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  1. Understanding the "black box" that is the "PBX" chip is indeed the only way forward. The fact that the 3rd party processor upgrades needed them proves that even these companies were locked into using Apple parts. It's too bad Apple wasn't more open about their old chips. Like they would ever need to use a PBX type design again.
  2. Unfortunately, Plan A was a complete failure. Transplanting the G3 onto the NuPower 603ev-based CPU daughterboard was unsuccessful in the most fundamental sense. Once on the daughterboard, the system did not recognize the G3, regardless of what was tried. It acted like it would if no CPU was present. This really left us with nowhere to go, since one can't really proceed to diagnose an error state when the error is so fundamental that one cannot talk to the hardware in question. So, the only hope of ever seeing a G3 in a Blackbird is to go to Plan B, making a new daughterboard. As o
  3. The brown proves that once they are yellow from photolytic breakdown of the fire retardants, they subsequently oxidize, with the final color being a medium brown. It makes sense. Yellow chromophores almost universally become brown as a result of subsequent oxidation. That would make heat your worst enemy once they have turned yellow, since that would accelerate the oxidative process. The good thing is that we can be sure the final color is brown, oxidation should reduce the chromophore to its base energy state, where it doesn't respond to any further processes.
  4. Talk about a kick in the ass. Asking you to return the fake. I'd ship him a cat turd.
  5. You're right, JDW. It's a problem that has no good solution. You need contact on both sides, so shifting to one side or the other, like with a shim or a rubber band is not a solution. A shim on each side leaves you in the same position you're in now, poor contact on either or both sides due to the board not being thick enough. I think solder could work, you would just need to add solder, then subtract from it by removing very small layers, until you are within that tolerance range. It's a time consuming solution, but I honestly can't think of anything else. It's a nasty situation.
  6. I would suggest imaging the disk, so you can always try and crack the password on it later, if you want to use the drive now. No reason you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  7. Also, it shouldn't be possible to do 640x480 @ 16-bit. That would be 614.4k of VRAM. The most you can have in a CC is 512k. How does the system handle the difference in available vs. needed VRAM? Does it dip into system memory? Is it even capable of doing that? It doesn't seem likely, since the default video modes for the CC all fit easily within the maximum available VRAM.
  8. Nope. My Japanese isn't strong enough to parse out the proper search phrasing, and I wouldn't trust an auto-translator.
  9. Is it just the pic, or do you have some serious barrel distortion going on?
  10. Give Linux a shot, it might not respect the behavior of the SL sofware password limitations.
  11. Good question. From a quick look around, not that I can tell.
  12. Yep. However, Alaska360 and I made an FPU/ROM expansion card for the Classic II, and you can burn updated System Rom's to allow for booting from the ROM expansion. But that's about it.
  13. I like the cat, he's looking at it like "Can I fits and sits?"
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