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  1. Wow. I just found a huge lot of stuff. Here is a quick list: PowerMac 7100/66av -Is full of nubus cards A second 7100. Its a /80 Powermac G4 Quicksliver 867- 1.5gb Ram 80gb HD DVD RW Second G4-Not looked at Apple Monitor for older macs. 2 Apple Extended Clikcy Keyboards Lots of accessories ScanMan 32 SCSI for mac This was huge for me. And its all from craigslist.
  2. Enjoy a price over 2 years of 2000$ USD.
  3. I just bought a Powerbook G3 Wallstreet. It was sold as working from ebay. I open it up and turn it on and BOOM! Lines allover the LCD. The LCD is fine, but it looks like some kind of connection issue. It is a 12 inch. It works well over VGA too! I just added a 250mhz CPU to it.
  4. when is the next one? I am eager to use my iMac Bondi!
  5. Where is the server? It has been gone for a long time. There are no vintage mac hotline servers left!
  6. I just got one of those. I cant use it becouse I dont have the medusa cable.
  7. Hm. I saved it by using a 3rd party format utility.
  8. I agree Windows 3.x was the worst thing ever made. And, THE 7200s HARD DISK DIED!!!!!!!!! Anyone have a SCSI Hard Disk?
  9. macintoshman


    I got a Powermac 7200/75 with 128mb of RAM and a 1gb HD. The best part: A Power Macintosh 6100/66 PC Compatable I cant wait to have a 95/Mac OS 7 Machine! Best of 2 worlds! But, I need the medusa cable.
  10. I have a Quadra 800 that is working. the case is beat up. I have a dead IIvx. The PSU is good. The case is nice. Can I put the 800 guts in the IIvx and use the IIvx PSU as well?
  12. Unlike modern consoles, the sega does not overheat,does not aggrevate (I threw my Gamecube controller 5 times). Sega is dead now. They cant even develop good software anymore.
  13. Seems you are short on PCI slots. Back in 04/05, I upgraded a PI 233 to the max. All slots full!
  14. macintoshman


    This is why I use my Genesis/Sega CD No overheating or bad software. And retro! The reason th wii has lousy 3rd party games, is because here is a typical teenagers mind: OOO HALO 3 MICROSOFT ROX HALO HALO HALO HALO WHATS A WEE??? XBOX 360 YAY HD XBOX 360 they think apple doesn't make macs, they wont know what a wii is. My nickname for the xBox 360: xBork 360 or MS xBox 666 Yes, i am bitter over the sony vs sega thing. But MS has really brainwashed some kids. They wont look "Beyond The Window" at all. Try something new. Maby get away from the new junk. enjoy the old things.
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