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  1. @cheesestraws Thank you for making time to guide my feeble brain through this. It's crystal clear now. I certainly appreciate your time!
  2. Thank you for the information! You appear to be speaking about tweaking the Extron 300A, correct? (You are not talking about merely tweaking the LCD settings only, right?) By the way, I am using the following adapter so as to be compatible with VGA... And this is from the MacroColor 30 guide: All said, the cheapest solution would be for me to just by that Dell 17" on Amazon Japan. But the specs look a lot like the old Logitec, so I would probably get the same banding and oddball centering issues at resolutions
  3. @cheesestraws I apologize for the confusion regarding OUTPUT of the Extron, as I was replying to @Trash80toHP_Mini based on the following sentence. But I have noted your correction. To answer your question, I got the info from this web page, in the Specifications tab. What I wrote matches your "scaled resolutions" screenshot, which I now see affects OUTPUT only. You are speculating on what should work, but the only reason for me to even ponder the Extron is the fact that what should work on LCD monitors often doesn't work, or at least doesn't work well. I wil
  4. @Trash80toHP_Mini Thank you for your reply. I understand the OUTPUT is a fixed 60Hz on the Extron, but I am curious about your personal experiences in feeding the INPUT with unsupported refresh frequencies. You see, the Extron 300A specifications say that a 640x480 input resolution must have a 50, 60 or 75Hz vertical refresh rate. No mention of 67Hz. If you feed it 640x480 @67Hz, what happens? The refresh frequency mismatch seems to cause banding on some LCDs which is why I ask. Also, finding a way to display 640x480 on a modern LCD with sharp pixels is challeng
  5. Doesn't the supported refresh rate matter? I have Micron Xceed Color 30HR and Xceed MacroColor 30HR PDS video cards for the SE/30: 640x480 @67Hz (vertical refresh), 35kHz Horizontal, 30.24MHz Bandwidth @Trash80toHP_Mini I've seen you talk about your experiences with LCDs on other threads. Have you kept an eye on the vertical & horizontal refresh rates at your chosen output resolution to see if that has a bearing on the video quality you see on your connected LCD panels? I can only assume there would be something a bit off if I were to connect my Xc
  6. You misunderstood, Scott. The word announced can mean (as it did in my post): make a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention. For example, you can announce a train is departing. "Announce" doesn't necessarily mean "for the first time." I mentioned Hackaday as but one example of many to say that "the word is out." And because of that, a number of people come to me and ask. Having me direct such people to the general forum isn't much help because there's a lot of digging to do to extract info. Having a "pinned" thread might be helpful, but that is out of my
  7. Friend, I am asking basic, fundamental questions. There's no need for any of that verbal stone-throwing. The SE/30 replica was announced on Hackaday, and just that mention will generate interest. I believe you can understand that. I am also approached through my YouTube channel and privately too about the status of Bolle projects I have no control over. But for the sake of helping other people out, I decided to ask some very basic questions in a friendly manner with no ulterior motives. And the fact I missed out on past items is a non-issue. I simply mentioned it as a factual matter, wi
  8. @Bolle Thank you for explaining. Per your suggestion, I did a keyword search for "Bolle" while searching the last 20 pages of the Trading Post and I only found these 3 threads, all of which show you are sold out: https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/61050-fs-daystar-50mhz-powercache-and-50mhz-se30-diimo-clones/?tab=comments#comment-655955 https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/61510-fs-socketed-se30-powercache-50mhz-accelerator/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-662683 https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/62169-fs-daystar-turbo040-and-micromac-carrera040-clones/?tab=c
  9. @Bolle would Kai’s chip stock enable you to continue building the DiiMO clone? Also, do you have a single web page out there which lists all the items you’ve built and are available for sale? That would save folks from having to dig deep into multiple threads in this forum to find your amazing handiwork. I for one haven’t had the chance to buy even one of your items. Having a one stop place to find your items would more easily help me not only grab one but also be able to do a YouTube video review where I can direct folks straight to you.
  10. I am curious about that too. Being able to replace a couple chips on my Mac 512K motherboard so as to make it faster than a Mac Classic, yet 100% compatible with even the oldest software would be amazing!
  11. @pcamen Thank you for your kind words and feedback. The Basilisk II emulator uses a text-based preference file to do configuration, but it also includes a separate GUI app for folks who don't want to change that preference file manually. A GUI and dedicated app is nice in that case since Basilisk's prefs file is actually a hidden file in the home directory. So when pondering how Basilisk II works on the Mac, I don't think there is anything that would prevent the creation of a GUI app for MacSD to alter the INI file. It's just a matter of demand and the developer's time. But I
  12. I don't have experience using the International Analog Boards or any 220VAC products. I would assume some 220VAC devices still would work fine on 110VAC. Devices with motors would operate the motor more slowly. In the case of the Mac you have, well, I guess it would work because you seem to have proven it! But I cannot say if that is the cause of your CRT issue though. The low voltage might have been the cause all along. But since your board hasn't been recapped, I really can't say if low voltage on the AC side is the reason. I would think the machine would intermittently shut off if th
  13. Some have said converting a US edition (not "international) 120V board to 220V cannot be done. Yet others say W12 is the ticket to switching the voltage, which I assume refers to International boards. I have zero experience with the Int'l boards, but your photos indicate you have one. Indeed, even Larry Pina, the vintage Mac magic man, says in his book the W12 jumper needs to be in place for 120V. And this post seems to confirm that a missing jumper on an international board means the board should be able to accept 220V. Yours is missing, indicating your board is set for 220VAC operation.
  14. As many of you know, there are several SCSI to SD products on the market and MacSD from @ymk is one of the new kids on the block. My review covers its unique features, with brief comparisons with competing products and a detailed Pro & Con list toward the end. I've been interviewing the developer regularly for the past 3 months, and I must say he's a real star! This has been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I greatly appreciate his patience and hand-holding during the review process. I spent many days creating the benchmark results, with testing done on a stock an
  15. @smileymacface From what I understand, most folks there in the UK use some kind of 220VAC to 110VAC transformer to run their compact Macs (128K thru Plus) with US power supplies. Plugging in a US model Mac into 220VAC should blow the power supply right away. What components will fry is unknown. Glad to hear you found the video and Mouser Cart useful. If you ever find any backordered components you can't wait for, just let me know so I can update the cart in question. It happens all the time. I never know about it until people let me know. The good news is that there are
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