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  1. bluekatt

    iBook G4

    8 or 16 mb video card ? thats the only thing i dont like about my 600 mhz ibook the 8 mb video card other then that is a huge improvement over my 500 mhz (who stil works fine thank you) its amazing how much difference 64 mb extra ram a 33 mhz faster fsb and 100 mhz extra make the 500 chugged with panther while tiger soars on the 600 mhz
  2. bluekatt

    iBook G4

    thats a very nice little book the smal form facor and almost endless battery life ( 6 hours on mine ) is what i like the most on these icebooks mine is just a G3 600 though
  3. so far leopard is running fine on the QS i dont notice too much slow down i used leopard assist and an external dvd drive to install leopard other then the pain of waiting 2 hours for the installation to be complete over usb 1.1 it all went just fine im not very keen on the looks of leopard though anyway possible to make the dock look more like the tiger dock ?
  4. i did not modify the geforce was not needed the card is an AGP 4X physical modification isnt needed thats the reason i flashed the geforce 3 ti 200 over the geforce fx 5200 which does need modification other then a some what garbeld boot up screen the card performs just fine in mac os X it self it even pushes leoaprd around with enough clout
  5. the Qs is now running with a geforce 3 ti 200 massive improvement i see leopard in its future ..kinda maybe
  6. i managed to flash one of my video cards an nvidia geforce 3 ti 200 for the quicksilver it works just fine but when the Qs boots and displays the grey apple screen said screen is al garbelded is there a reason for this and something i can do about it ? the QS is now humming to it self and updating tiger
  7. well right now id rather have a better video card thena better cpu ( though a dual 800 mhz Qs would be nice) tiger is already struggeling with just the screen saver with this card so off i go to look for a junker pc all it needs to do is boot of a floppy post and reconigse a screen keyboard and 2 video cards
  8. bah any computer with a gui is a toy
  9. bah any computer not running windows is a toy
  10. i am not making fun of it ...much its better then the 8 mb ati mobility in my ibook G3 500 its just frustrating that i have 4 better video cards that i cant use at the moment im glad it stil works and my lcd was dying not the card other wise my QS woudl be useless but tiger is already struggeling with it let alone leopard
  11. bluekatt


    followed by the cc ...urgh i actually always liked the G3 all in one an imac with full upgrade options
  12. its a pc nvidia card an geforce3 ti 200 agp 4X some forums say that its bios is mac compatible because it has a dvi port ( i doubt that ) i mostly keep it in the agp slot to cover up the unsightly hole in the back cover and because the mac will boot with it it refuses to boot with the agp 8X cards im also eying to flash this one instead fo the others i dont have to modify it in anyway or shape and 64 mb is plenty for an old QS anyway what games am i going to do run on it other then the sims 2 dungeon siege and older mac os 9 ? its
  13. not the early the later G3's were the most notorious are the 700 800 and 900 mhz units the 500 and 600 mhz units tend to be rock solid
  14. the gen nex is a marvelous looking piece of kit though
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