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  1. Hm, no, I suppose not. Would you expect that to be the case, though? These are two TIBPAL16R4 and a PAL16R8. Attached is the ROM from the Nubus Sound Accelerator II. The card says Rev A, ROM says REV 3.0. It's half empty like LA2YUA mentions. rom.bin
  2. Thanks for that write-up, LA2YUA! I hope you get your card up and running againt. Somebody reverse engineered the first FPGA, but this one is a bit newer I think. Would be interesting to decode that bitstream. The AudioMedia and Sound Accelerators don't have CPLDs, just a few PALs and a ROM. I think PT III and the TDM piggybacks have a lot of ASICs, but I don't remember. I actually thought I could read out PALs with my TL866CS MiniPro, but it turns out they're not supported. That's annoying. What do you use, Bolle? Also, after a few weeks of having a bigger TDM system,
  3. Cool, glad you got it working. What kind of setup do you have now? I got a Sound Designer II Nubus card today. Going to read out the PALs and ROM tonight and have a go with my squealer. But I still think it's a quite simple affair, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be possible to recreate a PDS version from the Nubus version, slot manager and all. That'd go well with a recreated SE/SE/30 I've also been playing with my 56002 EVM board. It's fun, interesting architecture. Wondering who to poke to get those Mac 56k dev tools. Maybe I should just e-mail some of the people w
  4. Yeah, SCSI devices are just wired in parallel, so you can do what you're suggesting with a breadboard. All the SCSI cases with two external ports I've ever taken apart have just been a single ribbon cable with external connectors crimped to either end and a 50-pin IDC connector in between. You might even be able to get the parts to make that yourself.
  5. Not much at the moment, to be honest. I worked for a while using Turbosynth to make weird noises for the SampleCell, and I got the Audiomedia to also have a two-track recorder for that setup. But I upgraded to the 7100 to use my TDM system instead, and that sees quote a bit of use. My music right now is more in the ambient/soundscape vein, and a few tracks of harddisk recording and lots of crappy old plug-in effects works better for me than a few minutes of sample time on the SampleCell. I can see myself cycling back to the Q700 with the Audiomedia and more outboard And I would rea
  6. I think it mostly came from here: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/ppc-audio-software-os7-osx58-some-68k-apps I think it took some assembly, like the mixer was in a separate archive and had to be installed. I also had ProTools 3 working before, including TDM (at least I could route my SampleCell to my 882), but I'm not sure exactly where that came from.
  7. I have a working ProTools III NuBus TDM system, as well as an AudioMedia II, plus some SampleCell IIs. I'd qualify all these as "historic". At least my setup I've been able to find online working ProTools 4 software that runs plug-ins etc. and generally feel like a modern DAW and is compatible via DAE with software that's fairly mainstream (Logic, Vision, etc). There are some things I haven't found ways around copy protection, but I was able to get a working PTv4 TDM with stuff from the Garden. There's a period before this that it's less easy to get information on: The original Aud
  8. There was a Nubus adaptor for one of the later Quadras, wasn't there? The one that shared a case with the 6100? (Which also has a Nubus adapter.) I think it's just an Apple ASIC on a board with two sockets, though.
  9. I have to say I have come to the same conclusion as you on a few occasions: Mac programming just doesn't look very fun. At least not in the instant gratification sense. My brief encounters with Macintosh Common Lisp were extremely positive, though, but then I was already interested in Lisp. But it definitely looks more responsive/immediate.
  10. Do you think this would work in a Lombard? My screen is quite dim.
  11. This also came with a stack of floppies, unfortunately they're mostly old Pro Tools application installers. I had hoped for more plug-ins. It came with a disk that had some fun software called VocAlign on it, but no auth floppy to move it to my main drive. Annoying.
  12. I have finally received my new old Pro Tools stuff. I had a small system before, but now I think it qualifies as "pretty big": 3 disk i/o (+ 3 882 interfaces), 4 DSP farms, and 2 SampleCell cards. Up from just one of each before. The whole thing is in a 12 slot Digidesign Nubus expansion chassis. So I've only got one Nubus card in my 7100 now that connects to the chassis... so I think I'll replace the PDS video card in there with a G3 accelerator at some point, and use the very nice Radius graphics card I got with the backup 7100 mentioned earlier. The chassis, btw, is huge. 19" ra
  13. Yeah, but look at the actual pinout. It's a 96 pin connector, but a bunch are used for ground and power, and so won't be connected to the FPGA.
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