rather new to this forum came to have access to a famous-yet-deceased person's possessions is a legitimate question. It is rather bold and direct, perhaps, but legitimate nonetheless. No one is suggesting the merchandise was stolen, but I am curious about the connection to the C
  6. JDW


    @pinto_guy Were you hired, directly or indirectly, by the family of Chuck Colby to liquidate some or all of his estate?
  7. JDW


    Since you are not privy to the date of his death, I take it you were hired by the family to liquidate his estate?
  8. JDW


    When did Mr. Colby pass away? There is no detailed Wiki containing that information. The video below, dated 2016, shows him alive at that time.
  9. Thank you! I use a Panasonic GH5 camera and shoot everything in 4K. If you are using Safari, you only can see it in 1080p. I have complained to Apple about that on their feedback pages for YEARS! You need to use Chrome (tragically) to view YouTube videos in 4K. FireFox is another option, but the colors are way oversaturated which is why I recommend Chrome. The lens I used for most shots in that video was the Olympus 40-150mm F2.8. Some clips were shot with the Olympus 12-100mm F4. I edit in FCPX and add a modest amount of sharpening. I made a video of my workflo
  10. Thank you for watching and for your advice. A hot air station is one soldering tool I do not own. But since my videos are geared for the average person who normally doesn't do a lot of soldering and therefore wouldn't likely spend the money on such tools, the technique I showed for the third and final capacitor on the motherboard is really the best approach for multilayered boards. It's super fast and easy to just cut off the old axial cap, leave the legs (the multi-layer board will ensure they stay put when heated), and then solder the replacement axial onto those existing legs.
  11. Think the Macintosh 128K, 512K & Plus motherboards don't need a recap? Time to Think Different. It's been 35+ years since the debut of the 128K & 512K, folks. Fluid-filled capacitors don't have eternal life. Properly chosen solid Tantalum, on the other hand, will last the life of the board. My video below shows recapping of the keyboard too. PLEASE watch on YouTube so you can expand the text description under the video, as it contains Mouser Carts and important info, especially for you Mac Plus owners. https://youtu.be/vz2NGF5Vuao
  12. Below is my just released video. I will post it separately in another thread too so others can easily find it. My humble and sincere thanks to all of you in this thread. I put details of our discussion inside the text description under the video, which can only be seen when viewing the video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/vz2NGF5Vuao
  13. I certainly appreciate your very kind offer. But I won't take you up on that this time because I have already completed my video, and right now I am merely adding content to the Text Description (which appears beneath the video on YouTube) to give specific recapping guidance to folks who have an extended keyboard (which I don't own) or a newer mouse like yours (which I also don't own). I will post a link to that video soon. Thanks again!
  14. @sfiera Can you please measure the DIAMETER & LENGTH of your 47uF 63V caps? (D=6.3mm & L=11mm?)
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