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  1. CLICK > Macintosh Classic II Sweet, huh? :b&w:
  2. Jeez .... I had absolutely ZERO idea that the FCC wouldn't allow a Macintosh computer with a radio built in lol :b&w:
  3. ... if the Macintosh 512K computer came with an AM/FM/SW radio built in. A coax jack on the back -- near the powerswitch -- for you to plug the included, rubbertipped telescope antenna into. Then hit APPLE > RADIO & a fullscreen display with the frequency in the ultrabeautiful Chicago font comes up and you tune by clicking the onscreen left/right arrows or the left/right cursorkeys. You can, of course, add & delete preset stations plus the added shortwave bonus -- conspiracy radio from Texas, anyone? It's a multithousand dollar computer. What'd be the big deal of another $
  4. I forgot to mention Old SoftWare.Com as an online place to buy new-in-box & used boxmax software, too. lol Sorry sorry for the mixup! Once again -- the 3 online stores are .... 1] MacTreasures 2] Old SoftWare.Com 3] B & R Computer Services :b&w:
  5. CaryMG

    FINALLY ....

    Let's see .... On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is mintcondition & 10 is a banana -- I'd saaaayyyy .... 2? 3? Around there. CPU > 68030@16MHz MPU > 2MB SPU > 80MB No software included -- I asked the hardrive be wiped. :b&w:
  6. Indeed. In fact, there're 2 within a block & a half of each other not too far from me. I've yet to come across a gamestore that isn't called GameStop. :b&w:
  7. CaryMG

    FINALLY ....

    I got a Macintosh Classic II from eBay. Excellent condition, stock specs & I'm extremely happy with it. :b&w:
  8. Lumpy -- Congratulaions on your aquisition ! 8^ ] Other than B & R that Scott mentions -- an excellent store, by the way -- here's another one > MacTreasures Enjoy ! :b&w:
  9. In case anyone's intersted here's the list of the BBS directory from Wally's link .... 206-244-9661 Top Hat 206-386-4199 Seattle CommunityNet 207-784-2130 Kobayashi Alternative 214-333-5385 Discovery 214-987-2135 Eclectic BBS 281-272-8162 Ye Olde Inn 289-997-1205 DarkRealms 301-574-1472 Eagle's Dare 301-949-5764 IdeaLink 302-762-2003 Delaware OnLine! 303-665-6091 The King's Market 303-679-0161 Empire Of The Dragon 305-248-7815 Santronics SoftWare 337-232-4155 Positronium 401-724
  10. Dumb question -- Is that ARPA as in the Advance ReSearch Projects Agency?
  11. Holy Cannoli !! lol Me too ! 8^ ] My grandmother pickd it up in a type of "Surplus Store" -- where some guy buys overstock of different items & sells 'em cheap: it's called "Odd Lot"-- and gave it to me for my 6th birthday 'cause she knows I love tech stuff ! :b&w:
  12. Cool coolnessosity ! My iBook G4 has a DVD drive. :b&w:
  13. Thanks, Cory ! Would it be OK ta ask if anyone has it for sale in TRADING POST section ? :b&w:
  14. WootWoot! lol Is "Tiger" a download or a retail product ? :b&w:
  15. Thanks again, guys ! Keep 'em comin' ! :b&w:
  16. Sweet! Thanks for all the help, guys ! Is "Tiger" a free upgrade download from Apple.Com or do I hafta buy it ? Sorry for the silly question lol I have 1 GB -- is that OK ? :b&w:
  17. I have an iBook G4 that runs at 800MHz. Is that fast enough ta run Tiger or would you guys recommend against it ? :b&w:
  18. Un-friggin'-beliveable ! lol It gives hope that out there exists computers we all love that're brandnew. And Blake -- your website rocks ! :b&w:
  19. I think I'll hafta go with the Macintosh SE/30. :b&w:
  20. Indeed! In fact -- that method was used to make the data for this video > "Beautiful Ground" available for people to run on their own APPLE][ computers at home ! lol Here's the data for the video > "Beautiful Ground" Audio DataStream :b&w:
  21. Thanks for the update, iMac ! And funny intro, too ! lol :b&w:
  22. Thanks for answering ! Would ya have a lead where I can go online ta follow the progress ? :b&w:
  23. Have a look > "A Macintosh II In An APPLE Store" :b&w:
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