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  1. I just gave this a go and I couldn't replicate the issue. What version of the SW2200 driver are you running?
  2. I'd like to replace the deteriorated rubber bumpers covering the screws on the inside of my 2400c's display housing. Does anyone know where to obtain suitable replacement parts?
  3. I gave it a look, and it seems that neither the Wallstreet nor the iMac DevNotes have any good information on it. The Wallstreet note does mention the slot a few times, indicating it functions as a serial port and is connected to the secondary Heathrow I/O IC, but offers no specifics beyond that. Thank you very much regardless- This is far more than I had at the get-go!
  4. Greetings! Does anyone have any information on the internal modem connector on the Wallstreet, PDQ, and early iMacs? It seems fairly clear that it has pins for 5v DC and UART(probably? Rockwell datasheets aren't easy to come by), but I can't find much else on the topic that can't be (non-destructively) derived from the modem card itself.
  5. I've just had my last intact 65w G4-era AC adapter lose one of its cable-winding wings to a slight bit of jostling in my bag, joining several others I've had with the same issue. It seems that Apple is obsessed with making their power adapters worse with every new revision. The big grey PowerBook (180, etc) bricks were indestructable The small grey PowerBook (500) bricks were indestructable and able to be used internationally The black PowerBook (5300, etc) bricks were the same way, and had a handy winding area! The hockey pucks shipped with iBooks, etc were compact, stylish, and generally a
  6. I'll be honest, I've got no intention of using anything other than an old Mac with such low-resolution monitors in any case. That said, I could see it coming in handy should I ever come accross a first-generation LCD Studio Display.
  7. Precisely. I don't know that I've ever seen one before.
  8. Say, hypothetically, that I'd stumbled upon a shrinkwrapped ATI Radeon Mac Edition in a local shop that'd been collecting dust for many, many years. Hypothetically, I got a whiff of that pre-RoHS 'New electronics' smell I've not experienced in a decade or so, but that's hypothetically neither here nor there. It appears that my hypothetical purchase has a hypothetical VGA male to DA-15 female adapter that allows an Apple monitor to be plugged into basically anything- could someone give me a general idea of the scarcity of such objects? (This sample of my book, 'How to Ineffectively Beat Arou
  9. Perhaps this is just a misconception on my part, but isn't this the very last thing you want to do with aging beige ABS?
  10. I've just gone and got a few magic erasers- that said, if there's a risk of damage to the plastic, I'll give some of the other options a go first. Now to find where I left my can of Scrubbing Bubbles...
  11. I've got a couple of teardrop ADB mice that I've cleaned inside and out with alcohol, and they're lovely in most regards. That said, I can't seem to find a way to remove this ever-so-slight brown/black discolouration in the textured upper body. I've scrubbed with water. I've scrubbed with alcohol. I've used a pencil eraser. Nothing seems to remove it. So, does anyone know how to deal with this, short of repainting my mice?
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