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  1. Hi all, I picked up a 240 MHz G3 card for my 6100, which fits the AVcard with some kind of adapter. I got the whole working 6100 along with it for 10 euro's. I am only looking for a new fan to fix the one that is broken in the power unit... Jelly
  2. I will make new pictures, with more detail of the chips you mention. If I connect the board to the 512, I get a bong and a black screen. No effort is made by the Mac to start from a floppy. Since I have not found the time to try to make a good startup floppy, I have not seen the Mac boot completely. However, without the alien board, the Mac gives the blinking disc icon and you can hear it scan the (faulty) floppy. Jelle
  3. Hi Osgeld, Nope, the images are still here: http://img638.imageshack.us/g/img8261r.jpg/ I thought a few days ago: let's ask my dummie-question at the liberation forum, they will be able to explain to me in simple enlish what it is I found on my 512k... but your inputs are close to abracadabra to me with abbreviations like TTL, IIRC and so on. But don't mind my 'noob-ism', I will ask a new explanation once you guys agree on the case first. Keep the discussion alive. I have never started a discussion anywhere that made it to a second page Someone said earlier that the power cable wa
  4. Here a link with new and better photo's: http://img638.imageshack.us/g/img8261r.jpg/ Thanks for looking and I look forward to your thoughts. Jelle
  5. Funny how divers people are thinking about Apples development through the years. My first Mac was a Colour Classic with external Power CD (2499 and 699 dutch guilders new @ Correct in some sale) and from that moment things only got better. There was no Jobs at Apple, I believe Sculley was also gone and there were new models coming every now and then to suburban Holland. My country was, for Apple, in those days, a part of Apple Scandinavia, with very low focus. It changed later on by the way and Holland (Benelux) is a tier 1 country now, which means dutch is always in the first tier for softwar
  6. I did the eMate-wireless trick from geektechnique and it works! Dead thread or not, suckers like myself keep reading them every now and then. Jelle
  7. I will make new, more and better pictures this weekend. Your speculations make me curious too. Even though I have always been wondering what the advantages of NTSC were/are, next to the existence of PAL (or even SECAM) it does sound eligible that the board has got something to do with a second monitor for this Mac. Checking the markings on the various chips on the board leaves me helpless on either a chinese website I can't read or stuck in a very technical environment: I am not a techie... Hope you guys will check my next posting also. Thanks. Jelle
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. Here a URL with a picture, hope it works: http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/3598/img0659j.jpg or http://yfrog.com/17img0659jj What program should I use on the SE30 to format an 800k floppy to 400k MFS? Or burn a system 2.0 image to an 800k floppy... This is such old technology, I lost all my knowledge over the years and the internet just seems to think I recall all the necessary steps... Thanks all, Jelle
  9. Hi, Yesterday I picked up my first 512k. They are hard to get in Europe so I had to pay a whopping 20 euro for it But, on boot no glory. I opened it up and after scanning the molded autographs (yes!) of the creators, I picked up a service source manual to see what was going on inside. But my 512 k did not only have a logic board on the bottom and another board on the right, but also one on the left. No serials, no inscriptions, just IC's and some connectors. The connector from the standing board on the right was disconnected from the logic board and connected to the alien board and from the
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